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Tourbillon is something we add for the watches to make their accuracy higher. It enhances the escapements movements of a watch. The origin of this happened around 1795, and the concept idea emerged in the mind of Abraham Louis Breguet, who was a French Swiss Watchmaker. We can say escapement of a mechanical watch as the brain is, and Tourbillon inspires the accuracy.

These are something that is responsible for including a hairspring. Hairspring going mount between back rotating and the fourth rotating and each of this rotation is equal to a watch tick. Because of that characteristics, it affects the gravitational effects on spots where lighter or heavier of a balance wheel. So how this Tourbillon is worked?

Regular mechanical watches have a standard escapement, and they can’t keep time at the same rate. Whatever position it is in, it doesn’t go to keep the same rate in its time. But in a tourbillon works in a rotating cage, and it is always moving continuously. So no matter which position the watch is in, timing variations would be at the same rate.

What is the purpose of a tourbillon

It is basically for accuracy. When a watch has this item on its mechanical parts, it gives more reliable timekeeping and accuracy at a higher level. This is an additional part of the mechanics, and it does its working with a watch escapement. You have to know that it is negating the effects of gravity.

The watchmakers also face a big problem because gravity’s effects are not focused well on the pocket watches. And again, it doesn’t affect well on the movements of the watch and the movements as well.

So as a solution for this, Tourbillon came, and it acts as a more significant role to identify those drag down effects, and it identifies the effects of gravity in smaller parts.

Suppose you are holding a watch is holding on to a particular position; this item acts to calculate the gravity effects and how effective it works for the whole escapement movements.

When gravity is affected by this Tourbillon, it is going to affect the timepieces as well. When the escapement and the balance wheels are working towards a rotating cage, it will stick in a specific position. It is happening to deal with these gravity effects and the escapements. So basically, you say that we use this Tourbillon to increase the accurate state of a watch.

This one is a fundamental principle to include in horological achievements, and it is a more significant step for the engineering field. It is actually for facing the issues related to the physics that mechanical watches face. Physics is continuously affecting the accuracy and the movements of the watch.

So to make these physic factors the correct way, we use this item in watches.

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What does a watch tourbillon do

We are using it to increase the accuracy of the device. The original purpose of these items is mainly for accuracy, and it relates to the watches. This is an attempt to improve timekeeping consistently. So there will be no time lacks or time running. 

You can see these items include in modern watches. Unlike traditional watches, some of the modem watches use this feature to have in their product. Because it can increase here time telling into a way better. Usually, these are in the watch face, and literally, everyone can see from its showcases.

How do you identify a tourbillon

There is always a common thing to identify this product as the balance wheel. The balance wheel in these products is slowly rotating around, and it always goes for a full circle. This full circle will happen slowly and only will perform in one direction.

There is a mechanical process visible on the showcase of the watch, and it shows some complexity.

Everyone can identify this by its face for sure. You are going to see some rotating wheels as well as the hands. You cannot see it in other traditional products, but it is in this brand’s product. And if this balance wheel is only rotating in the same direction, there is no doubt. You can identify it without any scares.

There will always be a semi-skeletonized dial in your watch in this kind of product. But you have to be careful sometimes there are also fake and mechanical watches with these same features. So you should have guidance from an expert.

How does a watch tourbillon work

This item is also responsible for placing important internal parts like the balance wheel and the escapement in a rotating cage. The escapement is the movement component, and they are enhanced by the hairspring, pallet fork, and a balance wheel.

A watch with this product will rotate the cage slowly by holdings the components we mentioned before.

Most of the traditional watches are sending their almost powers to locking and unlocking features. But here, this watchmaking it’s the ability to create accuracy. When there is a rate at 1RPM, it will counteract adverse effects that emerged by gravity.

It happens when your watch is creating gravity in some positions, and it is going to be a big help to fade away the errors related to the situations when dealing with the accuracy. So if anyone wants better accuracy, it is good for you to have this.

How does a tourbillon movement work

We all know that usual standard watches have a fixed escapement. So it results for unable to regulate the time in an exact way and at the same rate. You may try your watch with various positions, but nothing is going to work for you. Try crown up, dial-up, or dial down. These all will not work in this case.

But with this item, your whole escapements of the watch are set up in a rotating cage, and they are continuously moving. Gravity towards his watch is not going to affect him anytime, and you don’t face any problems regarding it. So it doesn’t care what position your watch is, and time variations will not bother you anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: When was the Tourbillon invented?
Answer: It was invented in 1795, and a patent came to it in 1801. The original developer of this item is a French-Swiss watchmaker, and his name is Abraham Louis Breguet. There are mounted wheels in this product, and they all are in a rotating cage. So its result negates the gravity effects towards watches and works in great accuracy in timekeeping.

Question 2: How much is a Franck Muller watch?
Answer: There are so many editions and ranges with this product, and the price is changing according to them. You can see variations in costs between 5700 US dollars in 7500. Muller is well known for producing conquistador versions as well, and they have a more excellent GMT function within it. The most expensive Franck Muller Watch is the Christiano Ronaldo’s Frank Muller Round, and it costs 1.5 million us dollars.

Question 3: Are Chinese Tourbillon good?
Answer: The Chinese watch industry has followed practice to manufacture some cheap watches. But with tourbillons, it is something complicated. They do provide the best related to this product. Most of the china market offers people for their first time or second-time watch pieces, but they offer the best with this device. Due to the accuracy, they provide the best ones yet in an affordable manner.


Tourbillons are working in a rotating age and always result in accurate timekeeping. It is continually dealing with the physical factors and gravity, so you can keep your watch in any position you like. There will be no time rate changing or time laggings. The rate is going to be constant as usual.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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