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The series of Vivoactive has always been an answer for the apple watch by Garmin. There are many new innovative features within this watch, and with its sport tracking features, it can now share a lot of smartwatch series features. For anyone looking for the best android smartwatch, you can float yourself between Garmin Venu and the Vivoactive 4.

Although these two wearable holding two different names, they have an equal functionality system and similar features. So one who searches for the best smartwatch series comes in Android; the battery life and the aesthetic features would surely catch your heart from it.

Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4 Product Review

Garmin Venu

  • Model: Garmin Venu
  • Product Brand: Garmin
  • Applications Supported: Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, Phone, Sleep Monitor 
  • Connectivity Technology: GPS
  • Operating System: OS of the Proprietary 
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Input Method: Touchscreen
  • GPS Support: Yes
  • Water Resistance Capacity: Water-Resistant

Garmin Vivoactive 4

  • Model: Vivocative 4
  • Product Brand: Garmin
  • Applications Supported: Messages, Phone Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, GPS, Phone, Sleep Monitor
  • Connectivity: Technology GPS
  • Operating System: iOS, Android 
  • Screen Size: 1.3 Inches
  • Input Method: Touchscreen
  • GPS Support: True
  • Water Resistance Capacity: Water-Resistant
  • Compositions of the Battery Cell: Lithium Polymer
  • Batter Life: 8 days

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Garmin Vivoactive 4

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Garmin Venu vs. Vivoactive 4 Detailed Description

To make easier decisions to choose Gamin Venu or the Vivoactive 4 product, it needs to have a detailed description of both. They only have few different key features, but literally, both are the same. For those searching for good battery life, you need to stop here.

Garmin Venu vs. Vivoactive 4 watches are most likely to be a fitness trackers for everyday use. But usage of them is not limited to it, and there is more.

The Garmin Vivoactive is a sunlight-visible watch, and it can transfect its memory by the pixels. Simultaneously, Garmin Venu is a featured Amoled display one and more preferred for everyday use.

So what are the features these both watches hold? Let’s get to know about them.

Design of the Garmin Venu vs. Vivoactive 4

these watches are very much fitted with the sport’s roots, and they fit for everyday use. You can wear them through your day and night, and even you are in a pool or a shower, it doesn’t matter.

Garmin is clearly showing some designing flair to the Vivomove. 

Germin Venu has a bright display of AMOLED with it, and it comes in the black mode for both. The best thing to consider on these watches is that they can match any attire. 

It fits your everyday attires, and those are designs of stainless steel bezels, cases made out of plastic, and a 20mm long silicone strip. The silicone strap of the watch is a swappable one for many different ones.  

When talking about the shape of these two watches, we can say that the Venu is lighter than the Garmin Vivoactive 4. And it is way thinner than the Vivoactive, and you can notice it by hard pressing the watch.

But it is not something you should consider a lot because it does not affect the day-to-day activities with this watch. 

These two watches become different from one to another by their size options. Garmin Venu and the Vivoactive come from two different size options, and Garmin is more likely to kick things with several sizes.

There is a size of 40mm to select from the Vivoactive 4s, and Vivoactive 4 comes in an option of 45mm. You can only see a 43mm option for Venu, and based on the user’s wrist, there is not much difference made by these two sizes.

If you are a serious person who considers color, don’t worry, This Garmin watches comes with different color options for you.

If a person needs these two watches to wear in the water, it is still possible. Certification comes with these two watches to 5ATM waterproof, and you can safely use these two items in a pool.

Suppose you are wearing it in open water with water up to 50Metres; it doesn’t matter you don’t want to take off the watch when you go into the shower. Both of these watches can survive under those circumstances as they are water-resistant.


The most considerable difference between these two watches is their display fronts. You will have a transflective display for the Vivoactive 4, while Venu has an AMOLED color display of the touch screen.

Transflective displays are mostly coming with many Garmin brands, and you can easily adjust these displays in bright sunlight. So the screen brightness is manageable in those situations, and through that, it saves the battery life as it doesn’t impact it. As a result, it becomes more durable from battery life.

When you have the AMOLED color screen display touchscreen, it is something more that comes with the usual smartwatches. Most of the product owners like Apple and Samsung is tend to offer some brighter and vibrant surroundings with this display as it makes the watch so impressive.

Vivoactive has this AMOLED display leading them to have many color pops, and it makes your eyes view it nicely through the water. When you put your watch at the water with its swim tracking, it may view a real-time excellent data imprint for your view with its display.

The transflective displays of the Vivoactive are developing more with terms and a lot of vibrancy. Although there is an AMOLED display, Garmin has cared enough to have strong battery life on the Venu.

Sports Fitness and Health Tracking features

What is making Garmin watches is best is its health and fitness tracker. There is no separation between these two, and they have the same model for core sports tracking. Sports tracking mode will include cycling, running, swimming, and golf.

There is a built-in GPS feature in these watches, and you can have a heart rate monitor included with the watch by Garmin. Both the Venu and Vivoactive come with the same sensor, and they offer precisely the same results within it. You can use this Venu and Vivoactive for many of the workouts without having a doubt.

These watches will have a pairing option to a heart rate monitor externally, and they will apply to the chest strap. Both watches provide the same fitness tracking features for the watches, and they offer the user Garmin staples. Garmin staples offered here are the Move bar, adaptive step cunts, and the automatic sleep tracker. 

The sleep tracker of these watches has the unique feature of a pulse oximeter sensor. It is beneficial for the user to unlock the sleep insights, and you are also capable of stress tracking. Stress trackers are helpful for measure the variability of the heart rates and assess the relaxation of your mind and the tense state of the current. 

The most exciting and valuable feature to have in these two watches is the menstrual tracking feature. Garmin has started this feature to include on their watch series, and it makes so much useful for our ladies with these two Garmin Venu and the Vivoactive watches.

Both of these watches have animated workouts from the latest. Those are very helpful for the user o follow a pre-built workout, and they can build their own custom workouts for themselves. It varies through the Pilates, Strength and Cardio, and Yoga workouts. You have to select the best workout that matches yourself.

Smartwatch features

There is absolutely nothing to make these two watches different from one to another, and two of them are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. There is a built-in music player in these two watches, and it can store up to five hundred songs into it. This feature will be helpful to grab your own world of music to the watch through a computer and create some offline playlists from different streaming services. You can use Deezer or the Spotify streaming services for that.

An app from the outside can sync all of your workout details and data on these two watches. Using that, you are getting options for different download apps, some widgets, watch faces, and also the data fields.

Battery Life

Vivoactive 4 watch will last for eight days when it is in the smartwatch mode, and it should be free from using the sports tracking to have a lasting time. If you use GPS and the music playing, it will take five hours to drain the battery.

These are the only two features that can drain your battery sooner when you use the watch regularly. Gamin does not state any details about the battery life when it is with GPS and without music, but it will last for around 10 hours.

Compared to Venu, Vivoactive has a little bit of extending battery life, but both are working super without charging for a week. Note that it depends on the regular usage with power-consuming features.

You can keep your display on with the Garmin Venu every time, but it can reduce your battery life within two or three days.

Pros and Cons of Garmin Venu vs. Vivoactive 4

Garmin Venu


  • There are over 20 preloaded sports apps within it
  • Include with a body battery with an energy monitor
  • AMOLED display system
  • Can store music
  • Garmin Pay
  • There is a GPS built-in feature


  • Generally expensive
  • Have a short battery life

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Vivoactive 4


  • Over 20 sports apps preloaded
  • Body batter with an energy monitor
  • Longer life for the battery
  • Can store music
  • Garmin pay
  • GPS inbuilt feature


  • No AMOLED display

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Is Garmin Venu and Vivoactive is worth it?

They are worthy of their value as Venu is so much sporty while Vivoactive being a great performer for sports with luxury items. This is more likely an attractive proposition, and you can even read them at night. Whatever version you pick with these both, it is always turning into a better decision. 


Choosing Venu or the Vivoactive from Garmin is depend on factors. Both of them have beautiful factors within them, and they hold similar features. So there is nothing we can consider that these two watches are not worthy. They are much worthy, and at the same time, they are so impressive for every occasion.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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