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If you are a person who is looking for a timepiece that can make you elegant but not stops at a fancy product, then there is Fossil.

There are so many brands that make fashionable timepieces that being with a cost-effective strategy. But those all will not come with an adjustment to luxury.

Fossil brand is a fashion brand that has a high usage for the ordinary person. So those who are looking for an elegant, clean design and have a good reputation can stop at Fossil. These are affordable for anyone.

Although some of these are high within their price points, this is common. So why are they so expensive? Let’s find out what is the basic theory of this high price on Fossil watches.

History of Fossil Watches

Fossil is a brand of young, and its founding year was the mid-1980s. The founders of this company were Tom and Kosta Kartsotis, and they were brothers. These two are the current chairman and the company’s CEO, and when they found the company, they initially focus on value and fashion.

The era 1980 is not a phase where companies are not severely focusing on the fashion industry, and the first image of this company was the vintage Americana. The two brothers established the company to import some fashionable watches from china, and they use them to retail In the US.

Alter these brothers began to import watches, they set their hands to import the leather items as well.

In the beginning, the quarts movement came from the Orient with a lot of help for the Fossil design and they repurchase it over the fashion changes. So the company Fossil has born as a result of it.

After the company was born in 1984, there is an outstanding grown owned by Fossil, and by the time of 1993, they began to possess a considerable revenue which we can calculate as 70 million.

After the Fossil went with these undergone changes, it finally became a company listed on NASDAQ in the trading under the FOSL symbol.

Fossil always wanted to ensure their quality of materials and have control over their productions. So next, they start acquiring an assembly factory in the 1990s. This also became a success, and it makes Fossil expand its business to new areas like leather, sunglasses, and license products.

Zodiac is a brand of Swiss which will call as a high-end product in the Michele and the retain Chain watch stations. The company has managed to have rapidly grown, and a great success as they took the Zodiac watches.

They added the Danish Brand Skagen within a cost of 225 million and a misfit, and that was a wearable technology company that took by 260 million.

Not only did this company expand their product ranges, but they also began to catch outside markets based on geographical regions as well.

So today, Fossil has become a company selling several accessories that come under multiple owns and licensed brands within 90 countries around global. 

They sell those products in the departments and mainly focus on the jeweler stores rather than depending on their own stores on retails.

Now Fossil Company is selling their products over shops, retail services, and via websites on e-commerce, and those are leading the company to earn a monthly sales of $850 million as a yearly sale. This limit is exceeding on nowadays.

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Are Fossil watches expensive?

They are not considering expensive items. Especially if we compare this brand to luxurious brands like Breitling and the Rolex, Fossil is a brand that can be afford by everyone.

The most expensive product item of the Fossil is going with a price range of 300 dollars, and there are also cheapest items that will cost around 30 dollars.

They have both men and women items in the industry, and as this is not meet the standards of a luxurious thing, you will not see an expensive high range within this brand.

Is Fossil a luxury brand?

We can’t consider it a luxury brand because when something is luxury, it has to be a company that produces items with a horological value. Those are not belts, wallets, or pieces of jewelry. So when it comes to Fossil, it comes out as a fashion brand. In Europe, most people consider this item as a fashionable item.

Fossil group is something else we need to talk about, but the watch manufacture is something else. These are some fined products available In the industry, but those are not belonging to luxury as luxury items have specific standards to rarified and Fossil doesn’t meet them.

Is Fossil a good brand for watches?

They are indeed a good brand to the industry, and they have a massive variety of amazing-looking and well build products within them.

And also each of them has a variety of prices within them. When we combine different qualities of watches in the industry, Fossil definitely has a good reputation over a good product.

This product is the best brand in the world of fashion within the category of timepieces. These are highly aiming to offer up-to-date revolutionary designs and styles while maintaining their decent quality. And this product does this all for over the years in a precise manner.

In many cases, quality is the main factor determining the price point of products, and this Fossil brand is doing justice on those wrists wears. So those are indeed fair on the money you spent.

Although some rich brands with a history have the same price points, just like Fossil with more reliable features, you may disagree on the price of these products. We can’t resist it, but those other brands do have not a unique design like Fossil.

Fossil always comes with trendy and straightforward designs to their customers, and they are diverse with the apparel and have a rich appearance.

After all, people who are highly obsessed with trendy fashion are always ending up buying Fossil as they have stylish designs. No matter which reliability feature others have, this brand has that place within the industry because of its unique and amazing features.

Are fossil watches worth the money?

It always depends on the individual perspective and how a person perceives a brand with the matter. For some people, a timepiece is just a watch. For these people, it tells you the time, and that is all they want from a watch.  But some are not seeing it as only watches.

Some people find watches as a high statement on their fashions, and they prefer them as an accessory.

They are using these items to signal about their state to the world and society with the achievements they made. Sometimes these people use it as a legacy where your dad or the grandpa leaves you as a remembrance.

When we talk about Fossil, they are somewhat entry-level branded on the seas of the branded items. But these are rich in reliability, and they look nice as well. After all these things, it has a simple mechanical system.

Many of the highly needed and complex brands have a complicated mechanism within them, and Fossil is just simple for many of us. So it is good to be considered a money-worthy one as it doesn’t rise for a high range of money.

This brand is well-performing when compared to other affordable ranges, and they are so attractive for anyone. It possesses a wide range of styles for both women and men, and they have high power and the market with these features.

After all, Fossil is a well-reputed company. They have the highest quality of leather, smartwatches, jewelry, accessories, and wristwatches within them since 1984.

Not everyone wants to buy a low-quality one as a timepiece, and not everyone can afford a high cost to buy a high-quality product. So you can pass these highest-ended prices with Fossil. They offer you bearable price ranges and will always fit with the occasions you met.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are fossil watches high-end?

They are high-performing items, and they have the highest quality in the industry. And also, they come as attractive timepieces which are showing high power features around the market itself.

It is a brand connected with high leather and accessories in the world but at an affordable price. These are not becoming high-end products, but we can all wear them as quality products.

Are fossil watches still popular?

They are never reducing their popularity due to the unique designs they provide to the market. Fossil always comes with unique, trendy designs to the world, and they are not sticking into one range. They have various designs and attractive features coming to the world month by month, and they never expire. So we can indeed say that Fossil is still prevalent in the market.

How long will a Fossil watch last?

There is an average life limit of 3 and 4 years for the Fossil’s battery, and they possess a one-year warranty. When we buy it for the first time, it can last up to 3 or 4 years in general. Compared to the attractive features it holds, this time period for the battery is quite good for a fashionable timepiece on your wrist.


From these all, why a fossil product becomes affordable at a fair cost? You got the answer. We don’t need to run it over and over again, and these are not so expensive at all. Fossil will provide you the quality, attractive products within an affordable price range, and your money will be worthy for buying this at all.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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