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The sweeping second-hand watch is also known as center-mounted second-hand. Some people prefer this as an automatic watch because it uses mechanical watch movement.

There are many definitions of the sweeping second-hand watch. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a second hand is mounted concentrically with the other hands. And read time from the same dial as the minute hand is sweeping second hand.

However, some people consider watching with a second hand that glides at 5-8 times per second as a sweeping hand. Both definitions are correct. Let us understand these definitions deeply.

What is Sweeping Second Hand Watches

A watch that glides 5 to 8 times in a second is a sweeping hand watch. The sweeping hand watches are powered by automatic mechanical movement. It also provides more accurate results than the quartz movement timepieces that tick once in a second.

A regular automatic watch with a second hand is ticking six times in a second. We think that the second hand is moving in a sweeping motion because of this extremely rapid speed.

You will be surprised, but expensive watches like Rolex glides eight times in a second. The sweeping hand adds an air of class and luxury. It gives an incredible and smart look to the timepiece.

The automatic watch with a sweeping hand does not need any batteries. But, timepieces with quartz movement need batteries. The difference between quartz and mechanical movement is ticking and sweeping motion.

In a quartz movement, the standard quartz crystal vibrates at 32768 vibrations per second. These vibrations are counted and divided down in the watch to 60 pulses per minute. The mechanical movements are accurate.

However, some high accurate quartz timepieces have a 1hz tick means 8 ticks per second. So HAQ (High Accurate Quartz) timepiece and automatic movement have similar accuracy. The sweeping hand watches are also useful for nursing schools. Let’s see why nursing schools need sweeping hand watches.

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Nursing Watch with Sweeping Second Hand

Nursing watches are not a different thing from regular timepieces. If you are starting your new journey in nursing schools, you may know about sweeping hand timepieces.

You will have to buy some equipment like scrubs, lab coats, nursing shoes, and a sweeping second-hand watch as well. The sweeping had timepieces are regular analog watches for nurses, but it is more accurate than the other timepieces.

There are many definitions of the sweeping second hand. However, the Merriam-Webster dictionary is correct for nurses. According to this definition, the watch with a small-second sub-dial (not mounted concentrically) is a regular timepiece.

And the watch with a small-second sub-dial is not allowed in nursing schools. A timepiece with centrally-mounted second hands is considered a sweeping hand watch.

In short, the definition wants to tell you that smartwatches, digital watches, and watches without second hand are not allowed at all. In the 1930s, all watches come with a small-second subdial.

But, the watches with centrally-mounted second hands are innovations. The other definition is to watch enthusiasts. However, a timepiece that follows this definition is usable for nurses.

Should Nurses Spend Dollars in Automatic Watch

If any watch has a second hand that moves on the dial continuously like a minute and the hour hand is a perfect watch with a second hand for nursing. The quartz movement watches ticks one time in a second.

But it is allowed in nursing school according to the first definition. Also, nurses already have to spend a lot on other equipment. Nurses should have more reliable timepieces than automatic watches.

But if anyone wants to buy an automatic watch at an affordable price, they can look at under $100 timepieces. The orient and Seiko are the best brands to buy an automatic watch at an affordable price.

Why do nurses Need a Watch with a Second Hand

Medical attendants need to check the time consistently while working. The watch with a second hand can help nurses to check the pulse of a patient. Also, timepieces are necessary for nurses to carry out medical reports.

Accurate time and date are required in any medical documents or reports. It is necessary to keep the documents accurate because inaccurate records can make it difficult to understand a patient’s health condition.

In some cases, nurses also use alarms because they have to provide medicines over a specified period. Some clock comes with a pulse scale that makes it easy to check the pulse for patients. 

A wristwatch is also not much comfortable for nurses because nurses need to clean their hands frequently. The watches should also be visible. So pocket watches are also not suitable. However, nurses can use timepieces that can attach to their pockets.

Here are some features that nurse watch should have:

  • The hand makers should be easy to read.
  • A watch should have a concentrated second hand.
  • The watch should be accurate.
  • Watches should be easy to attach to the pocket.
  • A pulse scale is not necessary but too helpful feature for nurses.

Digital watches can also give accurate time with seconds. But, they are not allowed in nursing school. To keep documents accurate and manage time for giving medicines, watch with a sweeping second hand is necessary. It provides convenience and assistance to the nurses.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do all automatic watches have a sweeping second hand?

The automatic watches do not sweep. It appears like it is moving in a sweeping motion. The mechanical watches move in smaller steps according to how many beats per minute. The more beets per minute, the more smooth the sweeping motion will appear.

Most automatic watches glide 6 to 8 times per second. It looks like the second hand is moving in a smooth sweeping motion. But it ticks 6 or 8 times per second.

Do omega watches have a sweeping second hand?

If the sweeping second hand is perceived as continuous by the human eye, but the reality is different. All omega watches with the mechanical movement have a sweeping second hand.

If the sweeping second hand is continuously moving in a sweeping motion, then no omega watches have a sweeping second hand.

What watch has the smoothest sweep?

If you are finding a watch with the smoothest sweep, then there are no other options. The Grand Seiko spring drive models and Rolex oyster perpetual lady are the perfect choices. You can choose Rolex oyster perpetual because it is the lowest priced smooth sweeping watch.

Can quartz watches sweep?

Yes, generally people think that only mechanical watches sweep and quartz timepiece tick. But, when the dead-bead second complication is installed, some mechanical timepieces tick. And some quartz watches sweep with a high frequency like 1HZ. So yes, quartz watches can sweep as well. 

Do Breitling watches have a sweeping second hand?

I think it is 50/50. Some Breitling watches with mechanical movement have sweeping second hands. But some Breitling watches with a quartz movement do not have sweeping second hands.

Final Verdict

The watches are fashion and style accessories. But, many professionals use timepieces to know the accurate time. That’s why sweeping second-hand timekeepers are necessary for those people.

Nursing is also a profession where sweeping hand watches are much helpful. However, these timepieces are expensive, but the Rolex oyster perpetual lady is an affordable and smoothest sweep model.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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