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How to spot a fake Rolex watch? The Rolex is one of the top 100 powerful and popular brands in the world. It manufactures more than 700,000 timepieces in a year.

The company is also a counterfeited watch brand. It is difficult to spot the difference between fake and real timepieces from 20 feet away. According to William May, from 1000 people, only 300 people spot some difference between fake and real.  

William may ask 1000 people to find out the real timepiece from two samples. Only 30% of them answer correctly in the UK. The only way to find the truth is to take the advice of a qualified watchmaker.

They can find the truth after checking watch movement. But, there are some signs of fake timepieces that can help us to find out the truth.

How Do You Know If a Rolex is real or fake

There are a few points that you can check to know if a Rolex is real or fake. Those points are weight, the sound of the timepiece, material, and others. Here is a list of all differences. Please read them carefully to know the difference between real and fake.

1. Weight of timepiece

Make sure how the watch feels on your wrist. These timepieces are made from real and premium quality metal. The real Rolex will feel solid and heavy on your wrist.

If your timepiece feels too lightweight, then it is not made of high-quality material. Some fake manufacturers use metals from old Rolex watches. However, some fake timekeepers are entirely made from low-quality material. If your timekeeper is light in weight, then someone has made you a fool.

2. Sound of your timepiece

Generally, a Rolex watch comes with a second hand that moves smoothly. The company uses automatic watch movements, and it will not make a ticking noise. In short, Rolex watches has a sweeping second hand that ticks 7 to 8 times in a second. 

However, in fake timepieces, you will hear a sound like “tick, tick, tick”. Fake timepieces use quartz movement. Note the company never make quartz watch movement Because, for this reason, you will hear tick noise when second-hand shifts from one position to second.

It is hard for fake watchmakers to make perfect precision gears of a real watch. If the second hand is jerky in your timepiece, then you do not have a real Rolex timepiece. But make sure the noise should be faster than battery-operated timepieces.

3. The back case of a watch

Checking the case back of the timepiece is the easiest way to know a fake and real watch. The Rolex has not made any watch with a glass case. You will see a plain and durable stainless steel case back on Rolex timepieces.

Real timepieces have a smooth and reflective case back. However, some fake manufacturers use glass case backs. If you find any watch with a plastic, glass, or crystal case, that means the timepiece is fake.

In these fake watches, you can see the watch’s internal mechanism and movement. The Rolex 1030 is a rare real watch that uses glass or crystal case bake. But it is rare nowadays.

4. Construction

The company uses high-quality and durable materials to make every part of the timepiece. Make sure to check the front and Back of the watch when you purchase. All parts of the timekeeper should be made of smooth, durable, made of quality metal, and without any marks.

If the straps are not made of leather, then they should be made of metal. Fake timepieces use plastics or thin materials like aluminum. These watches can get scratches and sometimes can break as well.

Rolex only uses high-quality materials. If your timepiece has low-quality materials, then it is not a real Rolex watch.

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How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

If you cannot spot the fake Rolex watch from these points, then check some minor points. These minor points are the imperfection of the fake watch manufacturer. Here is how you can spot those imperfections in fake timepieces.

1. Serial Numbers

This is the hardest part of a timepiece to make for the fake manufacturer. First of all, try to find the serial numbers of the timepiece. If you cannot find it, then you can remove the watch band as well.

To remove the straps, you only need to push the joint in the lug that holds the band. If you cannot do this, then you can contact a professional. In most Rolex, watches the serial number is located between the lugs at six o’clock.

Because of this, it is necessary to remove the straps. Once you find it, make sure that the serial numbers should be perfect with each word’s perfect distance. You will see this type of number on the opposite side of the lugs.

These numbers are reference numbers for the case with the words “ORIG ROLEX DESIGN.” Fake manufacturers try to make these numbers by the acid-etching method. But it will look like a sandy appearance, according to wikiHow.

Note one more thing that the numbers should be between the lugs; otherwise, you have the wrong one. You can also check the date of the manufacturer with the serial number on online sources.

2. Crown Logo

This is an easy point to spot in a fake Rolex timepiece. All Rolex watches have this crown logo near 12 o’clock. Fake makers also try to copy this logo on the dial. But, the real logo is made with high-quality metal.

Those five circles on the top of the crown look like raised bumps in the real timepiece. The logo should be reflective. Sometimes fake manufacturer prints the logo on the dial. If you find cheap looking or printed crown on the dial, then it is a sign of a fake timekeeper.

Also, be careful about the numbers on the dial. The space, font, and design of numbers should be perfect if you have a real timepiece. If you notice any uneven number on the dial, then your watch is not real.

Do all Rolex have Serial Numbers

Yes, all real Rolex watch comes with a unique serial number. You can see these serial numbers between the lugs. However, the place of numbers also depends on the time of manufacturing.

Some watches have serial numbers on the inner bezel (dial rehaut). According to some articles, the watch made before 2005 has serial numbers between lugs. The watch that is made in or after 2005 has numbers on the inner bezel.

What does Rolex serial number mean

The Rolex serial number can be four to eight digits long. In the serial number, the last two digits describe the model of the timekeeper. And the first two or four-digit describe types of watch.

From the last two numbers, the first number shows the bezel type, and the last describes the metal type of timepiece.

Why is serial number important

The serial number helps you to find the manufacturing date of your timekeeper. With the help of some online sources and serial numbers, you can easily find the manufacturing date. It also helps to determine the value of your timekeeper.

How can I Ensure the Authenticity of a Rolex Watch

To authenticate the Rolex watch, you can consider the above points. But, to keep away fake timekeepers, you should always purchase from the official Rolex retailer. Never go for too cheap timekeepers because the seller can be a fraud.

According to Rolex, the retailers are authorized to sell and maintain the watches. The company has given skills, training, and special equipment to the retailers. Retailers provide a guarantee of authentication for every part of the timepiece.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question 1: Does a real Rolex have a green sticker on the Back?
Answer: Yes, before 2007, the company used a green holographic sticker. Now, they use a transparent sticker rather than the green sticker.

Question 2: Does Rolex stamped 18k?
Answer: Yes, number 750 is stamped on every timepiece. It refers to the purity of using 18k pure gold.

Question 3: How many numbers are in a Rolex serial number?
Answer: There are four or eight numbers in the serial number.

Question 4: How can I find my stolen Rolex?
Answer: You can file the polish report and send a copy to the Rolex database. If you have insurance, then you can file the necessary documents and info to the insurance company. You can call shops in the surrounding areas. The watch register theft-check company may also help you.

Question 5: Do Rolex have Writing on the Back?
Answer: No, a real Rolex watch never has written on the Back.

Final Verdict

Now, you have all the points that can help you to understand the difference between real and fake. First of all, you should check the serial number of the watch. If it is real, then check the construction of numbers. After that, you should check other points.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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