6 Best Fitbit Smartwatch Reviews | Are they Worth the Price?

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As you need the best smartwatches for regular wear, you also need something that may track your regular lifestyle. Any smartwatches that may be best suited for regular outgoing as well as stylish will better signify to the Fitbit.

When there are many active trackers available in the shops, the Fitbit is good for many features. Hence, these timers are suitable for fitness tracking, which doesn’t indicate you can’t use them on a regular basis.

Every season, Fitbit watches come with the latest versions. Most of them have a durable wrist strap, larger display, and are comfortable to wear. Since there are tons of options for Fitbit smartwatches, here are the best Fitbit smartwatches reviews for your convenience.

6 Best Fitbit watch Reviews 2022

Fitbit is a popular brand since its inception. With several upgraded features, their wristwatches are worth the price.

In terms of the Fitbit smartwatches, we prioritize their main features of stylish outlooks, durability, breathability and battery life, etc. It helps you to go further.

Our top picks: At a glance

Best Multi-functional: Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
Best Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch
Best Aesthetic Look: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch
Best for Battery Life: Fitbit Ionic Watch
Best Simplistic: Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch
Best for Functionality: Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

6 Best Fitbit Smartwatches

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1. Best Multi-functional: Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

If you’re smart and conscious about time and fitness, then this Fitbit Versa2 is good for you. But there are some modest improvements inside the watches that may satisfy you.

Malfunctioned with Smart Activities

The Fitbit Version 2 will be good for getting updated with regular activities. This will be able to let you inform the news all over the world through Amazon Alexa. The differences lay here about this timer, which is absent on the regular wear.

With the help of Amazon Alexa, anyone can enjoy the news, weather updates, and set times and alarms. Getting control over smart home devices may come true with this one.

Regular Health & Fitness Tracker

You can now track the heart rate, breathability, sleep score, etc. When we age, our daily lifestyle becomes lethargic. To keep you active, this digital coach is a smart solution.

Support Lots of Entertained Apps

Enjoy the unlimited 200+ music through this timer. It’s just because Fitbit supports the Spotify app, Pandora station (requires subscription), and Deezer playlist.

Larger Display

The Fitbit Versa 2 comes in a better outlook than the Fitbit Versa 1. It’s screened with fewer bezels, freed from the disgusting Fitbit logo at the bottom. With an AMOLED display, you’ll get quick outputs as it will provide an ample amount of brightness.

5 days Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Versa2 would last about 5 full days as advertised. This is far longer, which beats the Fitbit competitors out there.

Run Through ISO & Android

Procedures for connecting to the Fitbit through electronic devices are mostly similar. One similarity in the following procedures is that it supports Bluetooth headphones, iOS, and Android also.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • An outstanding design like Apple Watch
  • The screen has great contrast
  • Numerous exercise modes
  • Featured with awesome O.S. system


  • It takes more time to connect or reconnect with any devices
  • In-display, the main icons are unclear to see

2. Best Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 3 has opted for an extra vice versa. It acts as a facilitator. You don’t even think the extra sensor is worth the premium. With the built-in G.P.S., it can check the map on the Fitbit app. The main features of these components are-

G.P.S. Systems

It is the biggest feature of this black beast. This is awesome wear for those who want to track their run without taking any phone. Again, it’s very helpful to you to search the way if you’re lost suddenly.

Design & Display

Although the manufacturer didn’t make any manual changes there, you can call it the carbon copy of Versa 2. We appreciate this.

With our research, we learned that most users like this wristwear for its elegance and discreteness. But they work a lot to improve the sizes. It increased up to 1.58″-inches.

Again, to bring the novelty, they made a finer frame with a small curvature to the screen. All in all, the manufacturing material of this timer remained the same.

The decent resolutions of 350×350 pixels here added a variation. Also, the glass was made of gorilla 3-protector. So you don’t need to worry about a sudden breakaway.

Improved Optical Sensor

Fitbit versa-3 can also be used for increasing the reading points on the wrist. It usually shows good performance to point out the pulse reading accurately.

Although it works clockwise, it has fewer chances to give you fault information. For heart patients or people under 60+, it works as a personal doctor.

Most importantly, this tiny wearable will record all the pulse variations data in a graph and show you in the apps. In simple words, this timepiece will catch the data like an E.C.G. machine and give the output through the graph.

Not only this, but also it’s a wonderful timer to monitor your sleeping rates. So you can easily inquire on the data, whether it was appropriate for your body or not.

Fast Charging & Battery Life

Characteristics of a good wristwatch cannot be black and white. It plays a vital role in proving its originality. Fast charging is an expectation of many digital watch wearers.

You may wonder if it came with a magnetized cable. The magnetized cable, as the name suggests, is a stowing ping for fast charging. These tiny things are attached to the back of the timer.

Within 12-minutes, your time-piece will get 24 hours of battery life. In 40-minutes, 80% of your charge will be settled. Comparatively, it was faster than any fast-charging device.

The wristwatch will be able to give a 6-days battery backup as claimed by their manufacturer. Some users claimed that it has more ability than this if you turned off all the notifications, G.P.S., displays, and other functions.

SpO2 Clock Face

SpO2 clock face will protect you and notify you about the blood oxygen levels. With this, you can check the level at a glance at night. One thing you might not like about this black timer, as there is no way to spot-check.

But you would love to see what happens with the machine during runs. Again, when you go up to higher altitude and workout, etc.; nothing is helpful like this. Although, it only tells you when you should go to sleep.


  • Functioned with active zone minutes to minimize the heart rate during exercise
  • Having a better heart rate tracker
  • Use the built-in mic or headphones to make your lifestyle easy
  • Have set it up to send emails
  • Able to get lots of potentials if the software could catch up with the hardware


  • There’s no music storage
  • The vibrations are a bit weak to get notifications

3. Best Aesthetic Look: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

If you want something as an alternative to Apple watches, then these smartwatches should be worth it. We like its first appearances, as people say, love at first sight. With the rubbery belt and wide display, this timepiece is good to go. Unlike other Fitbit watches, it also has some simple and unique features.

Aesthetics Look

We are impressed by its aesthetics. It comes in a “squirrel” shape. We must say, it looks much better than you expected. It all looks great, compromising the quality. But the Ionic look of this watch is a bit awkward and shabby, as well as the screen’s lip. But the sense looks well-engineered and furnishes the good stuff inside the timer.


Now talk about the materials. It is well-crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum and gorilla glass. The big, smooth and rounded edges screen gives you certainty about super-comfy.

Along with these, there’s a massive improvement done by the manufacturer about the look, which is simply awesome and elegant. Such a good job is done by Fitbit; in which you must say it’s the best smartwatch you’ve ever seen.


However, the Fitbit here did an excellent job by giving a unique look towards the strap. It comes with a newer design that doesn’t have a buckle and folds in and under itself. Also, it doesn’t bear any lower profile functionality. The whole timer piece and strap look nice, light, secure, and comfortable.

Electrodermal activity (E.D.A.) Sensor

When you wear it, it instantly measures your stress level over a 2 minute or longer period, only for inquiry about how much you sweat. How accurate are these functions? We’re not sure, but the results reviewed by the user seem to be lower when they feel more relaxed.

Similarly, this is a good thing, as you can find yourself purposely taking 2 minutes out of the day to take the test. It is usually befitted for mindfulness and relaxation.

Built-In G.P.S.

Due to its super-duper functionality, it will be able to track Google Maps to identify the place. So, wearing this will take seconds to connect and inquire about the place wherever you go. But the first time, it may take a couple of minutes to connect with your phone.

Voice Assistant

Despite all the unique features, the Fitbit versa 3 is the perfect component to ease your regular lifestyle. You can command it whenever you want without touching it.

Even if you stay in such awkward situations, these tiny things can understand the command because it has been manufactured with biometric sensors to catch the voice frequency.


  • Built-in skin temperature to inquiry when it varies
  • Comes with an E.C.G. app to assist the heart rate
  • Personalized with 6-months free trials of premium membership
  • Gives notification about high & low heart rate
  • Featured with E.D.A. scan app


  • P.S. doesn’t work sometimes
  • The straps seem to be low-profile and cheap

Read the full review of Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

4. Best for Battery Life: Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit Ionic Watch

If buying the best smartwatches is your motto, then you should go for this. The Ionic timer is a good purchase for its unique styles, so many notified Apps and devices with 100% accuracy.

The most vital part of this wristwatch is about first charging. You may not like to charge your timer all the time. Unlike these, there are tons of unique features working on its back.

Long Battery Life

Although it looks too stylish, probably similar to the Apple Watch, the Apple timer doesn’t have such a big display like this.

It looks great because you may think the Apple timer-piece face is too small to fit on your wrist whenever you wear them.

Despite having various tracking capabilities, the most relevant feature is the battery life. It minimizes the pain of charging a battery every day.

Ionic watches are directly manufactured to give fast charging with 4-days stability. But the charging longevity varies on some factors.

Immediate Sleep Tracker

It also minimizes the other watch’s popularity for its unique functionality of sleep tracking. The sleep tracking feature here works to track your sleep cycle.

Moreover, it’s an inquiry on how long you’ve allocated to sleep as well as tweaks the sleeping experience. Normally, the terms work to examine your sleeping variations over different pillows, oil diffusers, etc. It further lets you know the impacts of light sleep vs. deep sleep.

As you know, deep sleep is good for your health. So, using such a device, you can track the developments of your regular sleep.

Accurate Heart Rate Tracker

As we asserted that Fitbit doesn’t guarantee the heart rate tracker they use on the wristwatches. But this time, it may not be true. Fitbit ionic can track the heart rate with accuracy.

Sleek Design

In our opinion, the Ionic timers are very sleek with a unique design. The watch looks incredibly stylish. And if you go for the screen, all you find is just gorgeous, bright, crisp, and responsive.

Even in bright sunlight, the Ionic screen looks more sharp and vivid. Anyone must be in thought of how stunning it is compared to the Blaze.

Honestly, it was the biggest selling feature for anyone. You could barely see any Blaze screen out in the sun. But with the Ionic, problems like this are hardly seen.

You will not face a problem seeing the screen at all, even if you were walking in Florida’s sunshine. These are good to use for casual outings.


Ionic is featured with lofty things. Water resistance is the best among them. You can take them on your beach shower, swimming, and even in the ocean (claimed by the manufacturer).

But we don’t like this idea, as the sea salt can damage it. It’s the best option for the swimmers. Because ionic has water resistance up to 50 m, you can manage to go anywhere as it has clear visibility on the water.

Easy Installation

To set up these ionic smartwatches is quite easy. It would take up to 30-45 minutes for initial updates and installs.

Moreover, you can detach the band on the ionic. It is much easier than the Blaze. They are easy to hold as well as snap in place.

On-Board Workouts

Fitbit ionic had recently launched on-screen workouts using a trained coach. By this opportunity, anyone can be beneficial and aware of their health. In simple words, you’ll get a regular groomer to analyze the updates.

Large Touchscreen

You can command or manage to do all the work by only touching into the ionic. At the first appearance, the things which you notice about this watch have a large display. It’s simply made to focus on the tech, not to use as fancy jewelry. That’s why Fitbit here only centralizes the bigger display, which may be inadequate for your wrist.

With the bigger and wider screen, you could easily understand the times and numbers with more clarity. It’s really useful to wear it regularly.

Support Third-Party App

Ionic packs in a lot of incredible features. It supports the Fitbit apps and so many digital apps like music, weather, news, etc. This new Fitbit wear is a bit buggy.


  • Lightweight
  • One device can be used for everything
  • Comes with an automatic sleep tracker
  • Built-in G.P.S.
  • Supports any third-party app


  • You cannot be able to accept/receive the call with this one
  • There are always software issues that forbid the app to run correctly

5. Best Simplistic: Fitbit Versa Lite Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa-Lite-Smartwatch

Fitbit versa lite are joining versions of the special editions. Even though there are large editions of Fitbit trackers, it was honorably held.

Hence, they belong to their twin editions; there are high chances of finding most of the similar features. But it also has some unbearable functions and characteristics which are just outstanding.

Slim, Flat Design

Although it has limited functionality, the appearance is good to pretend to be more stylish and versatile. The design and U.L. of this timer are unique and have real-world use. Most specifically, most of the Fitbit versa lite seems to be the same.

But if you closely recognize them, they’re much slimmer and flatter than before. To avoid scratches, cracking, or unavoidable marks, you must take care of the screen properly.

People often get crazy about this version for their compatible design and outlooks like the Samsung Galaxy watch active. The cases are very handy and comfortable, which can be managed by anyone.

LCD Touchscreen

Half of the Fitbit screen is done using a 1.34″-inches 300×300 LCD touch screen. So, changing the current one and switching to a new and suitable one is necessary to compromise these issues. Also, use touchscreen and cover protector additives to keep the screen clean and smooth. All in all, it will stay for longer.

Assembling or swiping the screen to go one across to another is easy, swift, and impressive. You will be amused to see the content of this watch. They seem to be bright, crisp, and magnetic.

Compatible with Android & IOS

As Fitbit is a fitness tracker, it will notify you regularly whenever you’re sliding the timer. But without connecting it to the mobile or Android, you can’t get the information. That’s why the Fitbit versa lite is compatible with Android as long as IOS.

With the connection via Bluetooth, the watch can transfer all the information to your phone. If you feel it is difficult to understand the information clearly on the screen, Fitbit allows you to re-check the data.

On the other hand, it’s satisfactory digital stuff for busy people. As the timer lets, you send a quick reply or send the text when you’re in haste.

Comfortable Straps

It is considered to be a semi-solid body. This is why it does not slip away during exercising. The rubbery straps stick on your wrist so nicely.

So it has a propensity to stay in place even if you’re trying to jump too high. The straps were too tight and wide to fit any of the sizes. Frankly speaking, the straps are super comfy and pompous.

One Switch Button for Assembling

Earlier, we told you about their versatility, but these aren’t enough to describe their features. The Fitbit Versa Lite is much more effective than the Versa. The switch or button on the watch plays a major role in assembling or commanding it.

Versa lite only requires two different buttons on the sides of the cases. Here one is found on the left, whereas another one is on the right. But the versa lite only can do all tasks with one button.

Pressing the button, in short, can bring you back from the previous window. On the other hand, you need to press the button too long for doing multiple tasks at once.

All the installing functions like getting notified, switching to apps, playing music, etc. can be assembled with one input. The beginners will be greatly benefited by this.

50 m Water Resistance

Unlike all the Fitbit versions, the lite time-pieces are also freed from all kinds of danger. 50 m water resistance is good for those who are usually looking to buy waterproof watches. In general, Fitbit watches are proven to be rustproof, as they won’t be crafted with any metallic finish.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish & sleek design
  • Long battery support
  • Easy to operate
  • Shows accurate results through the Fitbit app


  • It doesn’t have any on-device music storage
  • Sleep tracking isn’t too good, or sometimes it’s a bit fussy

6. Best for Functionality: Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa SmartWatch

Here are the latest smartwatches that we’re reviewed. Fitbit has a ton of upgraded products. Among them, Versa is the best fit for teenagers.

The black is a symbol of style, modesty, and elegance. Although these thinner beasts also have some unique features like others. But it’s the only wristwatch that not only focuses on fitness but also casual wear.

A Smart Activity Tracker

Unlike all the editions of Fitbit, these smartwatches allow you to track all the activities accurately. You may think that the blazer may forget to count the steps if your arms are not in motion. But it has been able to track the steps even if there is any load on your hand.

The versa smartwatches let you install all kinds of smart tracker apps, unlike heartbeat rate tracker, steps tracker, health and sleep tracker, etc. All the information and notification you’ll get from this are accurate and genuine.

Support 2.5 GB Memory

Versa Smartwatches aren’t a health tracker; they’re also renowned as smartwatches. These timers can download 500 apps.

It will let you choose different clock faces from the gallery. You can also download the wallpaper for the watches via Android phone.

Versa watches can track the apps like weather and strava exercises. There you can also find and store +300 songs. This is a great fashion wearer for the music lover.

Not only this, Versa smartwatches allow its user to load the music using the desktop app. Moreover, you can download a hundred plus mobile applications through this. It also supports apps for different sports such as running, swimming, etc.

Hassle-free Notification

Getting hassle-free notifications and quick replies is the first requirement for smartwatch users. Fitbit versa also carries these benefits to make way for its users to connect via Android, IOS, Windows Phone.

Hence, Fitbit had been able to build up this function in almost all their upgraded editions. This time, they will attach these functions through the Versa with more clarity.

The functionality of quick replies indulges this device with the specialty. So that the user can respond to the upcoming calls, messages rapidly.

You can text through the watch at least 60 characters while it’s in an emergency. Along with these, it will allow the user to customize five messages in the Fitbit app.

To reply to the notification message, a user needs to tap on the text and scroll down at its bottom. Afterward, you’ll find there are reply options for typing the message.

These amazing features only require their user to type short hints. For example, you can only type short default sentences – “No, sorry,” “Can’t talk now; I’m arriving late” etc.

Silent Alarm

On the contrary, silent alarms create a big change inside the versa. This edition is engraved with all the necessary topics which a general person expects.

Silent alarm will let you spend quality time with your bed partner. Additionally, it’s good for those who avoid crowded areas for excessive noises.

The setting alarm will let you know by snoozing for more than 9-minutes until you turn off the button.

So now it’s easy for you to get feedback from all the social media sites. You can choose the specific options from WeChat, Messenger, Twitter, etc.


  • The tracker is very accurate
  • The timer face is comfortable for a female wear
  • Bigger screen with a wide number
  • Having a quick responsive touchscreen
  • It gives the highest internal storage support


  • The wristband width is getting changed in the hot weather
  • The screen will break down with normal use

Buying guide – How to Buy the Best Fitbit Smartwatches

When talking about the buying guide on any specific purchase like smartwatches, it depends on your taste. Henceforth, different people have different choices. We don’t mention that it is a great sin to have a low budget.

There are huge purchases available at affordable prices. Although buying a guide, in that case, will help you a lot to choose the right one even on a short budget. Below are some criteria you need to consider before you get to go.


Avoid buying any smartwatches once you are sure enough this is run through your Android systems. As an example, Apple watches do support the Samsung galaxies as well as the best iPhones.

Yet, there is a clear indication attached to almost every smartwatch to check its compatibility. So you can check it on your own or get help from the seller. For better inquiry, search for the best compatible smartwatches for Android on Google.

Fitness Features & Built-in GPS

It is an obvious feature if you’ve any health problems. Nowadays, people require smartwatches with fitness trackers for grooming themselves. Fitness trackers here act as a guide to monitor your regular heart rate, blood flows, stepping counter, and many more.

This is not true for people of older ages only. The people under 25+ ages are conscious about their health too and move on to buy this.

Besides, built-in G.P.S. is good to track your run time while exercising. Sometimes it will be very helpful to track the way unless you can’t identify them.

However, you can skip these features even if you’ve got a very limited budget. Fortunately, almost every Fitbit edition had these features. So you can find the suitable one that fits the limited price.

Battery Life

You may not like to charge the watches when you need to go out for long trips or to the office. Charging watches for a long time won’t be desirable to anyone. That’s why a battery with long life is a mandatory requirement for every smartwatch lover. So be alert to this feature when you’re going to purchase any smart wear.

Swappable Watch Bands

Swappable watch bands refer to making your lifestyle easier and comfier. The excessive tight bands are often troublesome to wear. Most of them are responsible for putting a depth scratch mark on your wrist. So make sure the timer you choose is easy to swap and easy to replace if needed. Consider buying friction resists wristbands, except metals, rubber, or aluminum.


Water-resistant smartwatches let you enjoy the rainy weather or swim without any more trouble. These features also save you from probable situations like the watch may fall into the tub or ponds. Hence, most of the Fitbit watches brands (Versa, Ionic) belong to this function. So you can buy anything from them.

Pick The One Either LCD or OLED

In general, smartwatches come in an LCD colorful screen or AMOLED display. Both of these features let you visualize the photos, Apps, and notifications with more clarity.

On the other hand, the OLED display feature is usually found on high-end Smartwatches to make them slim and thin. But the main variance between these two is their longevity.

The cheap rate smartwatches LCD screens will last only for 7 days or more than a week. Besides, the OLED display here gives you more guarantee about its longevity.

Either LCD screen has less longevity, but the screen with black and white will give you the longest stamina.

Touch screen

Choosing the wristwatches with touchscreen support will allow you to pick the phone, text, and chat in time. But doing this on the smaller display watches is quite difficult. Sometimes you can make a call or text wrongly for this. Hence, Fitbit comes with a wider display to make a way to skip those issues. You can choose the versa lite or ionic for comfortably touching the screen.

App Requirements

Fitbit’s smartwatches offer plenty of editions, and these are upgraded to meet the demands of the next generation. More specifically, you can now do whatever you want through smartwatches like smartphones.

It’s easy for you to get updates on the weather, play music on a morning walk-out, or go to the gym. As well as some Fitbit watches let you check your heartbeat rate, read your blood oxygen (SpO2), F.D.A. improvements, etc.

These are important for you to lead a healthy life. Moreover, they protect you from many serious diseases. So it’s crucial to pay attention to these affairs gradually.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Fitbit Worth Without Using Any Premium?

Of course, Fitbit cannot be worthless without the use of a premium. The Fitbit premium indeed has some more unique features than the basic. You can also use them without the premium.

But there are no specific changes inside watches. You can still enjoy the basic states like counting the sleep and heart rate and monitoring the workouts.

Which Fitbit Timer Is Good to Buy?

Among the huge collection of Fitbit fitness trackers, it is difficult to choose one of the best from them. Although the Fitbit charge 4 is the most reliable and initiative to use.

Moreover, they require accurate data of the fitness apps.

Is the Fitbit Versa a Serious Competitor of Apple Watches?

Not, actually. Apple watches have more functionality than any Fitbit watches. Most of the time, you can’t rely on the network connectivity of Fitbit.

On the other hand, Apple watches are equipment that can do anything like the I-phone. Besides, Fitbit versa is cheaper, smaller, and has less compatibility overall.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, it has been clear that Fitbit watches belong to the unlimited features. Thus, their unique senses make them compatible with the best brand of apple watches.

Fitbit’s smartwatches are unique, stylish, and premium designs. Moreover, these timers allow you to explore unlimited music, sleep tracking, and smart experiences.

All in all, they come with an LCD panel for an OLED screen. It is the biggest upgrade brought by the Fitbit. So the user now enjoys the best Fitbit smartwatches through this device along with a bright, colorful screen.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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