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The Garmin Vivomove 3S is an excellent hybrid smartwatch for women with several advanced features. Stylish, traditional watch design with real watch hands and a hidden touchscreen display, making it a dedicated running watch.

This timepiece helps you tune in to your health 24/7 with pulse Ox2, body battery energy monitor features, and more. It is surprisingly small and will not feel chunky or heavy on the wrist. The Garmin Vivomove 3s reviews tell more features and benefits of this smartwatch.

Honestly, Garmin Vivomove 3s looks like a fancy traditional watch. It has several innovative features, and the activity tracking accuracy is satisfying. The amount of data shown by its mobile app is extremely insane.


  • Special Feature: Bluetooth
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Screen Size: 0.8 Inches
  • Battery life: Up to five days in smart mode
  • Connectivity Technology: GPS
  • Supported Application: Sleep Monitor, Messages, Calendar, GPS
  • Waterproof Depth Rating: 50m
  • Item weight: 1.36 ounces
  • Width: 39mm
Garmin Vivomove 3s

OLED or AMOLED Display

The display uses OLED or AMOLED technology. So, power consumption is pretty less in this smartwatch. You will see the display’s true color, which offers greater contrast ratios. Also, the viewing angle is much wider, which is roughly 170°.

Moreover, OLED or AMOLED screens are brighter, allowing you to read the screen easily. Furthermore, instant pressure is resisted and comes with a brakeless feature when it falls unwantedly from a certain height.

Touch Screen

Operating the timepiece is extremely effortless with the touch screen feature. You can easily operate it faster and quickly. In fact, the touch screen facility is flawless for this device. Moreover, this feature is especially beneficial for anyone with limited physical disabilities, allowing them to easily control the smartwatch as others.

In addition, the touch screen facility makes the screen maintain tasks smoothly. This timepiece’s flat screen doesn’t collect dust. Also, it doesn’t have many crevices that are hard to clean. The user-friendly nature of the touch screen compatibility also saves valuable time.

Calendar View

Check your calendar at a glance with this smartwatch. The classic look and shape of the timepiece attract many people. With its dedicated calendar, you will never miss out on a plan. Effortlessly put the date and time in your calendar, set the reminders, and stop worrying about forgetting.

This timepiece will be helpful for many regardless of their ability and age. If elderly people have trouble remembering regular tasks, this smartwatch will be especially beneficial.

Multiple Health Sensors

It includes multiple sensors named monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and accelerometer. Measuring the blood oxygen level is significantly essential because a low oxygen level will make you feel fatigued. So, if you ever notice a low oxygen level in your blood, you can take the necessary steps to avoid unexpected situations.

A heart rate monitor is another important feature that helps you maintain your fitness level. Additionally, monitoring your heart rate will help you detect issues like irregular heart rhythm, slow and fast heart rates, etc. If this timepiece detects irregular heart rate, it notifies the user immediately. At the same time, this smartwatch is also helpful during exercise because keeping track of your heart rate can let you maintain the frequency of your exercise.

Activity Tracking

The activity tracking capability of this timepiece is quite impressive. It can track your

  • Sleep
  • Traveling distance
  • Total step in a day
  • Measures pace
  • Burnt calorie
  • Elevation
  • Water intake
  • Weight

Interestingly, it measures your sleep time and the quality of your sleep. Also, during your travel away from home, you can get it done accurately if you want to track the distance. One of the best things about Garmin 3S is that it detects activities automatically.

When you start activities like jogging, it will start automatically, saving you from entering it at a later time. You can also set your own goals in the timepiece, such as reaching 15,000 steps regularly.

Moreover, it gives you the report of your steps, letting you know how active you were throughout your day. Measuring your burned calories during exercise is also useful if you are on a strict training diet to lose weight. It can also help to boost your motivation.

Finally, it analyzes your activity and sleeps data to give you a report. The report can easily be accessed through the compatible app, letting you adjust or make any improvements accordingly.

Battery Life

It is equipped with Lithium Metal batteries and has a decent battery life of 5 days. This battery capacity is bigger compared to other smartwatches in its price range. The bigger the battery capacity, the fewer worries about charging. This means it doesn’t need to be put into charging frequently.

More importantly, the watch features a battery level indicator. When the device has a low battery, an indicator notifies the user. The battery can be recharged over and over again.

Dustproof, Water-resistant and Sweat-resistance

The waterproof depth rating of the timepiece is 50m. So, the watch still performs underwater at 50m like the regular watch. If you are an athlete or frequently participating in water-related sports, you should look at this watch. It is also sweat-resistant, making it ideal while doing sports.  

However, don’t assume that non-divers can’t get the benefits of the water-resistant feature. You can truly wear them for anything as it still gives a professional look.  


The smartwatch is compatible with the below options,

  • IOS
  • Android

You can add the smartwatch to a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. At the same time, it can be connected to iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. So, you will not find getting your data on your devices challenging.

Additional Features

It has a few additional features that will satisfy you for sure.

  • Locates Your Phone: It consists of a feature allowing you to find your smartphone if you have misplaced it.
  • Call Control: Get alerts of your incoming calls wearing this smartwatch. Moreover, the timepiece allows extra control, such as rejecting or muting the calls.
  • Vibration or Noise Alert: When your phone receives a call or message, this smartwatch will vibrate or make a noise on your wrist to alert you. This feature is helpful when driving a motorbike or car.
  • Silent Alarm: Having trouble waking up in the morning? No worries, give the responsibility to this Vivomove 3S. This device lets you vibrate to let you wake up in the morning. More importantly, it doesn’t disturb anyone else sleeping in the room. Thus, you will never miss attending an important meeting or class on time.
  • Irregular Heart Rate Monitoring: As stated earlier, it continuously monitors heart rate. During this functionality, if it ever detects an irregular heart, it alerts the user and helps to take necessary precautions.
  • Vibrating Alert: This feature can help you in various situations like interval training.
  • Stopwatch: You will rarely find a stopwatch feature in a hybrid smartwatch. You can time yourself by taking assistance from the stopwatch.


  • Visible in the dark
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Scratch-proof and dust-resistant glass
  • Great battery life and sleep tracking
  • A user-friendly app that delivers gives a lot of health data


  • Stiff strap
  • Sometimes, the app connectivity feature is a bit slow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vivomove 3S worth the price?

For the price, Vivomove 3S is a great smartwatch. Several features like accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, phone calls, SMS alerts, decent water resistance, etc., allow a user to remain active throughout the day. Also, the watch helps care for health during inconvenience by notifying irregular heart rate monitoring.

Can you answer calls on a Garmin Vivomove 3S?

Yes, you can answer calls on a Garmin Vivomove 3S. It has a speaker and microphone, allowing you to answer calls on your smartphone. Moreover, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices, which means it works with any smartphone.

Can I shower with my Garmin Vivomove 3S?

The water resistance of Vivomove 3S is 50. So, it comes with a shower and swims ready.

Does Garmin Vivomove 3S track sleep?

While sleeping, the smartwatch automatically tracks and monitors your sleeping time. All you need to do is, set your normal sleep hours on your Garmin Connect account’s user setting. You will get total sleep hours, stages of sleep, and sleep movement.  

Final Words

Hopefully, this Garmin Vivomove 3S review lets you know that it is an incredibly beautiful watch and gets paired with different Android and iOS devices. It feels super comfy in hand for its lightweight feature. Moreover, the watch interface has the required bells and whistles for trouble-free functionality.

This watch seems to have everything that an active person requires. With plenty of functionality, and a nice, clean look, you can wear them wherever you want.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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