How to Clean a Watch Band Rubber | A Complete Guide

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How to clean watch band rubber? The rubber is a helpful material to make durable and stylish-looking timepiece bands. It is necessary to clean a rubber watch band like stainless steel and other watch bands.

There are higher chances of stains with this type of straps. Especially white rubber can turn into yellowish color. Also, over time dirt and grime can build up on the band. However, the cleaning band regularly can avoid this situation.

To clean these types of straps, you can use baking soda, WD-40, isopropyl alcohol, and toothpaste as well. In these four methods, WD-40 is the best method for rubber watch bands. Here you will find lots of ways to clean this type of band.

How to Clean a Rubber Watch Band

There are many different ways to clean a rubber watchband. We will give five of the best cleaning methods for these straps. But before using any methods, be careful about skin allergies or sensitivity.

1. ISOPROPYL Alcohol

To clean bands, take a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Then rub it with a soft cloth on the stained area. The alcohol will remove stains and the upper oxidized layer. This is one of the best methods, but it will absorb the alcohol.

And this can make the inner structure of this material weak. After sometimes your straps can break. Isopropyl, alcohol is harmful, as well.

2. Toothpaste

The toothpaste method is too useful for cleaning. You can use this method to clean the dial as well. Rub the toothpaste on the band with a soft brush. After some time, wash straps with water. While applying this method, do not use whitening or mouth freshening toothpaste. Take toothpaste that you feel best for these types of bands.

3. Baking Soda

The baking soda will peel the upper oxide layer of straps. Now mix the small amount of baking soda in water and create a paste. It should look like toothpaste. Use a soft brush or cloth to rub the paste onto the straps with little pressure. After some time, you will see a fresh and clean layer on the straps. Then rinse the surface with clean water and dry it.

4. Acetone

Acetone is a powerful method to clean a rubber watch strap. The acetone can remove the upper oxide level more strongly than isopropyl alcohol. This method is harmful if you use it frequently. But if you have not clean your rubber straps for one or two years, this is the best method to remove stains and dirt.

5. WD-40

Cleaning a band with WD-40 spray is the best method. It is a multi-use product that contains anti-corrosion agents and other ingredients. The WD-40 is used for water displacement and soil removal.

Many people consider that WD-40 is a lubricant, but it is not. The WD-40 is stronger than acetone and isopropyl alcohol. Frequent use of WD-40 can also damage your straps.

Take a small amount of WD-40 and rub on the stains with a soft cloth or your finger. If you cannot remove it, then rub some more WD-40 on the stains. Make sure to use this method when all other does not work.

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Steps to clean straps

Take a small amount of one of these products and chemicals.

You can also use soapy water if your straps are not too dirty.

Rub the chemical over the stains until  the stains are removed

Then use a soft cotton cloth and wipe the chemical from the straps and let the straps dry.

Additional Tips

  • Try to clean your straps daily with soapy water. It will keep dirt and grime away.
  • Eraser is also helpful to remove a small amount of dirt. You can use an eraser for regular cleaning. But do not over rub the erase as it can damage the silicone.
  • You should use damp cleaning cloths to remove dirt from the straps.
  • Do not use hard brushes while cleaning the straps. It will shorten the life of the straps.
  • Replace old straps with a new one after 18 to 24 months. These types of straps can work for a maximum of two years with proper cleaning and care.

How to Clean White Rubber Watch Band

Cleaning the white band is too difficult. White bands get dirt easily; Sometimes, the white watch band turned yellow from white. You can follow the methods we have mentioned, but there is a  product for a white rubber band.

That product is a magic eraser. The magic eraser is made of melamine foam that is used as a soundproofing material. Because it is made of melamine foam, it works like super-fine sandpaper on dirt and stains.

The magic color can turn straps again in white color from yellow. To clean white bands, add water on the sponge of the magic eraser and squeeze it. Then use a magic eraser on the stains and scrub them with light pressure.

The magic eraser is a multi-use product. You can use it for cleaning, jewelry, leather purses, and many others. Vinegar is also helpful for white bands. But use it carefully because it can damage the straps.

According to a user, the magic eraser is not working on the Gucci silicone band. If your white rubber watch band turned yellow, then the magic eraser is best.

How Do You Clean a Smelly Rubber Watch Band

The leather watch bands are more likely to become smelly. However, sometimes these types of straps also create bad smells. For this issue, you can use toothpaste and mouth freshener. You should follow these steps to avoid or remove bad odors from your straps.

Steps to remove bad smells

  • Take soap and water
  • Scrub soap and water on the stains
  • After that, use toothpaste or mouthwash.
  • Rub toothpaste or mouthwash with your finger
  • Wipe it out by using a soft cotton cloth

The ultrasonic cleaners are also useful to clean a smelly band. But it can ruin most bands, so it is not recommended. After using magic erase, you should clean the straps with toothpaste or vinegar for complete cleaning.

If your straps create a chemical smell (VOCs), then also use this method. These types of smells (Created by VOCs) are harmful to your respiration system. 

Additional tips for smelly watch band

  • Remove the straps from your hand and put them in the warm water. Because of silicone and rubber, it will not fade and melt in the warm water.
  • Regularly clean it with old toothpaste or dish soap.
  • Keep the band in a little dish soap and water. Then let your straps soak overnight.
  • Choose perfect straps according to your skin.

How Do You Clean a Silicone Rubber Watch Band

After some time silicone band also needs to be cleaned. To remove dirt and grime from your silicone watch strap, you will need…

  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Soft brush
  • Small cotton cloth
  • Baking soda

Steps to clean silicone rubber straps

  • Take a small bowl of warm water.
  • Put a few drops of dish soap in the bowl.
  • Submerge both parts of straps for a while
  • Rub the straps with your fingers and check if you notice discoloration
  • Use a soft toothbrush to remove stains.
  • Wipe the silicone bands with a small cotton cloth
  • Do not wear until the straps completely dry.

There may be some sticky stains on your silicone band that is not going away with the toothbrush. To remove those types of stains, follow the steps…

  • Take a small amount of baking soda.
  • Make a paste of baking soda with water.
  • Put that paste on the stain and scrub again with a soft toothbrush.

With these steps, you can easily remove stubborn stains from silicone strains. But do not use scouring pads or other abrasives material to clean silicone straps. The abrasive materials can remove color, design, and logos. Also, never use a hard toothbrush to clean stubborn stains because it can make bands blur.

How to Protect Rubber Watch Band

Preventing Damage to the straps is also necessary with cleaning. There are a few reasons that can cause stains on your straps. You may do not know, but the skincare products we use can make straps dirty.

Tips to Prevent Damage to straps

  • Clean straps frequently with warm water and dry with soft cotton.
  • Keep the timepiece away from salt water or chlorine.
  • Do not use rubbing alcohol or other abrasives to clean it.
  • Avoid wearing full sleeve shirts because the button on your sleeves can scratch the rubber bands.
  • Do not use aftershave, perfume, and other beauty products on the hand.

The rubber or silicone bands can also cause some skin problems. Use a perfect fitting strap because too tight straps can cause skin irritation or poor circulation. Remove the timepiece for a few hours after extended use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you remove stains from rubber?
There are many methods to remove stains from the rubber. However, baking soda, vinegar, and magic eraser are the best choice to remove stains. You can make a paste of baking soda and a small amount of water. Then apply and rub the paste to the stained area.  

What is the best cleaner for rubber?
The natural rubber floor cleaning solution with white vinegar is an inexpensive and helpful cleaner for rubber. The solution of baking soda and water is also best for rubber.

How do I remove stains from my watch band?
Removing stain depends on the brand you have. If you have a rubber watchband, then there are many types we have mentioned. You can put moisturizing hand soap on the soft cloth to scrub the straps. This method will work for all types of bands.

How do I clean the rubber band on my apple?
To clean the apple band, you can use nonabrasive hypoallergenic hand soap cleaning. Then use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe out the soap (lightly dampen the cloth with warmth & freshwater).

How do you clean discolored apple watch bands?
You can clean apple bands with the method we have discussed. It is difficult to get back the original color of your apple bands. However, you can avoid this situation. Never use high abrasive materials to clean your apple bands.

How do I care about the rubber watch band?
To care rubber watch band, you should frequently clean it with warm water and a soft cotton cloth. Keep your straps away from harmful chemicals and abrasive materials.

How do you clean the fabric watch band?
Well, this one is too simple to clean. Scrub your fabric band with dish soap and warm water. Then let the straps dry but not in direct sunlight.

How do you remove dye transfer from a rubber watch band?
To do this, you have to remove stains and dirt with one of these methods. Then rinse the band well with water. After that, make a paste of rit dye remover and water. Once the paste is ready, spread it onto the dirty area and keep it for one minute.

Final Verdict  

We hope now you get the answer to your questions. From the five methods, the WD-40 is a more effective method, but it can be harmful. You have to be careful while using it. Do not forget to protect and care for your rubber watch straps. It is necessary.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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