How to Fix Loose Minute Hand on Watch | A Practical Guide

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Is your minute hand is being loose in your watch? How to Fix Loose Minute Hand on Watch. Well, the reason behind this is maybe cannon pinion. The cannon pinion is a steel tube attached to the watch’s minute wheel’s lower end teeth.

It is also attached with the minute hand’s upper teeth by friction fit to move the timepiece. Because of some reasons, this cannon pinion can be loose. However, with some tools, you can easily tight the cannon pinion.

Sometimes all hands of the timepiece can get loose because of the tiny nut. There is a nut that holds these points in place. You have to tighten this nut to fix the issue. It will need a tool needle-nose pliers. In this post, we will guide you, how you can fix loose hands-on timepiece.  

How to Fix Loose Minute Hand on Clock

To fix this issue, you will need to tighten the cannon pinion. There are many methods to tight the cannon pinion. You can tap a punch to the cannon pinion with the help of a set.

But there is also a simple method to fix the cannon pinion. However, you can also use some special tools like a set of cutters. While squeezing the cannon pinion, you will also need some types of metal rods. You can use an old oiler.

It will help you to hold the cannon pinion and squeezing too hard. Once you have these tools, use the old oiler through the cannon pinion. After that, apply pressure to the small indentation and squeeze it with the cutters.

Once you complete this, you can put the cannon pinion back into the timepiece. You may have to do this 2-3 times because we cannot expect how much pressure to apply. Follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1: Remove the straps

First of all, you will need to remove the straps and the case to find the cannon pinion. After removing the case, remove the watch movement and locate the cannon pinion on the movement. It should be near about the minute and hour gear.

Step 2: Removing the cannon pinion

There is a tool to remove the cannon pinion “cannon pinion remover.” Now place the head of the cannon pinion remover over the pinion. Then hold the remover and push the handle down to hold the cannon pinion. After doing this, the tool will automatically pull the cannon pinion. You can also use tweezers to remove the cannon pinion.

Step 3: Tightening the cannon pinion

Use the old oiler to hold the pinion. Then squeeze the cannon pinion with cutters and tighten the pinion. It would be best if you did this 2-3 times until it is perfectly tight.

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How to Fix Clock Hands Stuck

There are many reasons for clock hands stuck. It may happen because of a low battery, reducing the friction or the watch movement’s fault. Sometimes it also happens if your watch hands are touching each other.

First of all, you should replace the small batteries. After replacing check the clock, still, it is not moving, then the issue is of friction or watches movement. Sometimes you also have to adjust the watch hands.

It should not touch each other while moving. If you have these issues, then remove the crystal on the watch. After removing, remove all hands from the timepiece and dial as well.

Clean the dial and put it back on the timepiece. Then adjust the hands on the dial but make sure it should not touch each other. The last option is to replace the watch movement if you have quartz movement.

Steps to fix the clock hands stuck

  • Collect the tools you will need to replace the watch movement.
  • First, open the back of the timepiece and then the stem from the movement.
  • After that, find which movement you have, automatic or quartz.
  • If you have quart movement, then find the perfect match for that movement.
  • Then attach the new quartz movement to the dial.
  • Secure the movement with the adhesive dial dots or glue
  • Now fit the case back and straps on the timepiece.

If you have mechanical movement, then you should go to an experienced watchmaker. In a quartz movement, you do not need to replace the dial or hands. However, you have to replace them in mechanical movement.

How to Tighten Hands on a Clock

It can be loose because of the tiny nut. However, this issue is too easy to solve. You will need a needle nose pliers tool to tighten the nut. Follow the steps to fix this issue.

Step 1: Push the hour hand

The hour hand is connected with the shaft by friction. Push it to the shaft first. It will become tight on the shaft with a small push. Also, it will get back to the time with the second one of the watch. 

Step 2: Tighten the tiny nut

Now smoothly hold the second hand and tight the tiny nut with the help of needle-nose pliers. Be careful while holding because it can be band or break. 

Step 3: Check the timepiece

Check the hands. It should be straight. These parts are too sensitive; it can easily band. If they are not straight, then adjust them. If it is working correctly them close the crystal or watch back.

If you feel that your hands are still loose, you may have to replace the shaft’s tiny nut. You can also change the movement if the issue is the same after replacing the nut. Make sure to measure the size of the movement and points before replacing them.

How do you fix a Watch that Stopped Working

If your watch is not working, then there are many reasons behind this. We will take some common reasons for this issue.

Dirt and dust in the watch movement

If you are not cleaning your timepiece at a period, then dust can be a reason. The dirt or dust can block the watch movement from moving. That is why regular cleaning is necessary. You have to clean and oil each part of the mechanism by the watchmaker.

Any loose screw can block the mechanism

This is the most common issue for blockage. After some time, any screw or mechanism can get loose. To avoid this, you can tighten every bolt of the timepiece in three months. You can go to watchmaker if you cannot do this at home.

Manufacturing defects

If your new watch is not working correctly, then it can be a manufacturing defect. There are many small parts of the watch movement. Sometimes these parts can be loose or move around and stop working. You can give the timepiece back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

How to Fix the Hour Hand on a Watch

It can also get loose or stop because of one of these reasons. You can quickly solve it. When it comes to the hour hand, the most common issue is alignment. Sometimes it can touch the watch dial or minute one while moving.

You can readjust it smoothly by removing all points. This issue can happen in a Rolex watch as well. Or else you can also replace the new one to solve it. You can replace it by removing the watch movement and following the steps to tight the hands.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question 1: Can you replace hands on a clock?
Answer: It is easy to replace it on a clock, especially for a quartz movement. You will only need small needle-nosed pliers to remove it. First, remove the watch movement and then remove the old one to replace the new hands.

Question 2: Why won’t my clock hands move?
Answer: You should check the battery first because it can also be a reason. It will not work if there is an improper adjustment. Dust in mechanism and manufacturing effects can also cause his problem.

Question 3: Why is the second hand on my watch not moving?
Answer: It mostly stops when battery power is low in the timepiece. It is a sign of low maintenance. It would be best if you changed the battery regularly. If still, your watch is not working, then you should check the reasons and solution.

Final Verdict

It is easy to fix any loose hand on a watch. However, you should also take care of your timepiece by cleaning it regularly. It can also be loose because of any accidental drop.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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