Why Does My Apple Watch Have a Red Dot | Causes & Solutions

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In most electric devices, a red dot always seems to be something wrong. If this occurs, then people think about repairing the device. Owning an Apple watch, you might face the same problem often as these watches come at a high price, so the tension rises highly for the owner.  

It’s not impossible to think why my apple watch has a red dot or why it’s showing. Apple provides tons of features in the clock. Some models contain their cellular connection to allow the watch to work without connecting to the phone. And very few users know about the proper usage of all the features. That means most of the users are not familiar with all the features of an Apple watch.

The red dot appears if you have any unread notifications. Let’s explain the matter in brief.

Why Does Red Dot Appear On My Apple Watch?

Some apple watch users feel irritated when they see a red dot. While others simply don’t want to see the red dot. Solving an issue will be effortless if you know the root cause. 

Apple watch receives various notifications. After reading the notification, it will be marked as read. If you have so many unread messages on your watch, you will see a red dot on the screen. Since the Apple Watch screen is small, unread messages remain hidden. That’s why; a red dot appears on the display.

How to Remove Red Dot from Apple Watch | 3 Solutions

Removing the red dot from your apple watch is effortless. In this section, we shared 3 effective solutions. Read them intently.

Solution 1: Read the Notifications

You can easily remove the red dot by opening the notifications. Let’s know the process.

Step-1: Checking Notification

Turn on the watch face, then swipe the screen down. It will bring the notifications to your display.

Step-2: Reading Individual Notification

If you want to read one from all the notifications, you have to tap on that specific Notification. You can read all the notices individually following this process.

Step-3: Reading Multiple Notification

You can read several notifications on your watch. After showing notifications on the screen, use the Digital Crown of the clock to scroll through the notifications.

Step-4: Delete Notifications

If you want to delete notifications from that page, swipe the watch to the left. Then press on the “X” key. It will erase the Notification easily. You can also do this using the Dismiss key located on the bottom part of the screen. Tap on that option to remove notifications.

Solution 2: Customizing Notification

Apple Watch provides several benefits of usage. One of those benefits is reading Notification without picking the phone. The notification settings of an Apple Watch come mirrored from the phone by default. But you can change these settings quickly. Let’s know the process.

Step-1: Open the App

First, take your phone to open the watch app.

Step-2: Go to Notifications

Find out and enter into the My Watch option. Now tap on “Notifications.”

Step-3: Customize Settings

Now, select your desired app to customize the notification settings.

Solution 03: Turning Off the Red Dot Indicator

If you feel bothered with the red to the icon or other reasons, you can easily disable this. But you have to do this on the watch app using your iPhone. Let’s see how to do this.  

Step-1: Open Watch App

The very first step is to open the watch app on the phone.

Step-2: Go to Notifications

Now, tap on the Notification option.

Step-3: Turn Off Indicators

Toggle the Notification indicators to off

If you want to enable this option again, the process is almost identical. Press on the same button to turn on the feature. It will appear green while turned on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a red dot mean on Apple Watch?

In a single word, a red dot on an Apple Watch indicates the Notification. As the watch keeps connected to the phone, it mirrors it. As a result, you will see the notifications on the watch display. If you have any unread notifications, then you will see a dot on your watch screen.

How do I stop showing the red dot?

A red dot appears if you have any unread notifications. But you can turn to show the red dot off. And you cannot do this using your watch. You have to use your iPhone to bend the notification indicator. Follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Take your phone then open the Watch app
Step-2: Tap the “Notifications” option.
Step-3: Now, toggle the button to turn off the Notification Indicator.

What does a green dot mean? 

Green indicates the positive in all sectors of the earth. Apple Watch also contains a green dot. But this indicates something else here. If a green dot appears on the watch screen, then the watch is perfectly paired with the iPhone.

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Final Words

All electric devices come with some problems. And in most of the devices, a red sign indicates that any problem has occurred. Trying to find and solve the problem is very common. But, if you see your Apple Watch is showing a red dot on your screen, don’t panic. It’s not a big deal.

Many people think, why does my Apple watch have a red dot? It indicates that you have unread notifications from your phone. If you open those notifications and mark them as read, the red dot won’t appear on your screen anymore. We discussed every single way to solve the problem here. It will help you much if you follow the steps correctly.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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