The 7 Best Apple Watch Alternatives You Can Buy in 2022

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Apple watch is a popular wearable around the world. But it comes with an expensive price tag that draws a backline for some users. It is not fair that you stop buying smartwatches due to your budget. You can get Apple Watch alternatives at a reasonable price.

For your ease, we have obtained a list of the 7 best Apple watch alternatives for you. Reading these reviews, you will surely make a good purchase that will be worth your money.

Why Do You Choose Apple Watch Alternatives?

The Apple watch features some incredible functions that make it unique in the market. There are some alternatives that perform better than the Apple Watch. Some popular watch brands are manufacturing the best smartwatches that can beat the Apple watch. So you should not stick with the Apple watch. You can get more value by having a substitute.

7 Best Alternative To Apple Watch Review

Whenever you are searching for Apple watch Alternatives, some watches from Samsung, Ticwatch, or Garmin are on the top preference. So we have researched these popular choices to find out if they could compete with the Apple watch.

Our top picks: At a glance

  1. Best Of All: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3
  2. Best Fitness Watch: Fitbit Versa 3
  3. Best For Battery Life: Garmin Venu 2
  4. Best For Android Users: TicWatch Pro 3
  5. Best For Health Tracking: Amazfit GTS 2
  6. Best For Lightweight: Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch
  7. Best For Affordable Price: Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

7 Best Apple Watch Alternatives

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1. Best Of All: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

We have picked Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as it is the best alternative to the Apple watch. It isn’t the newest smartwatch of the brand though. But this watch continues to offer a better experience for the users. The dazzling design and top-notch specs enable it to run smoothly.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has brought about many changes than the original Galaxy Watch. It is slimmer, lighter which is much more noticeable. You can get this watch in two different sizes: 41mm and 45mm. The core feature is similar across both of these sizes.

The rotating bezel is a very impressive mechanism. It is useful and fun. This is also a great alternative to swiping or trying to poke the circular display with your finger. The side buttons work well without any delay.

The round design of Galaxy Watch 3 looks like a traditional watch rather than high-tech ones. Where the Apple watch wins with design. However, the genuine leather straps matching with case color contribute a more aesthetic look.


This watch features a 1.2-inch touchscreen with a 360 x 360 Super AMOLED panel that is sharp, bright, and always-on. The screen is perfect to see at a glance and you can swipe through the menus under direct sunlight. If you are doing a workout outdoors, you can clearly view it. The screen has protection by Corning Gorilla Glass DX for enhancing resisting capability. There are 50000+ watch faces to try.


Samsung uses Tizen OS for the Galaxy Watch 3. Still, it trails behind the Apple Watch OS. However, there is much improvement in Tizen OS like you can find various menus with high customization. It is packed with useful apps and you can swipe through them at ease.

This watch gives you the freedom to make calls, text, check notifications, and stream music using Bluetooth connectivity. It sounds odd to type on such a small screen but the ability is appreciated.

The Exynos 9110 processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM provides ample power to navigate the watch in a snap. In terms of compatibility, this watch works with both Android and iPhone. So it won’t matter which device you are using, you will get the same benefits.

Fitness Apps

Galaxy Watch 3 accurately tracks your daily activity. It can automatically track down seven popular activities. Moreover, it allows you to monitor up to 40 fitness activities from cycling, walking, running to yoga, and crunches. Since it is a waterproof watch with an IP68 rating, you can also track swimming.

This watch has improved detection sensors for reading ECG and Blood pressure. The ECG monitor is FDA-approved, so you can effectively monitor your heart rate. Further, you can monitor your sleep, stress level, and step count.

Battery Life

The watch’s 247mAh battery provides a decent battery life. The battery is rated for 43H which is much more than the Apple Watch. However, it depends on the usage. If you enable more tracking systems, the battery life will end faster.


  • Size: 41.0mm x 42.5mm x 11mm
  • Screen size: 1.2-inch
  • Screen type: 360 x 360 Super AMOLED
  • Chipset: Exynos 9110, 1.15GHz CA53 Dual
  • OS: Tizen OS 5.5
  • Memory: 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Battery:  247mAh


  • Slim and light design
  • Sharp display
  • Snappy performance
  • Long battery
  • Compatible with Android and iOS


  • High price
  • Tizen OS has limited apps

2. Best Fitness Watch: Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 is an all-rounder smartwatch for Android and iPhone users. Despite being a lower price point, this watch has almost everything that you need to just go. It is the best fitness wearable device in the market.

Design & Display

Fitbit Versa 3 has a sleeker and lighter design that looks very elegant. Its Aluminum chassis with a soft gold finish is neutral. It is a square watch with rounded edges which can be found in most typical smartwatches.

The watch has a 40mm display with an AMOLED panel. It has 336 x 336 resolution for crisp, bright, and vivid views. The viewing angles are also stunning. Though the bezels are still thicker. However, scrolling through menus and apps via the screen is snappy. You can see the side button that works like the power button. Still, you can try tapping on the screen to wake the display.

The watch includes a silicone strap that is available in many colors. The strap is comfortable and flexible to wear all day long. The quick-release mechanism of the strap is helpful to wear and remove.

Wearing the watch, you can take a shower or head out for a swim as it has water resistance up to 50m, even Fitbit claims it can survive a dip in seawater.

Exciting Features

The watch’s features are really impressive. It has Fitbit pay, Google Assistant, and built-in Alexa. You can do more with Alexa apps like controlling your smart home or setting reminders. Since the watch has a built-in mic and speaker, you can speak to your watch like receiving calls, sending voicemail, or adjusting volume.

You can get all your notifications through the watch. Further, Android users also can send a text with a handful of preset messages but iPhone users can use the function. You can choose clock faces from thousands of options using the Clock app. You can quickly switch from modern to classic or make something unique with your own photo.

Fitness & Health Tracking

Fitness tracking is the main selling point of the watch. You can track all your outdoor and indoor activities, thanks to its built-in GPS. It works precisely and automatically detects and records your exercise. Then you can see your workout intensity map almost immediately on your Fitbit app.

The health tracking sensors work well. They monitor heart rate and 24/7 activity. The results are pretty close to the original so the reading is enough for daily improvement. The most interesting is the Active Zone Minutes that gives you a buzz when making intensity during the workout. Versa 3 also monitors blood oxygen levels. You can observe the result at a glance in the SpO2 clock faces. Further, you can detect all the tracking data in the Health Metrics dashboard.


Fitbit offers an extended battery life that is far better than the Apple Watch. Fitbit claims Versa 3 will give you up to 6 days of juice with a single charge, by setting the brightness normal and 2-3 times usage of GPS. Actually, GPS and Always-On display drain more juice than any other function. Thankfully, the wireless charger fill-up the juice very quickly.


  • Dimensions: ‎1.59 x 0.49 inches
  • Weight: 0.71 Ounces
  • Screen: 1.58 inches 
  • Screen Type: AMOLED 
  • Battery life: 6 days


  • Sleeker design
  • Bright display
  • Lengthy battery life 
  • Useful health-tracking sensor
  • Perfect fitness watch


  • App limitations 
  • The capacitive button is not good

3. Best For Battery Life: Garmin Venu 2

Garmin Venu 2

Whenever you are looking for fitness wearable, Garmin company will be the top brand in the market. Their previous smartwatches had a non-touchscreen display which was a drawback. But now Garmin comes with the ideal smartwatch Venu 2 to win the race of the smartwatch market. Venu 2 is famous for its fitness and health tracking features.


Garmin Venu 2 holds a sleek classic appearance with high-tech specs. It looks more casual for daytime wear, yet practical for workouts. This version comes in two different sizes for perfect fitting. The watch has a polymer case with metal bezels, which are strong enough for extreme conditions.

Finally, Garmin has come with the touchscreen smartwatch. This watch contains a 1.3-inch AMOLED display. The touchscreen has a higher resolution, meaning you can view more clear, crisp timing whenever you look upon it. The display is bright enough and visible under the sun. Moreover, you can set here an Always-on display for all time visible.

The display has Corning Glass 3 protection so that the watch can withstand shock, wear, and tear. Furthermore, the touchscreen allows you to control the watch. There are two physical buttons on the right side. The first button is context-sensitive that shows what particular action is set at a time, and the lower one works as the back button.

The watch offers several attractive watch faces that customize the screen. Some faces show more data at a glance. Like many other sports watches, this one also has a light, durable silicon straps. This strap is much more satisfying to wear all day long.

Smartwatch features

Harmon Venu 2 is a well-featured smartwatch, and you can view detailed information. You can make a daily schedule, get app notifications, weather conditions, etc, from right on your wrist. You can get alerts for emails, texts,s, and other notifications. And you can also reply to the text if you are an Android user. Garmin Pay is also available to make multiple purchases through NFC.

This watch allows you to play music from Amazon Music, Deezer, or Spotify. Or you can download songs with its internal storage. Moreover, you can control the playback of your phone using the watch. You can pause, play, or skip the content.

Fitness tracking

The watch can track your body movement with more than 25 built-in indoor and GPS sports apps. It can monitor the most popular exercise, including walking, running, cycling, swimming, golfing, and more. There are also preloaded workouts like strength, HIIT, cardio, yoga, and Pilates. You can use the paid Garmin Coach free adaptive training plans to get a perfect guide for your workout.

Built-in GPS provides accurate data and gives a route map of your workout. You can know time, steps, pace, calories, and heart rate during your running.

You can see your whole health insights on the screen of your watch. This watch can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, body battery, menstrual cycle, sleep score, stress level, and more. You can quickly view these data on the watch’s widgets or comparison app.

Battery life

Garmin Venu 2’s battery lasts up to 11 days, which is a very extended time for a smartwatch. Though you won’t use the Always-On display and every feature to get the battery life.


  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.48 inches
  • Weight: ‎4 ounces
  • Display technology: ‎AMOLED
  • Display resolution: ‎416 x 416
  • Battery life: 11 days


  • Ideal sport watch
  • 11 days battery life.
  • Impressive health and fitness tracking
  • Accurate GPS data


  • Dated design

4. Best For Android Users: TicWatch Pro 3

TicWatch Pro 3

Ticwatch Pro 3 is the favorable Apple Watch alternative because its features and dedication are right there to compete for the flagship watches. It is equipped with the fastest processor for optimal performance. On the top, fresh design and improved tracking features make it a true alternative to the Apple watch. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Design and Display

Ticwatch Pro 3 is a chunky smartwatch with a classic appearance. It looks elegant for its thinner, light-body, black metal case, glossy dial, and thin bezels. You can get the more traditional look with the several dial faces.

The watch is 48mm wide and is relatively big on the small wrist. But it is still lighter than the most typical premium smartwatches. The watch has two buttons on the right side for easy operation. There is a silicone strap that includes orange stitching for a leather texture. It looks pretty and also comfortable for long-wearing.

The smartwatch contains a 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen with 454 x 454 resolution. High-Resolution means a sharper view from every angle that can also beat Apple watch 6. The screen has an auto-brightness adjustment feature for easy reading in any lighting condition even on sunny days.


The watch is packed with powerful processing power with the Snapdragon 4100 chipset. In fact, it is the first smartwatch that includes an improved Qualcomm processor. You can enjoy the flawless performance that you ever had on an Android smartwatch. Further, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of ROM enhance speed for smooth navigation throughout the apps.

Fitness Tracker

Ticwatch Pro 3 is made for fitness monitoring. Using pre-installed Google’s Fit or TicExcercise App, you can track all your activity. This watch can track indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, trail running, walking, and more.

In terms of tracking health data, the watch has several sensors. They can effectively monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. The heart rate data is pretty close to actual. Using SpO2 monitoring, you can know the oxygen levels in your blood. On the TicHealth profile, you can know stress level, noise level, sleeping score, etc.

Battery Life

TicWatch Pro 3 has a customized battery system that increases battery life. The watch has a 577 mAh battery that can lead you to two days in smart mode. You can drag the life using essential mode. Where you can see a monochromatic digital watch-style that can go for 45 days.


  • Dimensions: ‎4.69 x 4.69 x 3.15 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.99 ounces
  • Display size: 1.4 inch
  • Screen type: AMOLED 
  • Resolutions: 454 x 454 pixels 
  • Processor: Snapdragon 4100 chipset
  • Battery: 577 mAh


  • Fastest Snapdragon processor
  • Customized battery life
  • Crisp and vivid view
  • Tracks all your activities 
  • Lightweight and stylish design


  • Imperfect GPS results 
  • Slow charging

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5. Best For Health Tracking: Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2 is the perfect smartwatch that is able to make the balance between design with cutting-edge technology. At an affordable price, the smartwatch is incredible. It is mainly a fitness-focused watch that makes your life easy.

Design and Display

Amazfit GTS 2 has a rectangular body with a 3D curved monitor that looks like an Apple watch. The design is clean with one crown button on the side. It is extremely lightweight than a premium watch, thanks to its plastic body but it doesn’t feel cheap at all. You can wear this light and slim watch all day.

The watch includes a 1.65-inch 3D curved HD AMOLED screen. It is a bezel-less display that gives an enhanced visual and wider content display area. However, the display has a high-density resolution with 341 PPI for a crystal clear view. The color and brightness ensure the smooth readability of the watch. Here you can discover a broad range of watch face themes to custom your display.

The GTS 2 has 5 ATM water-resistant so there is no risk for durability when the watch is wet. It allows you to swim or take a shower.


This watch allows you to take your phone calls, thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone. You need to connect your watch with your smartphone then you can make or receive calls. Alexa is also available in your watch for controlling smart homes or getting any information.

You can control your watch feature with voice operation without internet access. For example, you can turn on sports modes or open heart rate monitoring functions with voice commands.

The smartwatch notifies you about messages, notifications, reminders, or personal agendas. There is also a stopwatch, weather forecast, alarms, times, and so many functions. You can control your phone’s playback via the watch. You can also transfer up to 300 songs into the watch as it has 3GB of local music storage. And you can hear them directly through the watch speaker or use Amazfit PowerBuds wireless headphones.

Tracking features

Amazfit GTS 2 has built-in 90 sport modes where you can track all types of workouts. There is an intelligent recognition mode where you can set 6 sports modes so that this watch can detect your activity and is always ready to track.

The watch has a Huami-developed second-generation ppg bio-tracking optical sensor that accurately monitors 24-hour heart rate and alerts when the rate is abnormally elevated. There is SpO2 which is a major indicator of human health. It helps to get Blood-Oxygen Saturation Measurement.

You can monitor sleeping time in-depth using the watch. You can find breathing conditions, sleep quality analysis, and advice for improving all data. It also measures your personal stress level. You can know all health measurement data in the PAI Health Assessment System so that you can know your physical condition at a glance.


The watch has a 246 mah battery that can last for 7 days with typical use. Well, the time can be varied according to the usage of the watch.


  • Dimensions: ‎4.61 x 2.24 x 4.65 inches
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs
  • Screen: 1.65-inch HD AMOLED screen
  • Battery life: 7 days


  • Affordable price
  • Light and slim design
  • Bezel-less display
  • Sharp view
  • Perfectly measures health data


  • No third party app

6. Best For Lightweight: Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR is a popular sports watch at a reasonable price. It is a complete sports watch with decent functions. If you need a cheaper alternative to the Apple watch then this watch could be the best option for you.

Design and display

Withings Steel HR watch has a 40mm case that is not bulky at all. It is made of stainless steel with a black bezel that is a bit thicker. And it looks premium and won’t take up too much space on your wrist.

It is a hybrid smartwatch where you can see a classic dial. There are two smaller circles on the watch that provide other information. The small circle on the top works to give you all stats. It is a black and white screen where you can see your digital clock, heart rate, calories burn, step count, alarms, battery life, etc. To jump through these options, you need to scroll the crown button on the right-hand edge.

There is a silicon strap for a sportier look and it is comfortable to wear. You can also swipe the strap and add another strap as you like.


Though the smartwatch isn’t feature-rich, it comes with basic fitness tracking via GPS connection. It has a heart rate tracker on the rear and it works nearly accurately. You can check your heart rate condition using the Health Mate. It breaks down your health monitoring data in an easy-to-read interface.

Steel HR sport watches also track your steps, calories, and distance. It also has an automatic sleep monitoring feature that informs your deep and light sleep cycles, depth, and regularity. Using VO2 estimation, you can track multiple sports. There are 30+ sports and maps you can see via GPS.

As the watch is water-resistant for up to 50 meters, you can swim with it and track down duration, calories burned on the swim session. This watch is synonymous with both Android and iOS. But it doesn’t have built-in GPS so it uses the phone’s GPS to track your activity.

You can also get notifications on this small screen of the watch. You can know who is calling on your phone and see other notifications. Scrolling through notifications is quick and easier.

Battery life

Battery life is the apex feature of this smartwatch. It has a super long battery life that can last nearly a month with a single charge. The brand estimates that the battery will last for 25 days. With normal usage, it goes more than this time. A proprietary charger is incorporated in the box and it takes 2 hours to charge up.


  • Dimension: ‎0.79 x 0.51 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: ‎0.13 Pounds
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery life: up to 25 days


  • Light smartwatch
  • Extended battery life
  • Reasonable price
  • Useful features


  • Doesn’t have a built-in GPS

7. Best For Affordable Price: Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

If you want an attractive alternative to the Apple Watch at a cheaper price segment, then Amazfit Bip U Pro is the ultimate choice for you. Its design and look are exactly identical to pricey smartwatches. Moreover, it has amazing fitness and health tracking features.

Design & Display

From the look, Amazfit Bip U Pro is a slim, and stylish smartwatch. Since it is a cheaper smartwatch, there is a  polycarbonate chassis rather than metal that you can expect. The watch has a crown button on the side that performs a few operations like waking the screen, opening the menu, and going back.

This smartwatch features a 1.43 inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 302 pixels. The display is rich with color and easy to scan. You can set the brightness level in four levels for a clear view. Though indoor visibility is more clear than outdoor.

The screen is protected with curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that effectively resists natural elements and prevents scratches. It will withstand rough usage. The touch is responsive and easy to use.

You can choose different watch faces by long-pressing the home screen. There are 50 watches available and you can all explore them in the companion Zepp App. Moreover, you can use your own photos and customize them for a watch face. Animated watch faces give you a more unique experience at every glance.


Amazfit Bip U Pro has impressive features that increase its value. The watch is equipped microphone and speaker so you can use the Alexa of your watch. You can ask questions, control other smart devices or check the weather.

The watch can track 60+ sports that help you to exercise at a higher level. The built-in GPS provides precise tracking of your activity like distance, daily step count, and other workouts. Moreover, it has a 5 ATM waterproof rating making it water-resistance for up to 50 meters. You can go underwater and record your achievements.

This smartwatch has a BioTracker 2 PPG biological optical sensor that accurately tracks 24-hour heart rate. Actually, it is an all-rounder health tracking watch like a premium watch. It also read blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, stress levels, and the female menstrual cycle.

It is a complete smartwatch at a cheaper price. This intelligent little pal will notify you about incoming calls, texts, apps, etc. Also, you can use an alarm clock, calendars, weather forecast, music, and a camera to control your phone.


This smartwatch offers 9 days of battery life with a single charge which is incredible at this price point. You can enjoy a full week of your travel without worrying about charging. The battery life can be shortened due to excessive usage.


  • Dimensions: 1.61 x 1.39 x 0.44 inches
  • Weight: 1.09 ounces
  • Screen size: 1.43 inch
  • Resolution: 320 x 302 pixels
  • Battery life: 9 days


  • Best choice for Android users
  • Cheap price
  • Tracks exercise and your health.
  • Bright display
  • Quick performance


  • No third-party apps
  • Imperfect notification management

Buying Guide For The Best Apple Watch Alternatives

It is hard to find the right value from numerous options. A buying guide always makes it easy so that you can choose according to your needs. So read below:

Size and Weight

Smartwatch is such a wearable that you will prefer to keep it all day and night. So compact size and lightweight matter a lot when you wear them for a long session. Moreover, consider your wrist size before selecting a watch size.


A responsive touchscreen is the most important part of the best smartwatch whether it is small or big. Further, the color, brightness, and viewing angles are also important for a flawless view.

Build quality

Since smartwatches are used as fitness watches, they should have enough endurance to handle harsh usage. So choose durable build quality that will last for a few years. Later, water-resistant is also a big consideration. Check the build quality before getting one.


Check the processor of the smartwatch for a seamless experience. You never want lags in your little device. Also, read about the memory capacity of the watch, which allows it to run the watch smoothly.

Tracking features

Tracking features are a significant part of smartwatches. Most watches provide several fitness tracking functions and they effectively track your activity. It helps to improve your workout level.

Health tracking also becomes an obvious function on the smartwatch if you prefer to know your health condition. These alternatives of Apple watch accurately measure heart rate, oxygen level, sleeping time, calories burned, step, pace, etc.

Battery life

Surely, you want longer battery life for your smartwatch. Actually, it becomes a hassle to recharge the watch frequently. So longer battery life is helpful for extended usage. However, watch usage manipulates the battery life. Still, choose a big battery that supports it for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best Apple Watch Alternatives?

There are many brands that produce the best Apple watch alternatives. For example, Samsung, Ticwatch, Garmin, Amazfit, etc. are making the best smartwatches.

Do Apple Watch Alternatives track your health?

Yep, many Apple Watch Alternatives can effectively measure your health condition. Even some watches measure better than Apple Watch.

What are the best Apple Watch alternatives for Android users?

Most smartwatches are friendly with both Android and iOS users. If you have more benefits, then you can choose from Samsung or Ticwatch. Being an Android user, you can get many functions with them.

Final Words

It is not too challenging to get the best smartwatch. However, you need to consider the right value. In this article, you have explored the best Apple Watch alternative. These watches are actually worth your money. Each of them has great value. If you have a sufficient budget, then you can try Samsung Galaxy 3 or Fitbit versa for an improved experience.

Well, we have included a cheaper version yet useful and beneficial. For a tight budget, you can see Amazfit smartwatches that provide an ample amount of functions for the price. In the end, we can tell, you will surely get the best Apple Watch alternative from our top picks.

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