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Watch is a valuable item for every possession for decades. Watches are the most precious thing that people sometimes have, and it becomes even valid on some occasions. This is a dedicated mark for some possessions. It gives a delighted feel for the total appearance in people.

This device’s value will depend on several factors, and some of them are the family heirloom and the actual value of the device. Some are having specific value lists for them as well.

You have to know that some of these watches are ranking up to thousands of dollars. It depends, and if someone has stolen it, it can be truly devastating.

These are unthinkable devices that we tend to think of value, but they are. You can use this item like jewelry, but there is no specific rule for an insurance policy. But do they consider insurance? Let’s find out.

Are watches considered jewelry

Yes, they do. Some of us are wearing this product as an ornament for personal choices, which gives you more confidence in your look because it will look good on your appearance. So as long as this device adding a shine to your look, it is jewelry.

Most people think that diamond rings, chains, and bracelets are the only ones available for jewelry. But every factor is not going in the same way now. There are some watches in the market that you can recognize through their values.

We tend to think that wristwatches and relatable time reading machines as jewelry. But there is no clear identification for it to have jewelry insurance in it.

The true definition of jewelry is somewhat complex, and they are related to one subject. Some cheaper brands don’t have any metals or jewels within them.

You can consider them as jewelry because they do not have standards of having so many valuable accessories to be a piece of jewelry. That depends on your personal choices.

And there is a second category to jewelry and have high-quality materials within it. They are very good-looking for wear, and they are a precious matter of arts.

Here are some of the brands that considered jewelry but still don’t have any precious materials.

  • Casio
  • Timex
  • Fossil
  • Hamilton
  • Michael Kors
  • Seiko

These are the brands we identify as jewels as they have a high standard of metals and precious jewels in them.

  • Rolex
  • Chopard
  • Tag Heuer
  • Hublot
  • Patek Phillippe
  • Montblanc
  • Piaget
  • Omega

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Why get jewelry insurance

You buy a valuable product by dedicating your budget and with hard searching. Sometimes the ones you take as jewelry may bound with your unique life occasions.

It stays with so many emotions at the same time with many memories. So we can predict our future. Anything can happen nearly the future, and you can lose every memory at a single glance.

So you have to be with a plan. Since these, all jewelry is bounded with your emotions and precious moments of life. It has way more than value regarding its price.

If you are prepared for anything that would happen, it is safe for you. You have to save your emotions. You have to take insurance for your jewels due to several reasons.

  • Insurance is willing to protect your values, and the emotions link to a particular event.
  • You can’t predict the future, and if your jewelry gets stolen, having insurance will be an excellent benefit for you.
  • Since you are spending so many values on this product, it comes with a lot of prices. You can’t take back the money you spend on the jewelries once if someone stole it. So for the money you pay, there should be protection. So you are going to need insurance for sure.

Should I get watch insurance?

It depends on several facts. Most people have average insurance for their family, and they don’t even bother to spend so much on watches. They have home insurances, and they use a watch as a fashion or for digital timing.

So getting insurance for this specific product would not be a great thing. If you do it, somehow, your product’s company is never going to present you a separate policy, and your insurance policy will not exceed the 1000 dollar rate.

You have to know that some of these devices have a considerable amount of sentimental value, but they do not have a monetary value.

Original producing company of those devices will never provide you with too good policies, and it doesn’t let you get the memory of the history. Sometimes all these timepieces will have value within it.

So if you have insurance for it, you can have assurance for it in any case of damage or a loss.

Having insurance is covering the incidental costs, losses, disappearances, and also sudden damages as well. So it is good for you to be with insurance.

Everyone has different relationships with their accessories, and they have various personal values for them. If you have a chance to get that loss back, at least it is a great opportunity.

Are Smart Watches Considered Jewelry

Simply the answer is no. There are several reasons for it. We take jewelry to sharpen our look, and we use it to match our outfits. If a product becomes jewelry, it must have that feature within it to be jewelry because it is the primary purpose.

Smartwatches are not fitting well in such situations. Because it is not for use in the sharpening of look.

The main task of the smartwatch is its functionality. They are fitting well with internet connections and come with many apps to make your life easier. So this device is something more than jewelry.

Yes, jewelry is indeed going with the category of functional. But this term is far more away from it, so it doesn’t fit with the variety of jewelry.

When you talk about its insurance part, smart devices will not be considered the jewel in insurance policies. They come in another category as electronic devices.

So insurance companies are identifying these smart devices just as the same as a phone. So it doesn’t make it jewelry by insurance companies as well.

How much is watch insurance

It depends. All policies of insurance related to the watch are relying on its value. Companies offer insurances with various types of categories and what they provide for you is goes with the value.

Sometimes these companies will put insurances of $5000 from $50 to $100 in a year. And it may become double from its importance in the year.

You will initially see this as a hard one to pay off. But it always comes with an assurance for your device. So it will not be a thing to compare with your damage or the loss of your memorable item.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Is an Apple watch considered jewelry?
Answer: It is kind of somewhat going answer with a gadget and jewelry. We consider the apple watch as a gadget as well as jewelry for fashion. This device has a lot of smart and technological features within it, so it naturally becomes a smart device. It has attractive points to wear as personal jewelry.

Question 2: Can you insure a watch?
Answer: Yes, you can. These insurances are coming under jewelry policies, and it has to be made out of given valuable materials by your insurance company. But you have to remember that each part should have to include in your insurance policy. Some of these insurance companies ask the watch to appraise initially, and some companies are not asking for it.

Question 3: Are watches covered on home insurance?
Answer: Most of the home insurance policies are not coming with a watch included for it, but some are coming. They usually cover the jewelry, so if you want to include your watch for your insurance policy, you have to make that selection under the jewelry category. Standard home policies are coming with insurances to watches as well as for the furs. You can insurance them from fire, theft, and windstorm.

Question 4: Is jewelry covered under home insurance?
Answer: Yes, they do. They cover the pieces of jewelry by theft attacks, fire, windstorms, and vandalism. When you misplaced them and damaged them, insurance policies are available for you to cover them up. There will be a list of personal property coverage in your offered policy. You have to pick one from it.

Question 5: How much is insurance for a Rolex
Answer: If your Rolex is worth more than 5000 dollars, the company will be asked to pay 50 dollars or more in a year. If you have a one with around 10000 dollars, this may be high. He will be asked to pay about 100 to 200 dollars annually.

Question 6: Are watches considered Electronics?
Answer: Some are identifying the smartwatch as an electronic device. However, it has a time-telling mechanism we usually buy it for its advanced features related to the technology. So it is something electronically connected item. So sometimes you can call this watch an electronic device based on its features.


These devices are highly identification for jewelry for some people. But this is going to be an idea with personal choices and from their functionalities. Smart devices are not jewelry, and some other types of devices are also not coming under the category of jewels. So if you buy a high-valued one made out of excellent materials, be sure to have insurance because it protects your memories.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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