Why are Tourbillon Watches Expensive | A Thorough Explanation

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Tourbillon watches are one of the most expensive devices available in the same market, and it is the highest costly option for these devices. It will shock everyone who visits the market to buy this watch due to its increasing value rate. This is not a kind of typo to select and mostly comes in a range of &2000000 in prices.

There are many alternatives related to this device, and they are much affordable than this. But you have to know those same will never come with this device’s features. Although other devices are more affordable, this one is the only piece that gives you unique complications within the same device.

So why is this makes so high in price? And what are the purpose of these tourbillon watches? Let’s see on below sections.

What is a tourbillon?

As the basic definition, we could say that this is a device with mechanical complications. So this mechanical complication is related to some of the high-end mechanical watches’ movements. This device has emerged in the market during the pocket watch era, and it came with hypnotic and fascinating kinds for the watch.

These high-end products are much expensive rather than the usual ones, and this product puts the escapement of the regular watch into a rotational cage, and it would be in a fixed position anymore.

So by doing that, gravity will not have any effective changes within the watch, and as a result, this product is giving a better time. So basically these products are the most expensive ones for the market.

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What does Tourbillon mean in watches

Tourbillon is used in the mechanical process of a watch and is generally called an escapement. So it can gradually increase device accuracy. Development of this item was happened around 1975 and initially owned by Abraham Loius Breguet ho is known to be a French-Swiss watchmaker. You will not see this combine in usual devices.

The devices which have this substance on them have great accuracy. You can see them in most high-end mechanical devices. It fascinates the watch and makes the product more expensive than usual. Generally, they are the most fascinating complication to include in any watch.

What does a tourbillon look like

If some additional parts are inserted for the internal mechanics like balance wheels, pallet fork, and hairspring, that must be a tourbillon. So basically, these visual appearances are somewhat complicated. You can see rotating balance wheels and rotating clock hands on it varies to usual ones. These devices have some astonishing badges with a horological honor within them.

There will be a semi-skeletons dial within the watch’s surface, and it will show you a visible balance wheel. It is the open heart in name, and most people get mistaken for this as a tourbillon. So when you search for one, you will be doing good if you choose an expert.

Experts know how to select this exact product type, and there will be further guidance to learn about genuine product’s work procedure. So practice them before you buy one without disclaimers.

History of the Tourbillon watch

This product was developed in 1795 and had its patient with the Swiss watchmaker Breguet. He is a French one and had his patent for this product in 1801. In the watch movements, gravity becomes a most influential role in those days and acts so especially on pallet fork, hairspring, and the balance wheel. This Tourbillon was a solution for positional errors.

This was a time for the watchmaking industry where packet watches became a vogue. These pallet watches are the products kept as stationery, and the only time they are used is t check time by taking them out from the pocket.

Watchmakers face a significant problem when regulating this watch, and they didn’t seem concerned about its position.

The vertical path is the pocket watches a typical wearing path, and t puts so much pressure on the hairspring by stored flat puts. So it becomes a problem for the usual rate of oscillation, resulting in a decrease in this pocket watch’s accuracy.

When Breguet worked on his ideas on tourbillon designs, watchmakers in that era had a second watch with them. That watch means that results are not exact in ways and take a lot of time.

These watchmakers were able to create the position of the watch into eight pieces. They are known as

  • Dial-up
  • Crown down
  • Crown up
  • Halfway position crown downs
  • Crown right
  • Crown left
  • Dial down
  • And halfway position crown up in names.

When Breguet invented this new watch idea, he reduced these all eight positions to regulate efficiently. He decreased it into three as dial-up, dial-down, and vertical position. This particular device made a full rotation in a minute, and it makes the escapement turn its axis around.

So it helps the elimination of gravity by turning all the vertical positions it can.

Why are Tourbillons so expensive

It is based on its arts. This device has some fantastic craft designs within it and has some expressions to show pinnacles in the industry. We can say that cost of labor for this device making results in a considerable price it has. All of the designs and art crafts are handmade. So it becomes not cheap in any way.

There are thousands of parts in this watch, and all of them are handmade. This one is an entirely mechanical procedure of the art piece. They are very plain at the same time with the wealthy and straightforward type of status within them.

If you really want to know the exact price of this product, you can judge it through your mind. Then it makes sense for you how it becomes this much expensive for this device.

Are cheap tourbillons any good

Most of the affordable types of device variations are coming from China. We can’t assure and guarantee its quality, but they are inexpensive and very cheap. So this device will not be stuck into the highest paid ones and now rest f the world, people can also enjoy the appealing look of this watch at an affordable price.

But you have to concern that their quality is not a proven one. And they are not identified as a high-end model. But if you didn’t get a chance to wear this kind of product getter give it a try with these cheap ones. It doesn’t bother anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does Tourbillon cost?

The average cost will go in the range of 50000 dollars to 100000. This price list becomes high with time, so it is not at a fixed price. More brands are coming to the market, and with that, there is an increasing mechanic with its price. People become used to one product, and when another design arrives, they embarrass it, so the price is continuously increasing up.

Does Rolex make a tourbillon?

Rolex makes their watch movements, so they are not making it. Rolex is in the industry for a while, and they do not claim this kind of mechanical movement for the watch. Because out there in the market, there are so many companies that provide that mechanic.

What is a tourbillon complication?

It is visible in high-end mechanical products, and it gives a fascinating end to the watch. It is a complication that helps watch to regulate time better with an excellent escapement than usual products. You can identify this as the primary component to regulate timekeeping.

Who invented the tourbillon watch?

Abraham Loius Breguet is the creator of this watch, and he was a French-Swiss watchmaker. He created this masterpiece on the 26th of June 1801, and he already earned the patent for this product. He becomes responsible for creating a new type of regulator for a watch and completing the result to change the matchmaking industry’s world industry by giving it an accurate timepiece.

Do you have to wind a tourbillon watch?

Yes. It will be safe to wind fully. You have to keep this process every three days regularly, and you can do it every eight hours also. So it can result in the watch running for an extended period, and you may not need to rewind it. There are automatic ones too. It depends and you have to do it with the kind of product you have.


Tourbillon watches are a brilliant piece of art with so much effort. The particular substance it has on its name; results in excellent timekeeping with a good escapement. So give it a try to wear, and it is not a loss. Although these watches are so expensive, it comes with a lot of hard work, which is reasonable for what we paid.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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