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Sometimes you may have gone through different watches, never knowing it is a field watch. Today’s technology and the world are highly increasing with complicated features, and there are more elegant and passionate things about the industry. Watches are coming with different styles and diverse technologies, and they are going well with anyone’s type.

Some of these brands are coming with overstuffed features as well as innovative techniques. But this brand is quite elegant with its appearance, and there are no over-limit features. So what is precisely a field watch? Let’s find out.

What is a Field Watch?

This product’s brand definition is the military watch. So basically, it is using in the military service. The original name of this product is Trench, and these are essential devices for soldiers. Soldiers of the military services wore this product during world war III times.

This product’s purpose is related to one thing, and it is best known for that. It is the accuracy. This device gives accurate timepieces to the soldiers, and it is something needed for soldiers for their works in advance.

These are the items that have waterproof and dustproof facilities because they are used in military services. Soldiers are wearing this in multiple areas. Sometimes they even go to the canals as well. So it must have a covering for their watches, and the field watch comes with that.

It has a stainless steel case for the covering. These devices come to the market with some durable canvas type, and there may be leather Nato or Zulu strap. Those are for device security so that they won’t lose on the battlefield.

These products are manufacture to gain a maximum of 30+ seconds in one day. We can take the A-11 as an example of classic to these types of military watches used on the battlefield.

The popularity of this kind of product will be based on its innovative features. But this brand doesn’t depend on innovative features. On a battlefield, what matters is durability. So it is ultimately the opposite of a brilliant product, and the only matters are its stable features.

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History of the field watch

Wristwatches are something incredibly went with the women’s fashion. Fashion accessories always go with the women in the First World War era. But these kinds of products are not valid ones for men. That was the opinion on that era. If men wear this device, it is only for sporting, and that also went with a pocket watch.

As time passed, wartime has emerged into the world, and the necessity for an item to measure the right time has highly emerged. It was indeed needed for both militaries and the civilians as well. So this need has become a global need eventually.

These kinds of products are something invaluable for military precision in that era. But later on, with the rising of wards, and because of the buys you faced on the battlefield, soldiers had no chance to check time through a pocket watch.

If someone does that, that wasting seconds will cause his death too. So as a solution for this matter, wristwatches have come to the world.

The first wristwatches that came to the market have a name called Trench. They are directly market to men and worn by men as well. So wearing this product has become a common practice for all military officers.

Then field watch came to the market, and because of its improved durability, this device becomes a common habit for military officers.

What makes a good field watch

A good field watch is insisting on the following features to prove its quality.

  • It should be highly legible:
    A device must be complete with features legible for a soldier. Officers in the military are using this product in highly tough situations, and sometimes they may use this in an ongoing battle. So if one cannot read its time clearly, he should have to see twice and make things clear. This time lag is not something you can do on a battlefield, and if it does, you may have a danger to die too. So it must be transparent with its time showing.
  • Stainless Steel made Case:
    Stainless steel is not a material that rusts, and it bears any mud and dust you face. Military people are always not in a comfortable area, and they might have to deal with some challenging weather conditions. So if this device malfunctioned with the weather conditions, it is not something useful for them. It has to be with highly durable qualities, and durability will come with the stainless steel case.
  • Reliable:
    Your device has to be with high qualities in reliability. You should have to keep trust towards your device. If this device does not provide accurate timepieces, how can you trust it on the battlefields? So it must have to be rich with reliability as well. It has to show you the correct time, and you have to work in fright when you heck time on it.
  • Easy to operate:
    A battlefield is a place where you can’t take your attention away, and even a single attention lack will cause a big mistake to lead to your death as well. It doesn’t count your Field Watch features, but it has to be easy to operate even in a challenging situation. You can’t waste your precious time by spending time between small buttons, and it has to rich without intricate complications.
  • Water-Resistant:
    Some military officers are camping towards the lakes, and sometimes they are hiding in water to observe their enemies. What will happen If they wear a device that doesn’t make it resistant to moisture. That is a huge problem, and these products have to be fully resistant to water. Soldiers have to deal with the rainy weather condition and even have to dig in water. For that, your field watch should have to be water-resistant for sure.

How do you wear a field watch

It has to be in your left hand, and you can wear it for the least used hand. There is no such rule to wear definitely on the left hand. You can use your less occupied hand to wear this. You are free to use this product for demanding situations like sports, diving, hiking, and even gardening.

Use it as an accessory for your daily casual, and don’t wear it over accessories. Just be ordinary and simple as much as you can and match it with your jean’s colors. Be more formal with this device, and it will add an extra smart appearance to your look and for the outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Can you wear a field watch with a suit?
Answer: Yes. You have access to wear it in suits. This is a product that goes with all kinds of suits, and they are acceptable for any type of dress. You have to match your leather straps with your shoes or the belt, and that’s all. This product will be a fashion icon that glows your elegance with its magnificent look. So yeah. You can wear it with whatever you want.

Question 2: Is Rolex Explorer a field watch?
Answer: Rolex field watches are the best product available for that category, and they have a minimal dial within them. It is one of the highest accessible products for these kinds of brands, and it has a 39mm with as their case diameter. So if you insist on finding this brand on Rolex, you can search for Rolex Explorer, and it would be ideal for you to go with this category.


These all products do not precisely go with the field. Field watch is not something we can use for the practical styles as well. It is something suitable for act a role in battlefields and related procedures. You can use it as weekend wear as well as for the causals too. It depends on your search of a product’s durability on its features as well as reliability.

This product is a versatile one, and for those looking for accurate timepieces, this is ideal. This will goes with any weather conditions and precisely offer you the same task it wants. Some people may even have a history with this product, and if you need to dress up with young and old cultures, these watches are the best. The versatility and durability of this product would never be a defeating thing for an extended period.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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