Are Wooden Watches Any Good | A Complete Guide with Pros & Cons

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Wood watches may not seem like your ideal watch choice because it has a most unusual appearance. But will this unusual structure make it bad? Not at all. It is already proven that watches are the greatest concept that you can ever have as it has the real wood, and it is actually very viable than metallic watches.

But the, people who have never used a wood watch in their lifetime will have no clue how stylish and durable these watches are, and they don’t even have an idea of how worthy they are for your collection. It is actually stylish, and let us clear your doubts. Are these wooden watches good? We are going to find answers.

Why are wood watches durable?

Nowadays, people are certainly aware of the kind of watches available to them. When it comes to choosing a new accessory for their wrists, it seems to feel the same about wood watches. There are many people out there who don’t care for them. But the fact is, it is a personal choice. If you don’t like wood watches, then that’s fine. You aren’t missing out on anything because you simply don’t like them.

If you happen to like them, then you shouldn’t let other people influence your decision. You may get surprised knowing how many people enjoy wearing these types of watches.

If you still want wood watches, consider just a few of the many appealing qualities they have to offer. First and foremost, these watches have real wood. As long as you take proper care of them, your watch will last for several years or longer. The wood is often sourced from sustainable sources to be eco-friendly and eco-conscious. Something that doesn’t always go along with other types of watches on the market today.

These watches are also much lighter than ones made of other materials. Which provides a good deal of comfort when you’re wearing them. You will experience less wrist fatigue than you would with other types of watches over time. Additionally, the lightweight nature of wood accounts for a low shipping cost.

What are the types of wooden watches and straps?

Wooden wrist watches are all handmade, so each one is going to be unique and one-of-a-kind. You will be able to wear a watch that is completely different from all the others you see around you. You also aren’t going to have to worry about the type of metal used to create the watch. Such as gold, silver, copper, or stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about having allergic or bad reactions to certain metals and your skin.

If you’re looking for a wristwatch that is both attractive and durable. Then wood watches are certainly worth your time and consideration.

Let’s take a look at five different types of wooden watches that are available today:

1. Mahogany Wood Watches

As the name says, this watch is from real wood and only wood. Mahogany wood seems to be the most common choice. When it comes to choosing a material for making these types of watches. The other woods that get used for these watches include walnut, maple, birch, cherry, cedar, and oak. These woods are not just for a stylish appearance, but also because of their durability.

2. Digital Wood Watches

The digital display of a modern watch can be engraved in a wood case. The combination of a modern watch face with the aesthetic wood body looks fantastic and you do not see such a great combination every day. So this type of watch attracts a lot of attention.

3. Walnut Wood watches

Most wood watch lovers prefer walnut wood watches as they have a rich and dark vibe. These wooden watches look classic and walnut wood makes them very attractive looking.

4. Zebra Wood watches

Even people who are not experts in wooden watches can easily identify the zebrawood watch. That is because zebra wood has an interlocking pattern and it looks beautiful. Though it is hard to work with zebra wood when the watch is ready it becomes quite durable.

5. Sandal Wood Watches

Sandalwood watches have a more unique look than other wood watches. Sandalwood is mostly used for relaxation and beauty treatment. But if the wood is crafted correctly it can make beautiful watches.

Depending on how the wood is cut it can have a straight or wavy look. The look looks beautiful with a watch face and that adds uniqueness.

6. Olive Wood watches

Olive wood is most probably the only wood type that offers you different colors. So while choosing an olive wood watch there are a lot of options in your hand. You can choose live wood watches with different colors. 

Love wood grows slowly and makes it very dense. So, the wood is highly durable and can withstand more exposure than any other wood type. As it is durable so it will last longer and it makes stunning-looking watches.

7. Bamboo Wood watches

Bamboo is a great choice for watchmaking. It is widely available and easily replaceable. If anything bad happens with your watch, you can easily replace the part of the watch fr its availability.

Bamboo watches are light color and the texture it provides is very smooth. The watches become durable as well. So, overall bamboo watches are a great choice as wood watches.

These types of wooden watches are lightweight and are very comfortable to wear for the day.

You need to take care of wooden watches by yourself. They can be engraved. Which may help prevent people from stealing your watch. Because of its value or appearance.

Many people make them themselves. The finished product depends on how well you know your craft and how well you follow the directions.

The wood will need care due to the fact that it isn’t finished.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Where can you find wooden watches?

Many watchmakers across the country can create them.  If you don’t have the skills required to make one yourself. You can find wooden watch straps for sale in stores and online. Some are even made by hand. This means that the splinters might be a problem if you aren’t familiar with making this type of item.

Are wooden watches heavy?

Wooden watches are lightweight yet durable and practical. They look attractive on the wrist and are suitable to wear both indoor and outdoor.

Are there any variables?

Wooden watches are from either solid wood or natural wood veneer. Which means that they have a natural look and feel. The best part about these watches is that they are completely handmade. They come in all different colors including black, brown, green, and many more.

Real wood is a necessary material for this type of watch. This means that they have a natural look and will probably retain the same look every single day.

Are they made from real woods?

Wooden watches are different from any other watch for the natural look and feel to them. They are also made from real wood and the material is very durable.

Are there any cons?

Wooden watches are popular because of their comfortable feeling and uniqueness. There are some cons to these watches such as splinters if the wood isn’t finished correctly. But, they can be overcome with the right care and maintenance. Wooden wristwatch straps need you to know your craft very well. If you don’t want the splinters to become a problem for you.


You can find wooden watches online or in local stores on eBay or Etsy. You can make them by yourself if you are so inclined but need to learn the process. You can also find websites that provide you with the materials needed to create these. If you are looking for something easy and simple.

These types of watches are handmade and are unique, which means that they have a designer look and feel to them. The best part is that they won’t splinter because the wood is unfinished. You’ll be able to wear them every day without worrying about anything. So, if there is a question,” Are wood watches good?” They definitely are.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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