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For how long will you use your wristwatch only for knowing the time? With the advancement of technology, the time is already here to upgrade your fashion with cabalistic accessories such as a smartwatch. Wearing a watch is no more only about classiness. With the extraordinary innovation of the Garmin Vivomove Luxe smartwatch, you not only can keep track of time but also can keep track of your life.

With this advanced device, it is very easy to control and balance a healthy and effulgent life. Moreover, managing other devices such as a mobile phone is also feasible by this spiffy smartwatch. Along with this, other attractive properties such as health care and so on are also obtainable.

Garmin Vivomove Luxe Features

It has some tremendous properties, which make it unique and elegant. Here are some fascinating features-

Garmin vivomove Luxe, Hybrid Smartwatch with Real Watch

Garmin Vivomove luxe: Design

The size or diameter of the screen is 1.2 inches. Alongside, the round shape of the screen is giving it a royal look.

Now comes the watch’s measurement; the length and the width are 1.65 inches with 0.47 inches altitude. Besides, the lens used here is made of Sapphire crystal which makes it more attractive.

It is extremely lightweight with 0.10 lbs. This overall design is giving it the most spanking look a worth smartwatch can have. Furthermore, the design is unisex. Therefore, man or woman, anyone can pick this up without hesitation.

Also, the watch comes with a smart and elegant case of stainless steel, which is covered with a dome shape and crystal on it. Moreover, there are options for you to choose from either Milanese straps or Italian leather.

Garmin Vivomove luxe: Battery life

The watch requires a lithium metal battery. As this watch has two different modes, battery life is also diverse. If you use it in a smart mood ( where you can get all the facilities), the battery will remain for about 5 days.

On the other hand, if you use the watch mode ( where you can only watch the time, and cannot get the other facilities), you can get extra 7 days which means about 12 days.

Garmin Vivomove luxe: Application

The application of this smartwatch is much more effortless. Suppose you connect a compatible smartphone to the watch. In that case, you do not have to check the smartphone continuously to get the notification since you will get all the notifications on your smartwatch.

For instance, if you are in a formal meeting or somewhere you cannot receive or check calls or text messages, you will get indications on your smartwatch. Along with this, you can also view some other apps such as calendar, etc. Your job is to focus on your hand and command by touching it.

Healthcare assistance

First of all, this device is not for the identification of any illness. It can only keep track of some general health information which can be very effective overall.

Pulse Ox level

Furthermore, it can measure the pulse Ox level in the body when the device is connected as it has a pulse oximeter in it.

Heart rate

Along with other healthcare options, it also efficiently monitors some other health conditions, such as estimated heart rate. When the device is attached to your wrist, it is quite easy for the device to track the heart rate. Therefore, you can get an idea about your fitness.

Stress level

Detection of stress levels is also probable by this device. It shows a different level of stress based on the user by which you can easily get some idea whether you should take more workload or some interval is needed.

Sleep cycle

Measurement of sleeping time is another positive side of this smart device. The device informs if the sleep pattern is deep or not and if it meets the requirement by observing the heart rate.

Menstrual cycle

Dates of the menstrual cycle are also routine by this watch by which you can be alert.

Energy level

It can also measure the instant level of energy of your body which is an insane feature.

Special features

This advanced device has so many eminent features, for example, Bluetooth connectivity, a GPS tracking system, and a hidden touch screen. These features make it extraordinary and efficient.

Workout tracker

Do you want to keep a record of your physical activities such as counts of your steps, yoga, cardio, and how much energy you are using throughout the whole day? Now you have the greater solution, which is the Garmin Vivomove Luxe smartwatch.

Beyond that, you do not have to hold your smartphone all the time during running or walking anymore. What you have to do is, connect the smartphone’s GPS with the device and do your workout comfortably, the device will automatically record the counts. Even it is not required to start the timer option every time; it is an automated system.

Fashion concern 

You do not have to consider your fashion concerns to get all these exciting features. The device is so fashionable that it will make you simply stylish. Additionally, you can flex with it by touching on the screen and being surprised by its mystical layer.


  • Extremely stylish unisex look
  • High-resolution display
  • Proper health tracking system
  • Comfortable workout tracking 
  • Exact GPS tracking system
  • An unerring sleep detection system
  • Extended battery life


  •  Price is a little upward
  •  Weight is comparatively a little more

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Final Words

To conclude, this discussion may aid you in picking the best smartwatch for your everyday life. Although there are many smartwatches in the market, there are very few like Garmin Vivomove Luxe with an elevated classy look and lots of astonishing features all together at an affordable price.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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