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A watch is an accessory for all men and women, and there are many styles related to it. So basically, these products are a symbol of their current fashion. Some people use this product as an expression of their current status, and it is something more iconic way to represent your appearance. When you wear this product, one of the most common problems you will face is the way you wear it.

Some people are wearing this product on their wrist by making a face onto the top. We can say that wearing a watch with the case turned down is typical for an extended period. It is something more practical, and it was a normal behavior we practiced every day. But have you ever know the reasons behind this? You may not.

Although the practice of wearing this item upside down is fallen, some people still prefer to wear it this way. So there are several reasons. Let’s find them out one by one.

Why do some wear their watches upside down

Most people in current days tend to wear this item on their wrist facing upside down. This is normal behavior we practice for several years, and it hasn’t changed so far. But know that everything is related and wearing upside down has some good reasons within it.

Some people don’t prefer wearing this upside down, and it is now a tradition to wear it that way. So as we said, there are some good reasons behind it. What are they? They are as follows.

1. To be away from damage

Most of the wristwatches are design to bring in more stable conditions. When we wear this product, it has a great possibility of damaged and to be corrupt. The reason is we move our hands every time for our daily works. The creators of this product had to make more substantial items, and the users had to find other solutions for this problem.

So that is why users had an idea to wear this product upside down. It doesn’t say wearing like that can protect your product from a car crash. But it will protect your watch from minor accidents you face in day-to-day life. You can’t guarantee the accidents you face in your life, and you are not capable of looking after them every time. So wearing this product may offer you relief from damages.

Here are the simple reasons to wear this product on your wrist upside down.

2. It makes your time reading more accessible

This reason might sound strange, but it is a fact. Although the easiest way to read the time is to wear it on the top of your wrist, some people find it difficult to read like that way. But if you are doing a job that has to put the arms in a fixed position for a long period, checking on the time is a regular habit. When he wants to check the time, he might lose minutes for that too, if he has to turn his hand.

When you are dealing with tons of busy works and schedules, turning your hand also will be a time-wasting thing for you. If the time is facing towards you, then there will be no wasting. Think of the situation of a shooter. His natural position to hold his hand will face the wrist away from him. Turning his hand will be a devastating cause for his entire life. This is no longer a problem if he has the time upside down on his hand.

3. It avoids reflection

This is not a significant problem that occurs to ordinary citizens. But in the cases where soldiers engage in the battlefield, this reflection would be a deathly cause for losing the battle. When there is a situation of reflection happens, a soldier’s concentration may move over here and there.

But when he wears it upside down to face, the sun is literally up from his above. Then it doesn’t go to reflect its light towards his face. Even if you are not from the forces, this reflection may cause a big problem in your life. If you are driving or work outside of your house, if the reflection occurs from this product’s face makes the beam of lights, it may nearly blind you as well.

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What is the correct way to wear a watch

It is considered to wear it on your left hand is the proper way of wearing it. And also, the clock has to be not upside down because it is a common rule we follow. This item has o be tight over your wrist, and its underside should have to be exposed. If the product has numbers on it, your timekeeping has to be facing for your face.

Your item has to be in the correct tight system for your wrist. Otherwise, it may look uglier and may fall. And you have to flip the wrist at your back and put your arm towards it as if you are ready to read the time. Then you should have to feel comfortable. That is how you will know that your product is appropriate.

Where should a watch be left or right

There is a first rule to wear watches. If you are a person who uses your left hand most, then you should wear this product on your right hand. And if this happens opposite, you have to have it in your right hand. We called it the non-dominant hand. A person must have to wear his watch on his non-dominant hand.

The reason for wearing watches on your non-dominant hand is to avoid bumps and to nick on your day. So it keeps your watch from getting damaged often. The general idea of this product is to make people more comfortable. So when a right-handed person can wear this on his same hand as we. It depends, and on some occasions, you have the chance to throw away this non-dominant rule.

Why does John Wick wear his watch upside down

His is something exciting for john wick fans because he wears his watch upside down. That is because he wanted to protect it from the damages caused by his huge fights. And also, in the phases where he holds a gun, watches’ reflection from its glass will disturb his actions. O he wants to avoid it, and he wears the item on upside down.

This upside-down theory is most common in the soldiers, which affects john wick as well. Throughout the whole film, he engages in a lot of fights and guerilla actions. So he wants to save his items from getting damaged. That is the absolute reason to wear his watch upside down.

Why should you wear your Apple watch upside down

This product works very well when you wear it on your right or left wrists. It has some rotations on it and how you should wear it is totally up to your decision. These products are not likely to work when you wear them on the inside. There will be no full functions of it if it is on the inside.

His products have their microphone on the other side now, and it is no more situated in the usual place it had for years. So the advantage you gain from wearing this practical. The microphone will not touch your hand and will give you a benefit while using this product’s microphone.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Should you wear your Apple watch to bed?
There is no need to wear it at your bedtime. But if you want to, make sure to sleep by activating its auto-sleep mode. If you do that, the product will have an establishment with sensors while you are sleeping, and it can monitor your movements and heart rates in your sleeping.

Is it weird to wear a watch on the right hand?
No. It goes with your less occupied hand. So if someone uses his right hand in fewer amounts, he can wear it on his exact hand. So it would not be weird, and it is a personal choice. There is no tradition to it, and you are free to wear any comfortable item on your wrist.

Is it bad to wear a watch all the time?
It is good to wash your hand and this item in periods. If you wear it all day, you won’t get a chance to wash your hands’ that area ideally. So it occurs a less hygiene and prone you to some infections as well. So you should not wear it at your all-time in the day.

What watch does Green Berets wear?
The most overrating choice for Green Berets is the G-Shock line. But they also use Luminox, Seiko, and Timex to wear. We can clearly say that the military uses black Luminox Evo as the top consumer.

Why do you wear your watch on the opposite hand?
Most people are using the left hand to wear this, and it leaves you a more accessible phase to check your time when it is on the opposite side of your working hand. It is the non-dominant rule, and it makes so much easier your daily works.


The way of wearing a watch depends on people’s choices. We can’t say for a person to wear it on a specific side, and it depends. If someone is comfortable with his right hand, he can wear it on that hand. Although there is a common rule wearing this is a depending choice from one person to another.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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