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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic must be owing to one’s first prior list without wasting time than any other smartwatches as it is equipped with the Wear OS 3.0.

This is the only released device with accurate ECG monitoring systems, health apps, workout counting access, etc. Moreover, it feels more familiar, a little different, and looks sharper and more sophisticated.

You will simply love the performance of this watch as it consists of several features to guide you on the go. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has incorporated a chipset to give you information about your regular activities. Before going into deep analysis, let us see its specifications.


  • Processor: Exynos W920
  • Software: One UI watch 3 over
  • Health Sensor: Heart rate, EKG, bioelectrical impedance
  • Connectivity: NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, LTE (optional)
  • Durability: IP68 certified, MIL-STD-810G compliant
  • Item weight: 7.4 ounces
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Here is more information in our total Samsung Galaxy Watch-4 classic review.

Heavenly Designed

When buying any wristwatch, one must choose a stylish and casual design—in that case, buying Samsung Galaxy Classic more than traditional watches. It comes with 44 mm wider dimensions, including an excellent geometric color.

However, there is nothing to tell about its appearance. Samsung always obtained the first position for its unique color combination and appellation.

You may not find a digital crown like an Apple Watch here. But it comes with a physical bezel that acts classier and adorable while wearing.

Moreover, its weight does not feel heavier in your hand. With a square-shaped aluminum casing, it is available in just two sizes, either 42 mm or 46 mm.

Watch Display

Samsung watch-4 classic display is another amazing fact that one likes the most. It comes with a round shaped 1.36″ inch dial. The resolution of such a display is also apparent and big so that everyone can understand it.

With 450×450 pixels, this watch has a balanced ratio to provide distinct pictures all the time. Again, a big resolution also means that this watch has crisp pixel density across both sides.

Unlike Samsung’s watch-3, you will find two physical buttons to maneuver the watch. Additionally, this watch is freed from scratches and uncertain damages.

Trouble-Free Performance

Samsung’s watches are widely used all over the world for their authenticity. So its performance seems to be more satisfactory than its other genres.

Moreover, these timepieces are often manufactured with a multitude of sensors. For this, tracking the heart rates, pulse meter, and blood oxygen level is relatively easy for the users. And those results are also correct.

Another positive side of this watch is its regular ECG (heart rate detector) features which took time to find approval on Galaxy series 3. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy series 4 took less time to analyze the health-related issue apps.

As a result, this classic wristwatch is approved by 13 trackable preloading activities over the 80. Each of these apps is highly formed with an integrated GPS and Baro altimeter. So their performance is impressively responsive and unique.

Incredible Battery Life

According to its user feedback, Samsung-4 classic watches provide more battery backup than others.

If you use the other series of the same brand, you may already realize the differences. The reason behind this is the authorities’ delicacy. Galaxy watch-4 comes with Samsung’s new Exynos W920 chipset, which is smaller than the watch 3’s.

Technically, Samsung’s users here get 1.25x faster processing compared to the Exynos 9110. But, again, its visual smoothness is also 8.8x longer than the Galaxy 3’s. For this, Samsung watches 4 Classic can provide more battery backup than the other galaxy series.

In other words, its battery can last up to 2-3 days if appropriately charged. Again, it has a suggested switch which allows turning on the watch’s power-saving mode (15%).

Additional Features

As an additional feature, one will find a box of happiness here. It’s because the Samsung watch 4 has all sorts of advantages which anyone needs. From health tracking apps to audio pairing, this watch will allow you to track your accurate heart rate and pulse along with some more amenities. In short, here you will get,

  • Voice command
  • Quick response-text
  • Wear OS facilities
  • Google Assistant supports
  • Google Map
  • Continue updating options


  • The watch can track accurate time & health functions
  • It can provide steadfast performance
  • Support phone calls, Bluetooth, and music
  • 247 mAh battery backup
  • It has 1.5 GB of Ram, which is double its onboard storage


  • It does not support any Google Pay

Competitive Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Vs Classic

While comparing Samsung galaxy 4 and 4 Classic, there are huge differences you may find. Among them, one of the notable dissimilarities is their dimensions and price. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with 40 mm. and 40.4 mm to 9.8 mm wider casings.

Again, the Samsung classic has a 42 mm to 41.5 mm and 11.0 mm watch case. However, the case size in Watch-4 is smaller than in the classic case.

Additionally, their battery capacity is quite the same since both require 247-361 mAh with 40 hours of battery life. In terms of connectivity, the Samsung watch-4 and classic are more similar. Both support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and NFC.

Besides, there are huge differences found between these two physical constructions. Undoubtedly, the Samsung watch-4 classic has more durable casings than the watch-4. In addition, a user will get more fashionable looks in Samsung’s classic. It’s because classic watches have more uniform buttons, straps, and bands.

Compared to their price, the Samsung watch-4 is more affordable for the user of a limited budget. At the same time, the Samsung Classic price is a little high for some initial changes.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Worth Buying?

A galaxy watch 4 classic is worth buying to have OS wear. It is the best smartwatch one may look forward to. Another craziest feature of this watch has incredible battery life, which can last up to 2-3 days.

It is inherited with a comfortable wristband and design, so one can get a heavenly feel by wearing it. All in all, the Galaxy watch classic can be your lifetime associate if used according to terms and conditions.

Should You Upgrade Samsung Watch 4 Classic?

Samsung watch-4 classic shouldn’t be upgraded due to preventing battery drainage. It is the only problem with those watches. Upgraded watches didn’t provide you with extended battery life like before.

Another problem may occur by switching this feature to continued on-screen activations. For this, the watch battery will eat up the stored powers inside the watch. And it won’t last more than one day without recharging the device.

How Long Does The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Last?

The estimated longevity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic is up to 40 hours on average. It may extend if anyone doesn’t use the device all day. Along with these, the lasting capacity of such watches is usually between 24-48 hours for moderate use, but it may vary from many perspectives.

Can You Wear Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic In The Shower?

Samsung Galaxy watch-4 classic is ok to wear for taking a bath, washing dishes, and watering plants. Those watches may seem waterproof, but in most cases, they’re bound to be more confusing to use. It’s because Samsung classic bears the terms like iP68, which makes it a little annoying to use water and dusty areas.

Can I Make Call Through the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic?

Samsung Galaxy-4 classic users can make and answer calls through the devices instantly. So making a call on those watches is straightforward. Before that, you need to connect it via phone with Bluetooth or the mobile network.

Since those watches are available in the LTE model, its user can also make calls through this device by following some norms.

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Final Thought

Since the Samsung Galaxy classic has almost all the features, it is comfier to wear. But, on a broader meaning, this watch is more than Apple, Fitbit, and other familiar brands considering its price. In one pack, it lets you do all kinds of work that one may get from famous timepieces.

Lastly, we suggest you have this timer for its extensive storage, battery life, luxurious outlook, and crisp display. Although Samsung Classic is worthier than its previous Watch 3’s, its built-in chipset is also suitable for dealing with regular activities.

However, if this in-depth Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic reviews are helpful to you, please check our other considerations too.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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