How to Measure a Watch Band | A Thorough Explanation

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How to measure a watch band size? If you have leather straps, you can check the watch band size on the straps’ backside. However, you will have to find the size if there are no indications.

You can gauge the size by using a digital caliper or a simple ruler. But make sure to measure in millimeters for more accuracy. Generally, a man’s wrist size should be around 15 to 19 cm, and a women’s wrist size should be 14 to 18 cm.

To measure watch band length, you can assume the size of your wrist from this data. However, here are some different ways to take the perfect measurement of straps.

What is Watch Band Size

The size of straps depends on the width of the band end that attaches to the lugs. To find out the perfect size of your bands, you should first gauge the lug width. The size of the lug can be different from one timekeeper to another. That’s the way it is necessary to measure to measure the lug width of your timepiece.

How are Watch Bands measured

Measuring watch straps is simple with the use of a digital caliper and a regular ruler. First of all, you will gauge the width of your straps by using a digital caliper. You can also measure the lug width for perfect fitting.

Then you will have to find out the length of your straps. Also, gauge your wrist size. Your wrist size and length of your straps should be equal. Let see how you can measure strap width and length.

Measuring strap width

Check the backside of your old strap if there is any number indicated. That indicated number is the width of your straps. But, some straps do not come with that any indications. In this case, you have to gauge lug width.

To measure lug width, you will need a digital caliper or a ruler. Once you have these tools, measure the lug width in millimeters. But make sure to scale from inside the lugs. You can also gauge the width of your straps to get a more accurate measurement.

Make sure that the distance between the lugs and the width of your straps should be the same. If you do not have a caliper, then you can check width from the width chart. These charts are available on the internet.

You can take print outs of these charts to measure lug width. You only need to fit the lug ends on the millimeter bars of the chart.

Measuring Strap Length

The straps are mostly adjustable. But, it is good to spend a few minutes and measure the accurate length of the straps. With the same tools, you can measure strap length. Make sure to gauge the buckle part and hole part together.

Now use a ruler or caliper and gauge the length in millimeters. You can scale both parts separately as well. After that, find out the total length by adding the length of both parts. But do not measure buckle in the strap length.

There are also length charts to measure length. You should also measure your wrist with seamstress tape if you have. The length of straps should be bigger or the same as your wrist size. Straps can be adjusted smaller that’s why it is affordable to have a bigger one than your wrist size.

If you don’t have seamstress tape, then you can use thread to gauge wrist size. You can wrap the thread around your wrist and make a mark on it. Then lay down the thread and scale distance from the starting point to mark on the thread.

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How Do You Measure a Metal Watch Band

The measuring metal watch band is nearly the same as the leather straps. Let’s see how to measure the metal watch strap.

Steps to measure metal watch bandwidth

  • To gauge the metal strap, you will need to remove old straps first.
  • After that, find the width of the strap with the use of a digital caliper or ruler.
  • Hold the timepiece in one hand and the caliper in another.
  • Then open the upper jaws of the digital caliper and measure lugs.
  • Make sure to fit jaws snugly inside the lugs for accurate measurement.
  • Now check the digital caliper and record the millimeter measurement.

Do not scale width from the end of metal straps because of some metal bands’ expandable ends. It can be a reason for the wrong measurement. The lug width should be precise for perfect fitting; that’s why using a digital caliper is recommended.  

If you are using a ruler, then align the lugs’ inner side with a zero mark on the ruler. Always scale width in millimeters even you measure with a ruler.

Steps to measure metal straps length

  • Before measuring the watch, strap length, make sure to close the clasp.
  • Then align the ruler with your straps.
  • Make sure the “0” should align with the starting point of your straps.
  • At the end of the strap, read the measurement on the ruler.

Never scale length with a digital caliper because you cannot fit the straps snugly in the caliper. Rather than a caliper, you can use a ruler or Length chart to measure length.

Remember that you can remove the links and adjust the pin to make the metal straps small or large. So it is okay to have a large or small metal band than your wrist size.

How do you stretch a metal watch band

The leather straps are more pliable and responsive to stimuli. Because of this reason, they can band, expand, and stretch easily. However, if you try to stretch metal straps, then it will bend or wrap.

But there are many extension bands (flexible metal straps) available in the market. These flexible straps are also comfortable to wear. Because of elasticity, these flexible bands can be taken on and off without any clasp. Clasps are not necessary for extension straps.

If you want to make the straps bigger, then you can adjust the pin as well. But, you can hang the bracelet from something, add lots of weight, and let the gravity work. You can speeds up the process by using a heat gun because the hot metal is soft enough to stretch.

How Do You Measure Your Wrist for a Watch Band

There are two ways to measure the wrist for watch straps. Follow these steps to measure your wrist size.

Steps to find wrist size

  • To find out your wrist size, you will first need a tape measure.
  • Wrap the tape around your wrist where you wear your timepiece.
  • Then note the size of your wrist.
  • If you do not have a tape, then you can use a thread.
  • Wrap the piece of thread around your wrist.
  • Make a mark on the thread.
  • Lay down the thread.
  • Then measure the distance from starting to the mark on a thread with the ruler.

Consider your wrist size a bit bigger than you measure. It is good to have big straps for comfortable wear.

How are Watch Band Pins Measured

It is easy to measure watch band pins with a simple caliper. You can use a simple caliper and follow the steps given below to scale spring bars.

Steps to measure watch band pins

  • Take an old pin of your timepiece and lay it down on the work surface.
  • Then take a caliper and open the jaws and fit the spring bar between the jaws.
  • Securely close the jaws so that the spring bar can fit snugly.
  • Then note the measurement from the caliper.
  • Repeat the process to check your results
  • Now scale the diameter of the spring bar.
  • Open the jaws again and fit the pin snugly between the jaws.
  • Note the readings on the caliper and repeat the process to verify.

How Do You Measure Lug Width On a Watch

Just like measuring the strap’s width, you can measure the lug width on a watch. Follow the steps to take the perfect measurement.

Steps to find out lug width

  • Take a digital caliper or ruler scale to measure lugs.
  • Then remove the straps from your timepiece.
  • Open the upper jaws of the caliper and measure the inner side of the lugs.
  • If you are using a ruler, then align the zero with the inner side of the lugs.
  • Then note readings from the digital caliper or ruler.
  • Now you have lug width.
  • You can repeat the process to verify.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Question 1: Can you change the metal watch band to leather?
Answer: Yes, you can change metal straps to leather/rubber straps. You only need to remove the bracelet and spring bar tool. Then measure the lug width and find out the best leather/rubber straps for your timepiece.

Question 2: What is the most common watch band size?
Answer: The men’s average size of straps is around 18 to 24 millimeters.

Question 3: What is the average wrist size?
Answer: The average wrist size for men is around 15 to 19 cm, and for women, it will be 14 to 18 cm.

Question 4: How do you adjust a metal mesh watch band?
Answer: With only four steps, you can adjust a metal mesh watch band.

  • Use a strap tool included with your timepiece (you can use a similar small item as well).
  • Lift the clasp with the thick end of the tool.
  • Then slide the clasp and adjust the length of the straps.
  • Push the clasp to secure the straps.

Question 5: How much does it cost to get the watch resized?
Answer: It can cost from 20$ to 60$ to resize the timepiece.

Question 6: How should a metal watch fit?
Answer: Your metal timepiece should not be too tight that it can leave imprints on your skin. Also, it should not be too loose if you can fit several fingers under the straps. It should loose enough that it can slide just a bit on your wrist.

Final Verdict

These steps are simple to follow. But, you have to be careful if you will use any heat guns to stretch metal straps. If you will use a ruler scale and take the measurement in cm, then do not forget to convert cm into millimeters.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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