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Garmin Vivomove style is an illustration of all traditional smartwatches. Since it is a great timer for the woman, it offers more new features than other smartwatches. This timer is a preferable gadget for those looking for an analog watch under the shade of a smart device.

However, this watch has a real ticking hand and a wonderful color display. Our Garmin Vivomove Style watch review will also give you more information.

Garmin Vivomove Style Watch has all that a person needs daily. It can track breathing, daily activities, and heart rates and offers insightful sleep and stress. In addition, this timer has an excellent Garmin pay to deliver all types of notifications. There are some more advantages a user gets from this watch.

Specification & Dimensions

  • Special Features: Bluetooth
  • Quick Release Bands: 20 mm, industry standard
  • Item Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Display Technology: AMOLED
  • Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Connectivity Technologies: GPS
  • Water Rating: 5 ATM
  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • Available Gym Activity Profiles: Strength, Cardio, and Elliptical Training, Stair Stepping, Breathwork, etc
Garmin Vivomove Style Watch

Stylish Design & Display

When searching about this active timer review, many things may surprise you a lot. Among them, one of the best things will come with a 42 mm water face with a hidden 240×240 pixels AMOLED display.

In addition, it has a screen protected to save your watch from scratches. Another specialty of the watch screen is its Gorilla Glass 3. So, the display resistance is handy to catch even in the deep sunlight.

Longest Battery Life

The battery life of any Vivo active watch is a crucial feature. It will provide everything that a person expects. In smartwatch mode, this timer can offer a 5-day backup.

On top of that, this watch has excellent battery drainage that lasts one week. In a word, this timepiece can stay up to 7 days if not used or in battery-saving mode.


According to user reviews, the Garmin Vivomove performance quality is good and very satisfactory. Since it has very simple looks, its performances aren’t as down as it appears. It also can track your every movement with the help of an accelerometer.

Another positivity about this timepiece is that it is good at performing voice commands and making messages and calls. But its synchronization activity isn’t stable. So sometimes it may get breezy.

Built-In Pulse OX Sensor

Smartwatch software is the core of everything. This is also true regarding smartwatches like the Garmin Vivomove style. It is very convenient to track and check the wearer’s pulse through an OX sensor.

The result given by this device is accurate. It uses light while checking your body’s sugar and blood level. You can call it an artificial heart specialist too.

What More Specialty It has?

Despite having very common features, this Garmin Vivomove style has some more functions. Most concern female health issues, sleep monitoring, and pre-installed sports activities. Here are their in-depth details.

Free Menstrual Cycle Registration

Garmin offers very crucial apps for female folk. Tracking and analyzing the entire menstrual cycle of a girl is now very handy through this watch. Since it provides free registration, you can also be notified about your health condition via this app.

Pre-installed Sports Activist

This timepiece is a great buy for the sports geek. It offers a wide range of pre-installed sports activities such as Yoga, strength, swimming in a pool, biking, running, and walking. However, this device has high compatibility to register the distance more accurately through the strong GPS connection.

Stress Tracker

It might be good news for the people who get anxious in a simple manner. With the help of this unique wristwatch, it’s become easier to track the stress level of any individual. Based on smart technology, providing data is trustworthy to measure the stress level.

Pre-registration of Hydration

Do you forget to drink enough water in a day? If you do, don’t worry. This watch could remind you from time to time. Start by downloading a free hydration app. By this, detecting the hydration level becomes easy. Again, it also alerts you how much water one must intake in a day.

What Other Accessories Come with the Box?

This watch comes with three different tools. In one package, you will get Vivomove style, a USB cable or data charging tools, and documentation. Unfortunately, this box offers only three items to maintain the timer properly.

For accessories, this timer comes with a Garmin connector, a dual port USB power adapter, 20 mm quick release bands of your choice, with quick release band keepers. So, its additional quick-release parts are a fantastic option for anyone to customize according to their choice.


  • Excellent battery life that stays 5 days or more
  • Manufacturing with solid wrist material
  • Its notification is swift and freed from all kinds of network issues
  • It comes with an elegant and lightweight physical appearance
  • This watch has an exclusive capacity to track high paid spO2 of Fitbit


  • It doesn’t vibrate when receiving notifications
  • Limited smart features

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Garmin Vivomove Style Worth Buy?

This watch is worth buying for having many respectful features, including long battery life and sleek and digitized manufacturing. Another best thing about this watch is that it has outstanding fitness trackers.

One can easily track their stress, sugar, and other measurements swiftly. Again, the material chosen here is also solid and durable. In that case, this timer can last longer.

Is Vivomove Watch Waterproof?

This unique and stylish timepiece has 5ATM water capabilities. This means you can use it when splashing, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into the water, and snorkeling.

What Does Garmin Vivomove Style Do in Short?

In short, this timer is a pack of complete health guidance. Here a person can count the steps and calories, examine the stress, and log the wearer’s heart rate. Another exclusive benefit of such wristwatches is manufacturing with an altimeter to keep tabs on how many stairs you’ve climbed.

Is Vivomove Style Good for Running?

Once you’re running or a competitive sport, this timer is great for tracking all those steps to show results. The Garmin-style timer is also a suitable device when tracking such activities. This watch can track the records and also suggest how to improve them gradually.

Final Wrap

This unique timer has almost that one looking for a capable fitness and sleep tracker. However, based on an artificial algorithm and technology, this watch’s tracking records need appreciation compared to the other fitness tracking watches in the market.

Another thing we find from this Garmin Vivomove style watch review is that it provides a much brighter and easier-to-read screen. We think this is the only feature that might impress its users. From this point of view, this lightweight wrist timer should be on your shortlist also.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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