Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen Not Working | How to Fix

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Smartwatch is packed with sensitive software and hardware. But over time, it doesn’t work as smoothly as you want, no matter if you have the best smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy watch.

The most common problem is the Galaxy watch, but the screen is black. That means it sticks in sleep mode, and all the functions get unresponsive.

There could be some issues with this timepiece. So, what should you do if your Samsung Galaxy watch screen is not working? Here you’ll learn the ways of fixing these errors.

9 Methods of Fixing the Galaxy Watch Screen Issue

The problem on your Galaxy watch screen black might be caused by different issues. So, you have to fix those according to the significant problem. Here are some ways:

Method 01: Force Restart the watch

The first thing you can do is force restart the Galaxy smartwatch. To do this, you must long-press the two side buttons of your watch simultaneously. Hold the buttons for 30 seconds, and you can see the Samsung logo on the screen.

If the power menu pops up on the screen, just ignore it. If this trick doesn’t work, do the same with the home button, and the smartwatch will be restarted. Remember to restart the watch is not resetting. It won’t delete any data.

Method 02: Disable Water Lock

If your Galaxy watch is in water lock mode, then your screen won’t turn on. If the mode is enabled, you can see the water droplet icon on the screen. Actually, it works to prevent accidental touches when you are swimming or batching.

To disable the function, simply hold the home button for 2-3 seconds. Moreover, you can also disable it from the Wearable app as well.

Method 03: Delete Recently Installed App

Your recently installed app on the smartwatch can cause an issue for not turning on the screen. It may be a malware attack on your device. So you must uninstall the app to fix the touch screen issue in your Galaxy watch.

  • Go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  • Now, go to settings and then Apps
  • Look for the new app and uninstall it.
  • Then restart the watch.

Method 04: Turn on Touch Sensitivity

Your hand touch may create an issue behind the touchscreen not working. The touchscreen may not identify your touch if you wear gloves or if anything sticks to your hand. Then you need to enable the touch sensitivity mode in the watch, and your issue may resolve. You can do this with your smartphone.

Method 05: Faulty Charger

If you charge your watch with a faulty charger, it won’t be charged. As a result, the watch won’t turn on for the low battery. So you should ensure that the charger is good enough and your watch is fully charged.

Method 06: Disable The Power Saving Mode

As we said earlier, the display always remains on and consumes the battery a lot; it can be incompatible with the power-saving feature of your timer.

Power saving mode is used to save battery life. If you enable this feature, your display might stop working due to a shortage of power. Fix this issue in this way:

Step-1: Settings

Find the Settings menu on the watch.

Step-2: Device Care

From the Settings menu, choose the Device care option.

Step-3: Select Battery

Here you will see some other options. Tap on the Battery option.

Step-4: Power Mode

Now, tap on the “Power Mode” and disable all the modes that cause power savings.

Step-5: Restart

After disabling the “Power Savings Mode”, restart your watch.

It will make the timepiece run in disabled Power Savings Mode.

Method 07: Clear App Data

If you keep using the timer continuously connected with the app, it will keep storing data. As a result, much storage will be consumed and put pressure on your watch.

As a result, your watch display might stop working. Clearing the app data will help you to solve this problem.

Step-1: Go to Settings

First, find the Settings option on the phone, then select Apps.

Step-2: Select Watch App

Now, tap on the Galaxy Watch App

Step-3: Select Storage

After that, tap on the “Storage” option. You will see the details of data and storage consumption—the precise data option is located below those.

Step-4: Clear Data

Tap on Clear Data or Clear Cache option. If you tap on precise data, then it will remove all the stored data from your app. And, if you wipe Clear Cache, then it will remove the caches only.

Method 08: Re-install the App and Plug-in

Your problem should be fixed using the ways mentioned above. However, you can follow another method. In this process, you have to uninstall the Galaxy Watch App and the Plug-in.

Restart the phone once the uninstalling process is done. After restarting, install the Watch app on the phone. Then restart your watch and pair both devices again.

Method 09: Hard Reset

If you see the problem still occurring, then apply this method. Hard reset will erase everything from the timepiece and make it the first use. Here is the process:

Step-1: Impair the Watch

You should unpair your Galaxy watch from your phone before resetting this. Usually, these keep connected via Bluetooth.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Connections, then Bluetooth

Here you will see all the paired devices. There is a gear icon located next to each paired device name. Click the icon located right side of the timepiece name. Then tap “Unpair.”

Step-2: Go to Reboot Mode

First, switch off the watch. Then turn it on. Hold the button for a few moments when the clock is turning on until you see “Rebooting…” on display.

Now, release the key and then keep pressing and releasing that immediately for a few times. You will see the “Reboot Mode” here. You have to hold both Power and Back keys if using Galaxy Watch 3.

Step-3: Factory reset

Keep pressing and releasing the power key of your timer. Stop the process once you see the Recovery appears highlighted. Now, hold the power key to choose the Recovery option. The screen will go dark once you release the key.

Step-4: Reconnect the Watch

Your watch will reboot after completing the reset process. Now connect it to the phone while you see the welcome screen on the clock. Check the software updates. If available, update the software. Once you have connected the watch, your problem is solved.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why is the screen of my Galaxy watch not working?

There could be several reasons behind this. First, if your timer freezes, you might have to restart the watch app or the clock. Second, if you see the clock is acting unresponsive, then you have to reset this. On the power button, press and hold it for 7 seconds. It will reset your watch.

How to restart a Samsung Watch?

It’s a straightforward way. Press the Home button and hold for 7-10 seconds. It will restart your Samsung watch. The timepiece will start up and generally act after resuming.

How to reset a Galaxy watch?

You can reset a Galaxy watch following these steps:

  1. Turn off the timepiece
  2. Press the power button. Hold it until you see the Rebooting options
  3. Press the key again three times. Do it quickly. 
  4. Keep the process on by pressing the button repeatedly. 
  5. Stop while the Recovery option appears highlighted.
  6. Hold the button for choosing the Recovery option.

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Final Words

Every electronic device might face different problems. Samsung Galaxy watch is not exceptional. Keep patience and try to find a way if you face any trouble using a device. And, screen not working is a widespread problem for smartwatches. You can fix this issue quickly.

We researched a lot to find out the proper and easiest ways to fix the Samsung Galaxy Watch Screen not working problem. But, of course, the problem can occur for different reasons.

And you should follow the specific method to solve the particular issue. But, if you are not sure about the problem, you can follow the ways mentioned above to fix the problem quickly.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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