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Leaving your Garmin watch on charging and finding it with 0% charge after an hour can scare the hell out of you. You might be thinking, “why is my Garmin watch not charging.” Some reasons are behind the problem, and fortunately, we will discuss them today.

Stop panicking because we will tell you the causes of the issue and provide you with solutions. Charging problems in electronics are pretty common. It’s advised you put your watch on charge every night and for an hour.

But now that you are having trouble charging your Garmin watch, let us walk you through the likely causes and clarifications. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why is My Garmin Watch Not Charging: Possible Causes

Usually, when a device is not charging properly, most people think something is wrong with the batteries. However, this is not always true. The reason for a device not charging can vary depending on different situations. We will explain those possible causes below. Let’s dive in to know the reasons.

1. Defective Charging Cable

Sometimes by mistake, you or someone in your family may add a faulty charger cable. You might have no idea about it and keep trying to charge your Garmin watch. In such a case, the wristwatch will not charge.

It’s because a faulty cable doesn’t let the electricity flow through it. For this reason, you need to make sure that the cable attached to your charging port is the right one that works. A defective cable can put you in danger by causing power surges, and as a result, your watch’s internal components get damaged too.

To avoid such situations, check if the cable is defective by removing it and attaching a new one. Remember, it’s always better to replace charging cables before they make you replace your electronic devices.

2. Damaged Sockets

A socket can get damaged at any time. If it’s overused, the possibility is it got burned from the inside. Again it can also get cracked. The reason can be many, but the fact is, it is faulty. A faulty socket will never work, and so if you plug in the charger instead of charging, it can even harm you.

Hence, immediately check your socket condition if you find out your timepiece is not charging. If you see, it’s burned or cracked, change that right away, get a new one for your safety, and get charging done correctly.

3. Faulty Batteries

If you use your Garmin watch for a longer period, the batteries inside may now be faulty. Batteries can get affected if the device is overused and charged less or more than it needs. There’s a sign through which you can clearly understand if the battery is damaged.

Notice how long your battery survives. If it starts draining faster, like within an hour or two, it means the batteries have gotten weaker and are no more okay to use. You need to buy new batteries to keep your wristwatch safe from further damage.

4. Software Updates

Advanced and high-end electronic devices like smartwatches need software updates often. When a new update is available, the watch will notify you about it. Don’t ignore those notifications; rather, go for software updating. There’s nothing to worry about if the watch is taking time to restart while updating itself.

This is a normal process of a software update. Sometimes just because you haven’t updated your device, it starts acting weird, like not getting charged, powering off often, and so on. So, keep your Garmin watch updated in order to avoid such issues.

5. Rusted Charging Clip

Sometimes we don’t notice, but our charging clip is rusted. Metal tarnished charger clips rust gradually. A rusty clip cannot work to change anything. Double-check the charging clip if it has rusted over it or not when the charger is not working.

If the rust is present on its surface, you must go and buy another brand new charging clip because the rusted one will no longer work to charge your Garmin wristwatch.

How to Fix the Issue of Garmin Watch Not Charging?

When suddenly you face such difficulty, you can do as we mentioned below. One of the tips will be helpful.

Using Another Socket

This can be the solution you will not know if you don’t try. We often mistake thinking either the device or the charger has faults. However, it might be the defective socket that is stopping the current from flowing through the charger.

Cleaning Charging Accessory

The reason can be dirt on your charging accessory. Hence, try cleaning it and try charging again. Use a pencil eraser, electric screen wipes, eyeglass cleaner, or rub alcohol.

Changing the Charging Cable

We have mentioned earlier that a charging cable can get damaged in many ways. If you notice that it’s burned or torn up, urgently change the cable.

Charging the Watch for an Hour

When a Garmin timepiece is not rightly charged, it might weaken and require a boost. Hence, put the watch into charge and leave it with or without a turned-on display for an hour.

Utilizing Another AC Adapter

Various chargers have different components in them. This also can cause the charger not coping up with your adapter. In such a moment, try using another AC adapter.

Restarting the Watch

Maybe your wristwatch is not responding to the charger because of overworking. It needs a restart.

Updating Software

A Garmin watch may stop charging for having the old version of the software. Check for updates if you find it available, press on the “update” option, and run it when the update is finished. This may rectify the problem and reinstate the charging function.

Replacing the Battery

If you have tried out all the tips above, it means your Garmin watch battery is no longer working and needs replacement. You can then buy a new charger or charge the device following the tricks we shared.

How to Charge a Garmin Watch Without a Charger?

Well, since you are here, it means you are facing issues with charging your Garmin watch. If the problem is with its charger, you might be thinking of charging it without the charger. There are two ways you can approach charging a Garmin wristwatch without a charger.

One thing you can do is find your private USB cable—plugin with a computer and the watch’s backside, the place for putting in the charging clip. Turn the PC or Laptop on, it will do the job, but it will take a long time to charge fully.

Another thing you can do is, plug the USB cable into a wall USB if you have one at your house and charge from it. Make sure not to use an inexpensive USB to keep your watch away from unexpected damages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Garmin watch is charging?

You can understand if your Garmin watch is charging or not by checking its battery flashing on the top bar. It means it’s charging fine. Again when you no longer see the battery flashed on the top bar, it means the watch is fully charged. Remember, whenever you put the timepiece into charging, a battery will pop up on the watch display.

Why has my Garmin watch stopped working?

When your Garmin watch is frozen, it will not work. If you face the problem, make sure to turn the watch off first and then turn it on.

When should I charge my Garmin watch?

To ensure a healthy battery life of your Garmin wristwatch, you should maintain a charging time. It’s best to charge every night for an hour or until the battery is 100% charged. Never fall asleep while your watch is charging; if the charger is still connected after getting 100%, your device’s battery will slowly become less powerful.

What type of charger does a Garmin watch use?

Usually, a Garmin watch requires a USB port or wall USB for charging. Try using an expensive USB port because if you use unpopular branded wall USB or ports, Garmin watches will have more charging issues in the future.

Why is my Garmin watch dying so fast?

Your Garmin watch is dying so fast for a few reasons. It might be the extreme full brightness of the screen that is eating the battery. Besides, keeping unnecessary applications working in the background after using them can also cause the battery to die sooner.

Closing Remarks

Whatever Garmin model watch you are using, follow our guidelines if you have problems charging it. Many people ask, “why is my Garmin watch not charging?” For this reason, we took the issue seriously, researched the facts, and came up with easy fixes.

Try our tricks of charging the Garmin watch without a charger without hesitating if the old one is faulty. We can assure you of your watch’s safety.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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