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The Garmin forerunner 45s is the best watch for those looking to buy a budget-friendly wrist timer. We must agree that this is one of Garmin’s finest and money-making timers. On the other hand, Garmin tries to counter the wave of Apple and Samsung here.

It offers tons of stunning variety designs and rafts of excellent features. This also includes accurate GPS, heart rate monitors, and the ability to follow different structural workouts, sports, etc.

Although it comes with so many features and surprises, herein are the details of the Garmin forerunner 45s review.

Garmin Forerunner 45S is the entry-level running watch with many more high-end features than its previous model, the Garmin forerunner 35. Although the Garmin 35 is still the cheapest option for the Garmin lover, Garmin 45s would take the seat after that. It’s because the Garmin 45s has some more basic amenities which are quite absent in Garmin’s back-to-back wristwatches.

Anyway, this forerunner 45s also has the fame of a handful of running metrics and new health and wellness features. Among them, the most awakening fact of this timer has plenty of metrics for a new runner.

We describe all the features and basic advantages of this timer below one after one. Before that, we want to overview its specs and packaging briefly.

Specs & Dimensions

  • Physical Size: For small: 39.5 x 39.5 x 11.4 mm, It will fit on wrists with a circumference of 124-185 mm; for large: the watch size is 42 x 42 x 11.4 mm, to fits wrists with a circumference of 129-197 mm
  • Strap material: Silicon
  • Display size: 1.04″ inches
  • Operating System: Android
  • Battery Life: on smartwatch Mode: Up to 7 days; GPS mode: Up to 13 hours
  • Water Rating: 5ATM
  • Memory: 200 hours of activity data
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
Garmin Forerunner 45S

Design & Dimensional Analysis

First, let’s talk about the physical size of this watch. It has a very rounded face which means this watch is slightly wider and slimmer than other Garmin series. For the length, the watch is about 39.5 mm and 11.4 mm in width.

The screen size is also adjustable with the wristband. But the watch face is too small for large wrists. Comparatively, it is quite ok for people with bigger wrists.

Not only this but using this watch is also very straightforward. One can easily navigate this timepiece using the five buttons surrounding the watch’s face.

Garmin here tries to bring a distinct change by updating the wrist material from plastic to silicone band straps. It is an ideal wristwatch for adopting a sleek, circular, and aesthetic design.

Display Quality & Materials

What you’re looking for while buying a smartwatch? Probably you may first look over the body language or the display qualities. It’s because we all want timepieces that we can observe properly. Fortunately, this timepiece boasts a 1.04-inch color display slightly bigger than the Forerunner 35.

It also has a higher resolution of 208×208 pixels, which brings a bigger twist. You do not have trouble reading the screen at night since it has a built-in backlight. Another top feature of such a watch is a high-resolution screen allowing its user to see an array of metrics on the screen.

Garmin uses chemically strengthened glass instead of Gorilla glass used on previous Forerunner models for glass and lens material. This choice makes it more appreciative towards the Garmin lover due to the lower price rate.

Plenty Of Metrics For The New Runners

Forerunner 45s is suitable for entry-level runners and those who want to improve their fitness. In short, this type of watch is best suited for casual runners.

This watch can measure all the metrics which are available in running watches, including,

  • Distance pace
  • Speed
  • Cadence
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rates, etc.

VO2 max calculation is completely new to Forerunner 45s, which can calculate one’s cardiovascular fitness level. However, the good things about these metrics are that they are easy to understand and very convenient to track.

Latest Heart Rate Sensor

With the latest built-in GPS, this Garmin 45S has excellent heart rate sensors. Again, the best thing about this watch is that it has Glonass and Galileo supports to provide accurate data.

The Garmin 45s will allow you to set it on the back of the casing. Because of this, it feels comfortable and noticeable until the green LED kindle on the watch.

Affordable Jogging Training Plans

Since the Garmin forerunner 45s launched in April 2019, it has been the best fitness planner. Two big factors are working on this. First, Garmin has added low-price fitness app capabilities on this 45s series of watches.

Second, it has expanded Garmin coach workout plans more than previously, now beyond 5k to 10k with half-marathon training plans. It is worth mentioning that the Garmin 45s is a first-time wristwatch that allows its users to add their training plans.

Increased Battery Life

It has additionally increased its body battery life. This watch can last about 4-5 days since it has a 3rd generation optical heart rate monitor. The battery life on this advanced timer can expand more if it is put on smartwatch mode, which tops out at 7-9 days.

You need to charge it every 4-5 days for track notifications, sleep tracking, and running on GPS mode.

What’s New & More Impressive

The Garmin forerunner 45S is rich in much better and new actions to ensure user satisfaction. If we bullet point all those facts in one, it has

  • Earlier-generation OHR metrics

With this feature, one can enjoy hassle-free optical heart rate monitoring features with a bonus of stress detection and body battery energy.

  • Fastest Bluetooth Connection Features

Garmin has added superfast Bluetooth-connected features, including audio prompts, Live Track, smart notifications, etc.

  • Lots Of Activity Tracking Profiles

This watch comes with so many activity profiles, including outdoor running, treadmill, walk, bike, and cardio, yoga, with the ability to configure via Garmin Connect.

  • Garmin Coach Compatibility

With this feature, it is now easier for a normal individual to train at home. You won’t need to hire a private coach or go to any training center.

  • Built-In-Incident Detection

One of the biggest features of this wristwatch has built-in incident detection and assistance. That means it can notify anyone quickly through the predetermined contact if you crash or fall. Also, it can provide a live track link of your location to that contact in an emergency.

  • Exact Sleep Cycle Tracking Capabilities

This forerunner 45S will also automatically track sleep data if you wear it while sleeping.


  • Useful to track your heart rate 24×7
  • Worthy for the runners to gym goers
  • Has a smart and quick stress widget
  • Provide 24-hour sleep monitoring supports
  • Comes with vital safety features, including incident crash/fall detection


  • It has very limited activity options for those looking for more exceptional
  • It’s a little time-consuming to get notification since it may happen for network issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Buy a Garmin Forerunner 45S?

Since the Garmin forerunner 45S has many options and tracking systems, it should be on anyone’s top priority list. Again, it is the best budget-friendly watch you can buy, and it enjoys many excellent features, including GPS tracking, workout guides, impressive training plans, etc.

Does Garmin 45S Track & Make Calls?

This device can do everything which anyone needs. It can track and make calls through Garmin connect via phone apps. You need to sync the watch data with the phone first.

Does the Garmin 45S Have Any Track Elevation?

This Garmin watch has excellent track elevation. It can effectively capture GPS readings when the watch is in activity mode. For better tracking records, sync this timer with your phone via Garmin connect to get the graph chart of your runtime.

Can Garmin 45S Track Sleep Apnea?

Yes, it can track your sleeping disorder through accurate sleep tracker systems. Also, a user will get the records of their sleeping conditions per day. You can also set your normal sleep hours on this watch through the “user settings” menu bar.

Can I Wear This Watch During The Rainy Season?

Since this timer comes with 5 atm water ratings, you can wear it even in heavy rain, swimming, washing dishes, kayaking, or showering.

Final Wrap

As we asserted in the above Garmin forerunner 45S review that it is excellent for the solo fitness trainer, you should go for it to improve your performance.

Although if you love wearing Garmin products and want accurate connectivity, it would also be the best wristwatch to grab. Moreover, We elected this one to compromise all activities with real GPS connections.

This watch will allow you to download preloaded workouts and share them with your loved ones. Lastly, since it is available at a very wallet-friendly cost, it is considered unique in some ways.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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