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Watch crystal is the most damage-prone and the place that faces many destructions regularly. Whether you hit your wrist or make it wet, this is the place that always gets damaged. This pace is constantly exposing to the outer area, and it is continuously scratching. You are going to face many objects throughout your day, and we can’t avoid those situations.

Most of these crystals are glass made, and sometimes you will see crystals made out of plastic or Sapphire ones. No matter what happens, if crystals are in the way of cleaned and new your watch is going to show a fresh and descent look for sure. Keeping this pace well cleaned will not cost you so much, and it is a straightforward process.

You have to pop the crystals in these watch’s case and do it very gently. Then after press, it from the inside while you hold the edge of the case. Do it carefully, and the crystals will show you by popping off its case. After this whole process, you can remove any dust and dirt from your watch and use a clean cloth for it. That is how you process a cleaning in crystals.

How to Easily Remove Scratches from Your Watch Crystal

Of course, you can’t be away from your daily ups and downs, and sometimes you may have scratches on your watch face without your concern. These scratches are always showing an aged look for your watch, and it can ruin the entire watch’s appearance even it is a brand new one.

If there is any watch lover, this watch’s condition can be a hurtful thing for him. Sometimes they might think of a step to replace their crystal. But before considering such an action, what if you have some home remedies to remove these scratches. Before you perform any of these home remedies, you have to consider whether your watch can check the dependable factor of the crystal type you have scratched.

If these are acrylic crystals, use toothpaste, Brasso polish, or Polywatch paste. You can use any polish available for crystals if made out of mineral glass, and it is okay. Always remember to use 0.5 Micron Lapping paste or the Micron DP3 Dia Paste 3 on your sapphire crystals. If you are trying to remove scratches at home, please do these with the concern of following instructions.

  • First, you have to protect your watch by pasting a tape to prevent any damage caused by the polish you use. You have to cover all nearest places on crystals, buy tapes, and especially pay your attention to covering up the watch’s bezel.
  • No matter what kind of paste or polish you use, you have to apply only a pea-sized amount on the surface and make sure to do so. Excessive amounts of polish and pastes can damage the surface of a watch, and it makes your cleaning process so much harder.
  • When you buff your crystals on the watch, make sure to use a soft polish rag. Use it gently with circular motions for it.
  • If these watches have only a few scratches lightly, they will disappear by your cleaning process. But if you got deep scratches, they will not fade away by your home remedies. You have to consider replacing your crystal if the scratches are too deep. You can replace it with a watch repairing shop or by your manufacturer.

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How do you get deep scratches out of a watch crystal

Removing deep scratches will depend on the type of crystal you got. If you have already got an acrylic one for your watch, make it, or the manufacturer will buff it for our need. But if it is by mineral glasses, things are changing than this. Sapphire ones and mineral glass ones are unable and complex to do so, and they will need a replacement.

Think you have got crystal with coated, sometimes it may scratch beyond its coating. So in this situation, you will need some replacements to do. The best thing to do is going for a jeweler maker or a watchmaker to fix these deep scratches. Rather than finding home remedies, you better go for a repair shop, and they will exactly know what they should do, their costs, and the labor will gain on the parts. 

What do you use to clean your crystal

If these crystals are in the case’s outer case, you can use warm water with some gentle soap to clean it. You have to scrub these things soft. And wash them along with a soft brush from the outside and inside. Use a war dryer to dry every water drop of the crystal, and don’t use air dryers because they leave some water sots everywhere.

If you want only to remove dust, use some clean air to blow these all from it. Some clothes are made, especially for cleaning glasses, and scrub your surface with this cloth can do a squeaky lean for you. Keep in mind to wash this piece of cloth after every time you use it and make it try before another use.

You should give an overpressure for acrylic ones and follow some varieties in your wash patterns. It can reduce the cases of scratches and scrub marks. You have to proceed this any process in a gentle manner until you are satisfied and get the appropriate results.

How do you polish a glass watch crystal

We will never recommend you to use your hand to polish these glass crystals and what you want is consisting of some items as follows.

  • Polishing motor
  • A heartfelt buffing wheel
  • Pair of safety glasses
  • Polymide tape or masking tape
  • Soft cloth to clean

You have to protect your case while you buff on your watch. Use your tapes to cover metal around the crystal’s overlap and cover the metal parts completely. Then set up your buffing system and take the polishing motor to attach the heartfelt buff. Start your motor by wearing your safety glasses and apply a thin layer of yellow rouge polish to your buffing wheel.

Hold these all compounds against the turning wheel and put some light pressure n it for two seconds. Then you can take the watch from the tape and hold its crystal up for the spin buff wheel. You can carefully apply these yellow rouge polish o every part you need in the glass watch crystals, and then you can have a whole complete, polished one for you.

How do you polish a watch crystal with toothpaste

You can use toothpaste as a polish material for the watch if it is not an expensive one. We do not recommend using toothpaste on high valuable watches, but you can use them in inexpensive ones. If you watch crystals are acrylic, plastic, or hesalite, apply a tiny amount of toothpaste on it to make some polish movements.

The reason for using toothpaste is it has some abrasive kind of particles in it, and those are more likely to sand. It will remove scratches and irritations on surfaces by rubbing because it has some harsh ingredients with it to clean up. You can use toothpaste for minor issues like tiny scratches, but you can’t use them on deep scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Can a watch crystal be polished?
Answer: Yes, you can. Some crystals are coming with polish capabilities, and even some scratches can remove by some tools. But remember that polishing any crystals by your hand is so complex and challenging to process. It may take a lot of time, and use some standards methods to polish them as per your need.

Question 2: Does toothpaste fix scratches?
Answer: Toothpaste does remove the scratches but not the deeper ones. It can use to remove some minor scratches you see on the surface. Using a cloth and a tiny amount of toothpaste, you can erase the little type of scratches and smooth the surfaces. But if there are deep scratches, toothpaste will not be valid anymore to fix them.

Question 3: Can you polish the acrylic watch crystal?
Answer: Yes, you can polish them by using the polish paste “polywacth.” You have to apply this paste on crystals and polish it on the scratched surfaces you see for about two to three minutes. Make sure to put some amount of pressure n scratches while you are doing this.

Question 4: How can I make my crystals shiny again?
Answer: You can use vinegar to gain back the previous shine. Use water with vinegar to a 3:1 ratio. You can soak crystals in this solution and see what vinegar does for the glow. Then after washing it with your hand and rise it through the cool water. Make it dry and see the shine it gain back.

Question 5: Can crystal be repaired?
Answer: Yes, they can repair. But you can’t do it in your home, and it needs some professional skills to perform such a task. So if your crystals have broken, take them to a professional, and he will make it up for you.


Your watch is a precious material for you to have. Sometimes it may be jewelry for you. Having damages for it can reduce its value, shine, and appearance. As going to a repair shop is too expensive to work, you may find the easiest ways to fix your watch surface. So why not try these most accessible home remedies to fix crystals n watch and make benefits from it in advance.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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