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If you ever wondered about a significant history in the watch-making industry, that place is undoubtedly going to be the GMT watch. You may hear this important name at your school time, perhaps in the airport as well. That is always a branding name comes to people’s mind when we search for outdoor watches.

Sometimes people do not know the actual value of some items, and because of that reason, they don’t admire those. But knowing how exactly these products are valuing can make your mind narrows in a different direction. So today, we take our watch-making industry to another level with the GMT watch.

What is GMT watch?

These are the products that allow users to set other timepieces on their watches. This is something more simple yet so much innovative product for the industry. Traditional devices are usually rotating their hour hands for every 12 hours in the day, but this product is not working like that.

It works with a second-hour hand and has the same face within it. But there is an exception. This product is rotating for every 24 hours they spend.

So you can call this product one that works halfway to the traditional ones. If you need a simple definition, this device can have a timepiece with a format of 24 hours. These hours are indicating the second time zones within them.

This device is not a superficial multiple time zone one; it is also a product that works with more 12-hour format dials.

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What does it mean?

Now you might have a question on the term GMT. Its simple meaning is known as Greenwich Mean Time. It can be named as a solar time based on the London Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Most of the timepieces we are dealing with are heavily affecting daylight savings. But this Greenwich Mean Time will not.

If we talk about the theory, noon comes to the Greenwich when the sun reaches above the prime meridian. But earth is in an elliptical orbit, and the tilted axis becomes 12 pm. It is more likely a before or after few minutes. For many years people have considered this position of the sun as the exact way to calculate GMT.

So this is something we use to calculate our timepieces correctly.

Why was GMT created?

It is started for setting up the navigation aids. When someone travels around the world, they can’t decide the time zones for another country. With the help of GMT, he or she can identify the timepieces in another time dimension their preferred to set. You use something to sync up the local timelines according to an indicator of AM or PM.

Suppose you have traveled from London to New York. There is a 5-hour gap between these two countries, and when you arrived in one of these countries, you may confuse. You have to count which time is there at your home, and if you didn’t have this feature, you might not find it.

Things will make you a little confused and complex. So that is the reason for having this feature, and it helps anyone to measure timepieces from another time zone.

How does GMT watch work

All of the traditional devices will work from 12 hour time intervals. Each of the 24 periods, this standard device’s hour hands will travel around the dial two times, and it may happen every 24 hours. This unique product has an extra feature to add an hour hand, and it has a different color and a shape within it.

Regular 12-hour hands are completing two rotations in one day. But this product will travel around the dial for the day 24 hours and indicate a 24-hour bezel within it or ring almost around the dial’s edge.

These products are unique from others, and they are convenient items for anyone. For those who are willing to travel around time zones of different countries, this would be ideal. So this is something great for one who travels across other countries because it helps him understand the two separate countries’ time zones.

What is the point of a GMT watch

The main reason for this watch is to gain ideas on additional time zones. It is something simple mechanically but very effective from its technology. Sometimes you may have the ability to calculate two, three, or more time zones. It is up to you.

If you are wearing a product with two different time zones, it would be ideal for you to calculate two different time zones.

The actual point is for this device is for travel. Those who are traveling worldwide might need a way to calculate two time zones, which is the proper method to do this. So primary point of this device is associated with traveling. This is an outstanding innovation for people to gain knowledge on what they didn’t know.

These devices have great popularity among pilots and bounded with aviation. Pilots are continually going through countries, and they need specific time matters for their families and lovelies. And they can keep their heads straight with the help of this device.

How does GMT work

It is something like a second-hour hand for the same device, and it is geared for rotating. Rotation will happen every 24 hours passed. Or you can say it as the right half of the other hand in usual devices. The second-hour points of hands in this device are always pointing towards a second-time scale.

This second-time scale will read a 24-hour scale rather than reading a 12-hour scale. So they are placed at the inside of the device and in the dials of it. So it acts towards for you to give two different time scales with a 24-hour format.

How do I read my GMT watch face

There are easy steps to read its watch face as follows.

  • First, identify the number of hours you want to be ahead or to place behind as your second-time scale. They are usually different from your local time zone.
  • Rotate the bezel of your device
  • If you are on the east coast and want to tell you the time in Milan, Italy, you know that it is a six-hour gap between them. So your simple task is to rotate the bezel forward for six hours. Then your GMT hand will get the point toward the time of Milan.

How do you use a GMT watch

First, you have to unscrew on your watched winding crown. And as your next step, you have to pull that winding crown part out. Turn this winding crown in the opposite direction, and you must set its reference time with a 24-hour hand. And use the minute hand too.

After you have done previous tasks, you have to push that winding crown backward towards it. So it should pull into one notch. Turn this notch in the opposite direction and set the local time. You will see that hour hands are moving according to increments with one hour.

Then you have to push that winding crown backward, and you should screw it down.

Now your main focus is to turn the bezel. The bezel has to turn in other directions based on the time gaps. Time gaps are between the reference time, which is already in the 24-hour hand, and a third-time zone. You can see that24 hour hands are reading against the bezel, indicating the time in your third-time area.

How do you use GMT Master

There are simple twists to follow on using this watch as follows.

  • First, you have to wind it. So your device should be in the first position, and you can reach that position by twist the crown. You have to twist it until it keeps popping up. As the user, you have to try to achieve this position then it will turn clockwise.

This clockwise will appear for a whole type of rotation, and it is from winding the device.

  • Set the time of your device by taking it into position two. There is a crown on one notch, and pull it to set your hour hand for the specified time zone.
  • You can place this device into the third position to adjust on a minute and the 24-hour hand. Turn your bezel, and arrows will align for the crown. Pull this crown to another notch.
  • Then set your time from the current time zone.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is GMT a time zone?
It is a standard time called Greenwich Mean Time, and it is something standard for every country. We can’t specifically say that this is a time zone. But it is a standard way to measure time zones in various countries.

Which country is GMT?
It is a common term for the United Kingdom. And there are many countries included in the commonwealth like New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, India, and many more related to the Eastern Hemisphere.

Who uses GMT?
The pilots and travelers are mainly using this time standard to calculate the time zones they are engaged in. they get more manageable when they traveled from one country to another with this feature because they can identify both country’s time gaps.

What is the GMT zone in the US?
Their standard time begins on the 1st November 2020 at 02.00 local times, and the clock is nearly going back for one hour. And then their standard time ends on 14th March 2021 at the local time 02.00. So their clock goes forward from one hour.

How do I calculate GMT?
You can check the world map. If you live in the west of the prime meridian, your GMT is ahead or minus from it. If you are living in the east, this time will go after. You can insert the plus or minus for the number you found on the map that will be your GMT.


This is a product that you can enjoy for the premium version to calculate two different time zones. It can make someone’s day-to-day activities related to their lives easier when travel. The working process is somewhat different for this product, but it can favor the people. This is ideal for your traveling goal.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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