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With the advancement of technology, we depend on machines even more. Because machines are helping us complete our daily missions and reminding us of things. That’s why people these days are relying on smartwatches.

The tiny computer is set on your wrist, and then it tells precisely what you have to do to keep yourself healthy. Besides, it lets you manage all your important phone calls, messages even when there is no internet connection.

Do you want to know which smartwatches are worth the use? Of course, Amazfit timepieces and we can claim this since all the leading timepieces are offered by Amazfit. From managing all your Android or iOS operations to keep posting your physical condition updates are properly done by Amazfit watches.

Although these are usual services that a smartwatch offers you, Amazfit offered wristwatches have more exciting specifications to offer. We have searched and found Amazfit smartwatches that will work as your helping hand to make you finish all your important work done within time.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. But before that, let’s get to know why the intelligent timepieces of Amazfit are so famous.

Why is Amazfit Smart Watches Popular?

When it’s about useful timepieces, Amazfit comes first in a buyer’s mind. The popularity of Amazfit watches is increasing day by day and there are a couple of reasons. If you have tried everything but not the Amazfit wristwatches, here are the reasons why you should give them a try and why these are always trending.


The first thing of Amazfit timepieces that takes the attention of buyers is its elegant various designs. All the wristwatches brought by Amazfit have differences even a little in their designs and that slight difference in the outline brings a huge divergence to the style and appearance.


Another big reason why people prefer Amazfit watches more than other branded smartwatches is the offered features. Amazfit always tries to provide their customers with the most useful features ever. Each of the features is easy to utilize.


Believe it or not! Amazfit watches are the best performing timepieces. This isn’t assumed, each of the watches is used and tested by real customers and a huge number of users said positive regarding the performance. A very few were upset but of course for one or two issues and not for the overall watch works.

10 Best Amazfit Smartwatches Review of 2022

There are a pretty large number of smartwatches available in online stores. But not all of them are great in quality. Of course, you don’t want to waste a vast deal of money after a useless faulty device.

Finding the proper smartwatch is the work of experts. So, our team of experts in market research has analyzed and made a list of 10 top-class Amazfit wristwatches of the year to benefit you. Let’s take a look at it.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Featured Smartwatch: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini
  2. Best for Multifunctional Purposes: Amazfit GTS 2
  3. Best for the Craftsmanship: Amazfit T-Rex
  4. Best for Quality: Amazfit GTR
  5. Best for the Battery Capacity: Amazfit GTR 2e
  6. Best for the Fitness Tracking: Amazfit Bip
  7. Best in Budget: Amazfit Bip S
  8. Best for Ease of Use: Amazfit Bip S Lite
  9. Best Functional Smart Wristwatch: Amazfit Men’s Smartwatch GTS
  10. Best Performer: Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro

Best Amazfit Smartwatches Review of 2021

1. Best Featured Smartwatch: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Amazfit GTS 2 mini is an amazingly designed smartwatch. Offering you all the innovative facilities possible at an affordable price.

All the handy features you will enjoy are so simple to operate. It will help you complete all your daily tasks by notifying you about them and keep showing you your overall health condition.


It is built very carefully to serve you correctly for an extended period. It features a 2.5D curved glass that is suitable for various outfits you try. Has no border, and 19.5g2 lightweight makes it a comfortable timepiece to wear. Of course, no issues are wearing it 24/7 since the thin skin strap is skin-friendly silicone.

Quality & Reliability

This smartwatch provides a great bundle of features made to use for people of teens to old age, though primarily for adults. Because adults have the most tasks to do in their regular lives, they need to monitor both their work and health.

This intelligent timer will show the time and your daily tasks listed by you and much more. The five ATM water-resistance and 220mAh battery allow you to keep enjoying the watch’s usefulness even underwater and for up to 14 days.

Style & Design

It comes with a vibrant 1.55-inch screen that is AMOLED. It offers you over 50 different watch faces so that, relying on your outfit, you can choose your wristwatch display.

Using a custom modular dial, you can make the display look the way you want it to appear. You can even upload your pictures and set that as you watch the display.


The timer serves you with various functions, starting from notifying you about different notifications to monitoring your health.

Tell the built-in Alexa to do any work, whether translating a language, setting a timer, or making a list; it will instantly respond to all your orders and ensure the work to be finished by you on time by reminding you of them.

Moreover, with the 70+ sports mode, you can go beyond exercising only. It will keep checking your stress, oxygen, heart rate, sleep monitoring, and more showing in a simple algorithm form to help you understand your health conditions.


  • Comes in outstanding design while allowing you to change the display
  • Offers a countless number of features, including health assessment and notification systems
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • 14 days long living battery


  • It is a little too costly

Why Should You Buy it?

In our everyday busy life, we forget a lot of our essential tasks and take care of our health, which leads us to stress.

The Amazfit GTS 2 mini will help reduce the overall pressure and stress we have by reminding us of our daily work, conditions of help, and easing the operation of smartphones through the smartwatch. Therefore, an Amazfit GTS 2 mini is a must for increasing the comfort of life.

2. Best for Multifunctional Purposes: Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2

This excellent Amazfit GTS 2 wristwatch model is smart enough to provide you with all the brilliant features you need to complete your daily life tasks and check your health.

It’s a well-made chronograph timepiece with the function that connects it with your iPhone or smartphone and controls it. It’s like a bit of a companion to help you ease and finish your jobs in no time.

Precise and Exquisite Display

The Amazfit GTS 2 guarantees absolute clarity. Its AMOLED screen has a PPI density of 341, which makes the display exquisite and precise.

It ensures smooth readability. A massive range of wristwatch display themes ensures you stay with style always.

The bezel-less is designed to increase visual aesthetic naturally and transition to the aluminum alloy timepiece body for an even more comprehensive content display.

Safe Closure Mechanism

The quality of Amazfit timepieces is always unquestionable. The watch offers a safety closure mechanism to secure the wristwatch on your wrist.

A 50 meters water-resisting capacity allows you to do any activity that implies incredible depths of water. You can also change its time zone to another one when necessary.

Style & Design

This smartwatch is packed with exclusive features. It’s a uniquely designed pretty timer with efficiency and qualities required by both men and women.

The crystal clear dial is easy to read even underwater, and the 4.6 × 2.24 × 4.65 inches dimension gives it a perfect size and shapes to fit on any hand.

Practical Function

The Amazfit GTS 2 gives you precise time as well as offers many practical functions. The wise ticker comes with 90 built-in exercise modes. Music storage worth 3GB is offered, which lets you transfer from 300 to 600 songs to the watch.

Hence, you don’t need to keep holding your phone for listening to songs anymore. More of the essential functions add an all-around health tracker.


  • Comes within a budget-friendly price range
  • Have all the critical features you need
  • Has a long-lasting battery life
  • High water resistance


  • The screen is hard to see under the sunny weather

Why Should You Buy it?

The excellent design of the watch can attract people. Plus, it has a classy-looking display with outstanding features in it and most importantly at a reasonable price you will not easily find a substitute for it.

3. Best for the Craftsmanship: Amazfit T-Rex

Amazfit T-Rex

The Amazfit T-Rex has an incredibly designed display. It does not only work likewise; it looks smart too.

For its military standard, it looks dashing on a man’s wrist. The well-built watch has to offer a large number of variations in functions within your budget.

High-quality Li-Ion Battery

It is a stunning collection of Amazfit made of premium quality materials. It has twelve military certifications because it can survive any harsh environment.

The 1.3 inches AMOLED screen gives you a smooth view of everything that comes up on the wristwatch’s display.

A high-quality lithium battery is added to let you enjoy the intelligent timepiece services for up to 20 days by charging once.

Quality & Reliability

The Amazfit T-Rex has a strength-enhanced design, and the body details take your sense to practicality. It’s tough from outside and inside so that you can rely upon it on the most challenging fighting days.

Fashionable Design

The timer is a high-end smart wristwatch with a fashionable and eye-catching appearance. With an 8.66 × 5.51 × 3.54 inches dimension, this timepiece is enough for the large and heavy one.

The timer’s sleek and pretty outline makes it appropriate for every event and goes with any outfit.

High Precision GPS

It is equipped with a high-precision GPS. It uses an extravagant Sony GPS chip plus a built-in highly accurate dual-satellite positioning arrangement. Also contains 14 exercise features as well as additional training, planning, and monitoring. It perfectly measures 24 hours the level of oxygen with the help of a PPG bio-tracking sensor.


  • It comes with multiple options of sizes
  • Very well-built with twelve military certifications
  • Attractive-looking design with a ton of intelligent features
  • Comes with a lithium battery worth providing energy to the watch for 20 days


  • You cannot store music in it

Why Should You Buy it?

If you’re looking for a rugged smartwatch, this timepiece is the right pick. The watch’s appearance is much better than most other wristwatches. For all the fantastic features on such a reasonable budget, you must invest in it.

4. Best for Quality: Amazfit GTR

Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR is an excellent, superior-quality men’s wristwatch with all the functions you would require. The watch is so simple to use and goes perfectly with both relaxed day-offs and workdays.

This titanium-made timepiece features a digital yet casual appearance. You can have the watch face on either analog or digital display. If you expect your smartwatch to give you a more extended service, it is an unbeatable option.

Display & Material

This is a premium quality timepiece made with fine materials. It’s functional as well as easy to operate.

The display design is a classic one with modern features. The brilliant AMOLED 1.39 inches display provides a clearer view for easy reading.

Quality & Reliability

This is made of premium quality substances, and therefore, from its dial to the straps, everything provides you the proper convenience.

It shows you the time, notifications, and condition of the heart accurately. There’s no way of worrying about charging it often since the battery can serve you for 24 days straight.

Attractive Watch Strap

The delicate design of Amazfit GTR has what it needs to get attention. The 47 mm case with the dual crown and round face has a classic outline.

The watch strap of aluminum alloy and black adds to the watch appeal, which gives it an elegant vibe. It offers a gallery from where you can choose timepiece faces to fit with any of your costumes.

High Water-resistant Capacity

The wristwatch doesn’t have any unique features. Still, it offers all the necessary brilliant functions you require like sports tracking, heart-rate monitoring, operating android and iOS devices, showing dates, etc. A unique feature is its water-resistant capacity of 50 meters.


  • It is a budget-friendly smartwatch
  • Tracks sports and heart rate accurately
  • Offers a good range of various watch faces
  • Elegant and classy appearance
  • Water-resistance capability up to 50 meters


  • The Amazfit GTR doesn’t do elevation or stairs

Why Should You Buy it?

It is a top-quality budget innovative timepiece that comes in aesthetic and excellent design.

Although it doesn’t offer any particular function, it does have to give you intelligent functions. Hence, it should get a shot for its incredible performance at an affordable price.

5. Best for the Battery Capacity: Amazfit GTR 2e

Amazfit GTR 2e

Amazfit GTR 2e will not only impress you with its excellent design in black but also with its incredible features.

This watch stands out from the crowd because of its number of outstanding performances, including the watch’s safety from water and other environments.

Well-built Smartwatch

It comes in a thinner body and is well-built, and it lets you feel the ultimate comfort when you are wearing it.

The crystal clear display gives you a splendid reading experience. The screen can rotate to 180° and can be used on both wrists.


This wristwatch is always number one when it’s about quality. There’s no chance of your watch getting scratched or broken easily.

Since a curved 2.5D glass covers the 1.39 inch AMOLED, it’s so reliable that you don’t even need the internet connection to perform voice operations as well as turning the watch on and off.

Style & Design

Designed ergonomically and has a fashionable appearance. The black dial with a white time icon looks so eye-catching inside the case.

The watch face themes are offered over 50 different displays. Also lets you customize and use your pictures on display.

While the body looks simple, its various 40+ on display lets you find out the exact appearance of your watch that matches your costume.

Larger Capacity Battery

It’s another smartwatch with lots of helpful stuff in it. Like the expensive wristwatches, it has built-in Alexa, which you can operate by simply talking.

Continuous performance for 24 days is possible for its 471 mAh battery. The GPS + GLONASS will always keep tracking your daily traveled distance and steps. You can’t ignore its blood oxygen and heart-rate tracking tool.

Get yourself activated for any sports underwater or on the ground since it has 90 sports modes and water resistance of 5 ATMs. It will proficiently handle the personal agendas.


  • Comfortable and durable strap
  • Fashionable and ergonomic outline
  • Provides the best performance at a lower price
  • Operable without internet connection


  • The Alarm of this timepiece only vibrates

Why Should You Buy it?

The first reason to pick this competent timepiece is its charming view because not every smartwatch looks pretty. The other reason is its superior quality performance that you will enjoy at an affordable price.

6. Best for the Fitness Tracking: Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip

If you love being fit and fitness is all you care about, Amazfit specially created the Amazfit Bip innovative timepiece.

It’s a minor masterpiece that is available for you at your expected price range. The quality, along with its design, makes it a fantastic wristwatch for both men and women.

Feels Comfortable

You can wear the timer all day long since it is so light in weight and thin. It feels comfortable on the wrist for its thin body, but it doesn’t make it a weak product because the timepiece band is 11.5mm thick.

Quality & Reliability

The Amazfit Bip is truly your reliable trainer when you need multisport tracking. Do cycling or racing; it will notify you about your progress. If you are trying to put off weight and know how many calories you burn while exercising, this will work remarkably.

Because it displays the number of calories a person burns in simple numeric numbers and monitors the condition of the heart. The display adopts a semi-transparent reflection system that gives it a more apparent screen in stronger light.

Uniquely-shaped Dial

The smartwatch has an authentic, bright look. The rectangular-shaped dial covered with clear glass looks impressive on the wrist. The digital time, heart rate, and steps are shown perfectly on the stylish anti-fingerprint coated display. The slim body goes smoothly with any outfit you wear. Also, it will go well with the party wearings.

Smart Operations

It has an always-on display and a semi-transparent system with a more apparent screen in stronger light. It makes it capable of being used in any atmosphere.

This smartwatch will help you take a good night’s sleep with its sleep tracking. Forget charging your phone in a month. If you have to charge it once, it will work for 45 days or more.

Here isn’t the end. Keep your phone in the pocket or bag when you are in a sport, and let the smartwatch handle all your messages, calls, and notifications.


  • 22 hours of working GPS function
  • Comes in a sleek and precise design
  • Meets the best value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • It cannot sync with the google calendar

Why Should You Buy it?

If you have a tight budget yet want a super-fast performing smartwatch, this timer will support you. Moreover, its slim design with a digital display gives it a suitable appearance to use with casual and sports costumes.

7. Best in Budget: Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit Bip S

The Amazfit Bip S has almost the same features as the previous product. However, there is a difference between the battery lives. The body outline also has similarities except for the watch faces.

It’s worth the use because of the significant variation in features. However, the price has a difference but of course not the quality.


It offers four built-in dials in which two are edible, and the rest are non-edible. Plus, it allows you to download over forty different dials. The wristwatch adds 64 RGB Gamut and a resolution of 176 x 176 to the display.

This lets you experience acceptable readability. The high-quality made watch is light in weight yet has an 11.4mm thickness. It will provide you comfort whether you wear it the whole day or for a few hours.

Quality & Reliability

It offers unbeatable quality in both design and performance. It can show the correct time and all the numbers that show your overall health conditions.

While many smartwatch dials fail to give clarity in sunny weather, the smartwatch still shows all your details in the watch fine.

Besides, your timepiece is safe even when swimming since it can withstand 50 meters of water.

Style & Design

This is a stylish wristwatch that comes with a thin figure. This figure gives a trendy vibe and suits your office-going or casual look. The variety of watch faces on the display gives you the freedom of choosing your display. According to your desire, the manufacturer added a considerable deal of excellent watch faces to their store.


Undoubtedly, it is a brilliant timepiece that provides you with essential intelligent functions. Although it does not have special features yet, it contains all the valuable attributes.

Helps you by notifying you about phone calls, messages and tracks yoga, running, cycling, plus 6 more outdoor sports. Check your accurate heart rate with Amazfit Bip S.


  • Budget-friendly smartwatch
  • It is built very well with premium materials
  • Has a built-in GPS tracker
  • 40 days long battery lifespan


  • It does not have any special features

Why Should You Buy it?

It’s not always necessary to have unique features like storing songs or stuff in the watch. When you can operate your device with a lower price timer.

Amazfit Bip S is such a timepiece that will not cross your budget limit but your expectations by giving a smoother presentation.

8. Best for Ease of Use: Amazfit Bip S Lite

Amazfit Bip S Lite

For those who love a more simple-looking brilliant timepiece, Amazfit brings the Bip S Lite. It’s the lite version of the previous product. Of course, you will love how it performs and eases you in completing your daily tasks.

The watch design is so classy that it will look perfect on wrists, whether it’s a young or an older person. It’s a perfect wristwatch to wear and to gift your loved ones.

High-quality Construction

Amazfit is a trustworthy brand; it never compromises the quality. Even if they have a tight budget, they will lessen a few features without providing their customers with poor-quality wristwatches.

The watch straps, body, dial display each of the timepiece body parts is built well with high-quality substances. It also can withstand water splashes for 50 meters.

Reliable Performance

This is a reliable watch. All its materials are premium, and it functions very well. You can customize its built-in two modular watch faces and display the information you care most about.

It will precisely determine your resting and interval heart rates. Now, you can do any sports activities by taking it to any atmosphere; it will not break or work slow, the watch will still perform the same way and help you track everything you want to keep checking.


It has an uncomplicated design and display. The default display includes the date, time, heart rate, and steps inside a circle. However, this can be changed later whenever you desire.

From the Amazfit store, you can download for your timer 150+ watch faces to match your style. The simple-looking watch strap will adopt the charm of every changing watch face.

It’s only 30 gm in weight, meaning you can wear it the whole day and will never feel hand fatigued.

Ease of Control

With all the functions a usual smartwatch has in it, it has to offer all those. It’s worth buying for those who love easy-to-understand interfaces. Controlling your Android or iOS device is just one click away.

Yes, you will receive all notifications on your watch and operate them from it. A 30 days long battery life will keep supporting you through the whole month.


  • It can fit on any wrist size
  • Has an easy-to-understand interface
  • 24 hours health tracking system
  • Straightforward yet bossy appearance


  • It cannot sync with the google calendar

Why Should You Buy it?

You should give this fantastic piece of timer a chance to be useful for you because it’s so simple to operate and read.

The wristwatch presents each piece of information right on display. Plus, it doesn’t have a tedious view; instead, the watch will catch everyone’s attention around you.

9. Best Functional Smart Wristwatch: Amazfit Men’s Smartwatch GTS

Amazfit Men's Smartwatch GTS

The Amazfit Men’s Smartwatch GTS is another attractive option for smartwatch lovers. It will serve you with the experience of having exceptional viewing.

Not only does the watch look good, but it’s also excellent at taking care of your health by posting continuous notifications regarding your heart rate, calorie consumption, and more. This fashionable-looking wristwatch will blow your mind off with its smooth working.

Giant Screen

The details look more apparent on a watch when it has a giant screen. It has a big 1.65 ” AMOLED display of 340 PPI.

It is added to ease your viewing experience and to see all the seven customizable icons through the display. The watch is mainly designed for men’s use.

AMOLED Display

Amazfit never compromises quality performance. It’s of premium quality and the best smartwatch for under 150 dollars. Its AMOLED display of 341 PPI will give you the experience of enjoying unprecedented high definition.

It’s very simple to transition. You can see all your smartphone notifications over the timepiece using the Amazfit app. The notifications will look more straightforward than most other brilliant timers on the market. It is an entirely reliable brand plus watches.


Thinking about having a great-looking wristwatch which you can wear even at the office? This timer is the correct choice for it.

The touch feels excellent, and the beautiful screen works very fast. It will surely impress you on its first use with the practical and convenient activities.


If you compare its features and price with several smartwatch costs and functions, you will surely admit that it’s an excellent value for money item.

It offers an incredible battery life that can keep working for over four days even if you activate burdensome options like heart-rate detection and sleep monitoring.

50 meters water-resisting capacity gives you and the watch freedom of doing any water activity.


  • It comes with GPS + GLONASS and 12 exercise modes
  • Provides you a handful of features while showing correct information
  • Comes with a delicate design
  • Comes at a reasonable cost


  • The watch has no extra storage

Why Should You Buy it?

The Amazfit Men’s Smartwatch GTS delivers all the services as promised. It works amazingly and will give service for an extended period. Moreover, it has a beautiful view so you should purchase it.

10. Best Performer: Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro

Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro

For fitness-conscious people, Amazfit brings a Neo Fitness Retro wristwatch. It’s a good deal packed with useful functions and a good-looking appearance.

It will give you a military vibe when you wear it. Its delicate designed body will look perfect on any wrist. This goes best with your sports outfit.


It has a four-sided retro screen that is equipped with 4 physical buttons. The lift-to-wake system lets you turn on the screen very quickly.

The 1.2 inches display always stays on, and the display glass is so clear that it allows you to see each piece of information on the watch clearly under the bright sun.

The ultra-slim body feels so light on your wrist that you will never suffer hand fatigue. There is no possibility of getting scratches on the display of the timepiece.

Quality & Reliability

Of course, you can rely on the smartwatch as it’s produced using materials that are high in quality. There’s not a heartbeat that can skip the timepiece monitoring.

You are given the absolute freedom of enjoying using your wise ticker since it can continue working for 28 days straight.

The water resistance keeps the watch safe underwater. It will show the time and all your notifications, health monitoring updates correctly.

Style and Design

Each of the wristwatches has a trendy outline. The black one goes perfectly with any outfit.

The green one would go better with a sports costume. Although it doesn’t offer a variety of options for watch faces, of course, if you want to try this with your office suite, you can wear the black one.


It offers the essential functions of a usual smartwatch. For most of the customers, these functions are enough for them to use.

Those features include step counting, heart monitoring, sleep monitoring, workout tracking, operating the Android or iOS.

These are, of course, what many brilliant timepieces have to offer, but with Amazfit Neo Fitness Retro, you are getting all these valuable functions at a lower price.


  • It has a fashionable retro design
  • The battery can back you up for 28 days or over
  • Provides you with all the necessary intelligent functions
  • Comes at a reasonable cost


  • You can’t use it for cross-training

Why Should You Buy it?

This timepiece works accurately and looks so bright. It is made of all entire quality substances.

At such a price, finding a great piece of timepiece like it is a pretty good challenge. Therefore, you must not miss the chance to get it while it’s available.

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Finding The Best Smartwatch

An Amazfit smartwatch is more than just a wristwatch. It offers many top-end specs and comes with high-end designs. Hence, there is a lot to consider before you choose a brilliant timepiece for you.

We will help you understand what you should look for in a wristwatch with a vast range of features. So let’s get down to it.

Build Quality

Let’s be honest, we all want to have quality things even when it’s a wristwatch. But usually, at first, we check what specifications a smartwatch has to offer us.

It’s okay to prioritize the features over the other traits however, there’s no point in buying a poor quality watch item with a lot of facets. Because your timepiece will collapse soon.

Therefore, first, get knowledge on what materials are used to construct the timepiece. If the watch is a high-quality product, choose it. Luckily Amazfit never compromises quality so you can blindly choose any of its wristwatches, it will surely serve you longer than you expect.


A common mistake done by a number of buyers is they forget to check the watch’s compatibility.

Be sure that the smartwatch you want to purchase will work with your smartphone. Because if you buy an Amazfit watch for iOS, it will of course not work for Androids.

Battery Life

Take notice of your timepiece battery when purchasing. If you have a good budget fixed for the shopping you will have a lot of amazing Amazfit watch options offering you long-lasting battery lives.

But hey! In any case, you have a tight budget and still want a long battery life smartwatch, try the analog-like hybrid Amazfit smartwatches. Though they don’t have a touch screen they will satisfy you with battery performance.

Fitness Trackers

Get your hands on the timepiece that provides a heart-rate sensor, oxygen, sleep monitor, and GPS. The fitness tracking system is a masterpiece specification that you must not overlook.

App Availability

App selection is a great factor. If you like using a variety of applications on your smartwatch, you must choose premium Amazfit watches. The higher your budget the more apps that your wristwatch will have.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I enable/disable notifications on my Amazfit watch?

There is an Amazfit app on the watch’s home screen, press it to select the notification settings. Afterward, you will see the toggle switch, tap on it for enabling or disabling push notifications.

For enablement or disablement of specific notifications, click on app blacklist settings.

How can I view step and sleep activity?

The watch itself will show the data regarding sleep and step activity on its display.

How does the GPS work on the Amazfit watch?

To enable the GPS you have selected any activity from the sports widget. The watch will find a GPS signal automatically. You are allowed to turn the GPS off by pressing the “Skip” option.

When the GPS is started, the wristwatch will start a 3 seconds countdown and after it, the tracking will begin. The timepiece will display and record your GPS route on your timepiece.

How to change user data on my Amazfit wristwatch?

First, tap on the profile, you will find it at the lower right-hand lower corner. There you will find a user icon in the screen’s middle that you have to tap for accessing a selection of data. Tap birthday, weight, height to change.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches have become a must-have IoT device for those who love living a convenient life. It just does not take care of your jobs and health but also goes well with your stylish lifestyle.

In our article, we have reviewed the best smartwatches. Here we have picked the Amazfit smartwatches of different price ranges. So, if you are interested in buying an intelligent timepiece with the best performance, you can choose from any of our listed watches.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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