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Suunto 9 peak is the best watch for those who are looking to buy a full fresh wrist timer with advanced amenities. It offers all the similar features which are available on the Suunto previous models.

Yet, this watch is a strong fit for the outdoor conspirators, as it can track over 80 sports and workouts. We usually came to know from the Suunto 9 peak review that this timer is good for professional players who want to wear a lightweight, sleek, comfortable, and reliable watch.

Despite having some similar features to its other predecessor, we also find some unique traits like sensors, sluggish software and automatic LED display and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface which has been mentioned below.

SUUNTO 9 Peak is a great weapon for cyclists since it has excellent battery life. As a runner or sportsman, everyone is looking for a timer that can sync with all the sensors righteously. So this watch is best for the runners, and players too.

Another leading compatibility of this timer comes with multi-sport type functionality. That means, this timepiece is worthy for the people who used to do various sports at a time including cycling, triathlon, climbing, running, swimming, hiking, etc.

Apart from this feature, you will also find durable materials, excellent watch straps, and 25 hours of battery life categorized in both time mode and GPS mode, along with 100 m depth water resistance capabilities.

We are narrating some more features below in detail before taking an overview of the specs and weights of this timer.

Specification & Features

  • Weight: 62 grams
  • Dimensions: 1.69 x 1.69 x 0.42 inches
  • Water Resistance: 100 meter
  • Connectivity: GPS, Bluetooth 5
  • Operating System: It is Wear OS-free, running instead on SUUNTO’s simplistic property software
  • Case & Band Material: for case Titanium Grade 5, Glass fiber reinforced polyamide, and for band Strap 1: Titanium; Strap 2: Silicone
  • Screen / Display Size: 1.2″ inches
  • Battery Life: Total- 25 hours, In Time Mode, 24/7 Activity Tracking & Mobile Notifications mode this timer can cover up to 7 days & In training mode in GPS: it can vary 20h/50h/120h to 170h
  • Configurable Backlight: Automatic Brightness

Award-Winning Ultra-Thin Design

This is the only watch designed to fit any casual outfit. The dimensions of this timer are also satisfactory considering the display size. The display size of this timer is adjustable to the overall watch size which is not too big or not too small.

Again, the smooth and versatile design of this timer allows it to become a vital part of your everyday adventures. Now, let’s talk about the straps and display quality.

Solid, Durable Straps & Material

This watch has a unique strap portfolio that is inspired by different Nordic engagements. It comes with a 1.2-inch display size so that a person who wears this watch probably looks so dashing and stylish.

Not to mention that Suunto prefers to use here titanium grade 5 materials, glass fiber reinforced polyamide and for straps, they would like to use titanium and silicone.

In that case, we must say the case, display, 44 m watch face, and straps of these timepieces will be durable and lasting for a longer period.

Magnetic Charging Capabilities

This hand timer is pretty much better than anything else if you require a comfortable timepiece. The watch casing, touch screen, and band design are good as we mentioned before.

Magnetic charging is the main reason it works behind its back which makes it compact, and wearable to anyone’s wrist.

For magnetic charging, this watch looks worthier than other smartwatches which look very clunky to have a big electronic connector on their back.

Updated Performance Analysis

While buying any smartwatch, performance is the key to judging any timepieces. Thankfully, Suunto works a lot to erase their previous controversies in these affairs.

When talking about the performance of this timer, we must say all the fitness and sports activities of this watch are very exact and satisfactory.

One of the great features of this timer is the built-in optical heart rate sensor which we found quite accurate. Also, this timer has an SPO2 sensor or pulse oximeter which provides 24-hours monitoring records.

However, another positive development of this wrist timer has updated software which gives its user consistency of operation rather than its ancestors.

Suunto has a robust interval option that needs to be pre-programmed before starting any challenge or task. So, you can arrange your workout plans via this watch precisely.

80 Workout Modes

Suunto 9 would be your best prior list for the 80 workout mode. Your training will be developed day by day, and you can explore new things literally due to these features.

Weather Functions

This new Suunto wristwatch has extraordinary features like smartphones. The weather functions capabilities of these timepieces are astounding and unique.

This feature is really helpful to make your day productive since it will directly show the weather condition on the watch display. It has sunset timers, Storm alarms, sea level pressure, altimeter/barometer profiles, and temperature.

Stress & Recovery Updates

Suunto 9 peak watch has another great update which is in their stress and recovery updates. Suunto here uses more energetic hardware and software which is rugged, utilitarian, functional, and perfect for a great while you’re trialing something.

It also comes with some excellent features. This timer can measure the daily activity level, and stress level and also advises on how one recovers from the issues.

High-End GPS Tracking & Navigation

With accurate GPS tracking, it has a record of monitoring any regional maps through its unique satellite systems. Since this timer supports GLONASS, Galileo, QZSD, and BEIDOU, it can swiftly track locations and show you the exact address.

You may now ask, what’s the difference here? Well, normal watches are further limited by how often they track location through GPS mode. But Glonass, Galileo, and QZSD offer slightly better performance and give an excellent backup when GPS is unavailable.

Meanwhile, it’s good to inform you that, Glonass, Galileo stands on this watch for navigation satellite systems globally. But QZSD is a regional GNSS owned by the Japanese government.

So, those features will work together to provide its user with global services with more clarity, but it depends on the region.

Outstanding Battery Life

If compared to its other predecessor, this watch has outstanding battery life. We must say, 25 hours of battery backup is enough for anyone from professional athletes to Marathon Olympiad.

Not only this, you will have more extended battery life if you turn on the watch’s GPS mode which is up to 170 hours.

In training mode, this could be far better than normal activity and mobile notifications mode. For time and general activities, a user will get up to 7 days of battery life whereas it can vary up to 25h/50h/120h/170h on GPS.


  • The outlook is very decent and much better than other fitness watches
  • It feels super comfortable on the wrist for the BC titanium casing
  • The GPS and navigation are powerful, work on points
  • Long battery life which is a big deal in this timer
  • The vibration alerts of this timer are quite soft and nice to hear


  • The watch interface is very laggy and dimmer
  • Its open water swims tracking performance is a bit annoying 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying A Suunto 9 Peak is worth the price?

Suunto 9 peak is worthy to buy for the longest battery life. It is surely different if considered from the other smartwatches. Not only for the battery cover but Suunto also offers a lot of trendy features which an individual expects in their hand timers.

For instance, Suunto 9 has heart rate sensors, built-in GPS, Galileo mode, an accurate step counter, etc. So, it’s surely worth the price.

Where Is The Suunto 9 Peak Made?

It is made in Finland. For this reason, this timer has 100% renewable and carbon-neutral energy.

Does Suunto 9 peak Watch Have an Altimeter?

This timer has a barometric pressure to measure the altimeter. To get better compatibility, you should define altitude reference points.

Does This Wrist Watch Have Any Wear OS?

This timer is Wear OS free. But a user will experience the better quality features there for its simplistic proprietary software.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Suunto 9 peak?

Since this hand timer has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it needs to charge for 150 minutes on average.

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Final Wrap

Suunto is the most fitful timer for many users since it explores and adds new features to their inventions every year. For this consideration, we think it is a prosperous volition for the athletes who have to run 100+ miles per day.

It’s because the long battery life that comes with this device is well-worthy for any hardworking players.

Again, the watch is very comfortable to wear all day long. So, it could be a better option to grab this masterpiece. In a word, the Suunto 9 peak is a combination of a Scandinavian design with specific training analysis.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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