Why are Akribos Watches So Cheap | Should You Get One?

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Can we trust the quality of Akribos watches and is it cheap? Nowadays, style and functionality are the things that people consider while purchasing a watch. Some expensive companies like Rolex are launching stylish watches at high prices. 

However, there are many brands around the world that produce high-quality watches at affordable prices. This brand is one of them. Akribos watches are available at less than $100. The average price of Rolex watches is around $5000.

There is a huge gap in the price range. In this post, we will answer why Akribos watches are so cheap?

Is Akribos a Good Watch Brand

The Akribos is a 10+-year-old company in America. Compared to other brands, it looks like a newbie in the watch industry. However, the company had an impact a lot on the industry in these ten years.

The company makes fashionable, sleek, and classic watches. It has a collection of skilled and experienced designers.

They spend hundreds of hours designing a fashionable watch at an affordable price. The company offers different ranges and styles of timepieces for men and women. The company uses synthetic sapphire krysterna to secure the dial.

It is a good watch brand for affordable and high-quality timekeepers. 

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Where are Akribos Watches Made

The Akribos is an American timepiece brand. However, the name of the brand is taken from the Greek language. Akribos means “beloved,” “precise” or “dear”. The majority of parts and watches are manufactured and assembled in Hong Kong.

However, some parts of the timepiece are manufactured in Switzerland. You can check some timekeepers have “Swiss” on the screen. Not the whole watch is made from Swiss only some components are made in Swiss. That’s why the Akribos timepieces are not Swiss-made.

For some timekeepers, watch the citizen produces parts. The company also uses parts from Japan and China in the assembly of the timepiece. Most timepieces are made in eastern Asia. Eastern Asia is the base of Akribos for manufacturing.

It uses stainless steel to make most parts of the timepiece. The watch band and bracelets can be made from leather, stainless steel, rubber, or any other material.

Are Akribos Watches Good Quality Watches

Many buyers are worried about the quality of this brand. Buyers think that low price means low-quality material used to make the watch. But, this is not true at all. The Akribos is not a luxury brand, but it is an ordinary brand.

Some parts of the watches are made in Switzerland, Japan, or even in China. According to the users, some timekeepers work flawlessly, and some won’t work after a few days.

On the positive side, if the watch does not work, you can get a company’s replacement. The Akribos watch’s design and style look much expensive, but it is not. If the timepiece breaks after one or two years, it would not be a loss of money.

Many cheap watch-making companies use quartz movements manufactured in china to save money. The Akribos use the Swiss-made watch movement but assemble it in Hong Kong to save money.

It has three different types of movements. Some models of Akribos come with different designs and unique characters. This makes the brand the best choice for watch lovers. Overall, the Akribos watches come with a high-quality design and build quality according to the price.

Its design is elegant eye-catchy than some other famous brands. Moreover, these timepieces are water-resistance. You can use them at a water depth of 330 feet. The company uses rock-solid sapphire glass covers to make the watch durable.

Why Akribos Watches So Cheap

Well, the Akribos watches are manufactured in Hong Cong. Hong Kong is a place where some cheapest electronics are produced. In Hong Kong, there are many factories of electronics that mass-producing timepieces.

This results in low and cheap prices for some parts. Also, the company usually orders the watch parts and movement from China, Japan, and Switzerland. China is famous for cheap electronic items.

However, the company imports watch parts from outside countries. But they assemble those parts in Hong Kong. This is also a reason for the cheap price. Its watches look expensive, but they are not.

They are available for under $100 as well. If you go to its website, you will find $300 to $500 price range products. There are some $900 timekeepers as well. But it is the maximum price of any Akribos timepiece.

The brand also makes the cheapest skeleton watch. You can purchase skeleton watches for just $140 while other brands are pricing more than $5000. But, these skeleton watches are not forever.

The company uses Chinese mechanical skeletons. If you run this type of watch for only 2 or 3 years, you are still in profit. 

Are Akribos Watches Any Good

If we compare this brand with other cheap brands, then surely it’s a great choice. But, you cannot compare it with Rolex. Just look at the difference in pricing between Rolex and Akribos. Rolex is king.

However, the design of the brand is better than others. It is not like Rolex but close enough. Akribos timekeepers use average quality material. Because of this, people complain that these watches wear out too soon.

But the customer service of the company has the worst ratings in the watch industries. Poor customer service means bad ratings for quality.

But if your budget is low, then you should consider this brand. If you need an attractive timepiece as a backup watch, then also you can buy this one. And if you are a lover of mechanical watch movements, then they also offer mechanical watches at an affordable price.

The Akribos XXIV line of watches is affordable and popular. If we compare the timepiece with fossil or Skagen, then Akribos timekeeper is cheaper and best in quality.

On the positive side, the company also provides a 2-year limited warranty. If you find that your timepiece is not working, then you can use this warranty service. But you have to purchase a timekeeper from an authorized retailer. Otherwise, you will not get the warranty.

Recently Akribos partnered with Swarovski. They will make some improvements in their impressive and stunning women’s watches.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who makes Akribos watches?

Akribos make watches by themselves. However, they import some components of timekeepers from other countries. But they assemble the timepieces in Hong Kong by themselves. The company imports watch parts from China, Japan, and Switzerland. Sometimes they also use parts produced by the citizen.

Is Akribos worth my time?

There are some mixed stories about this. Some users say that the watches last for a long time, while some say they will not. Because of its low price, if your timepiece lasts for 2 to 3 years, then you will not lose your money.

Is Akribos worth my money?

The company makes high-quality watches at a cheap price range. These timepieces are made with average quality materials. These watches are available at $100. You will not get Rolex for $100. These are average quality timepieces but worth the price.

What is the warranty on an Akribos watch?

The company gives a two-year limited warranty to the buyers. This warranty will cover issues related to the craftsmanship and material of the timepiece. You will also get one year warranty for batteries in quartz movement. Make sure to buy the timekeeper from an authorized retailer.

Final Verdict

Overall, Akribos watches are better than other cheap brands. We found some reviews that the timepiece does not last long. But, you will get a two-year warranty on the timekeeper.

If you find any issues within two years, then you can use the warranty. You can also get a replacement if your timekeeper has any manufacturing defects.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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