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Timex always wins over our minds when it comes to watches, the expedition scout 40 watch is another watch in the best count. We have prepared the Timex men’s expedition scout 40 watch review, after testing the watch for quite a long time. We must say, it was worth it!

In one sentence, you can call it the king of the watches. This watch is one of the best-selling watches from Timex, and the reason is certainly valid. At least, when we used this watch, we had no further doubt! But what have we figured out? Let’s move on to that!

Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch Review

Key Features

  • Comes with an adjustable strap that fits wrists up to 8 inch
  • Water-resistant to 50m underwater
  • Absolutely perfect for wearing during swimming, diving even snorkeling
  • Has gotten strong construction for being your reliable companion during adventurous trips
  • Scratch-resistant and strong enough to tolerate falls

Timex Men's Expedition Scout 40 Watch

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A reliable companion for adventures

All we adventure lovers have wanted for years is a reliable watch that won’t let us down in extreme situations, don’t we? Here’s our dream watch standing right in front of us.

This watch is specially made for making our outdoor adventures easier and helping us to explore freedom. The watch features Indiglo backlight technology which is such a revolutionary feature. That feature lights up the dial and lets you know the time at dark too.

So being in a forest at night won’t stop you from following the world’s timing anymore. Also, the luminous hands boost up the look to an extent.


We know you need a watch that won’t break with every fall. Sometimes due to loose attachment, the watch may fall and crack. But, this amazing watch is too strong to be broken with a few falls.

The materials this watch is made of are high quality and scratch and fall resistant. You can go 50m deep underwater and guess what, your watch will be absolutely fine because this watch can be worn during swimming, diving, or even snorkeling.

The 40mm brass case with mineral glass makes the watch dynamic so that you can use it roughly without being all shaky about that.

Makes you look elegant

A watch that comes with a black 40mm brass case with mineral crystal glass is attractive to all, that requires no explanation. But can you even imagine how versatile this watch is? You can wear this watch with every outfit, at every event!

It’s your perfect companion on adventurous trips. On the other hand, it helps you look stylish with casual outfits and elegant, classy with formal dress up. Also, this chronograph comes with such a neutral but mended look that it can impress everyone out there at the very first glimpse.

Cares about your comfort

The watch never fails to make you feel comfortable. As it comes lightweight, this watch makes it capable of not causing any pain in our wrist. The strap material is gentle to our skin and fits up to an 8-inch wrist.

Because of the nylon strap, the watch is really comfortable to wear and is absolutely all-day-wearable, that’s what we love most about this wonderful watch. The watch also shows a date window so that you don’t have to turn to other ways every time you wanna know the date and time.

Easy approachable

Are you stressing over the fact that it’s gonna be hard to keep up with the watch because of so many features and advanced technology it comes with? Well, worry no more because this watch is not only easy to read along with those light-up features but also is super easy to use. The watch offers you color variations and versatility as well.


  • Easy to read
  • Ultra-knowing design
  • Stylish
  • Great performance


  • Less pocket friendly


We can’t stand the fact that you can’t enjoy your adventurous trips just because of a watch. That’s exactly why we want you to have this watch which is gonna change your exploring experience forever. It’s strong, durable, a great performer, stylish, water-resistant, has advanced technology, and whatnot!

Why Do The Timex Expedition Watches Stand Out?

We have already explained a lot of good features about the watch. But if you want to know more about the main reasons why you should pick this watch, we have a bucket of lists prepared for you.

First of all, let’s talk about the dial. This watch has Arabic numeric numbers alongside the military timing below the 1-12 numbering. The display is bright enough to view clearly under daylight which is a big upside of this watch.

We loved the way it showed the Arabic numerals, that’s unique from most of the popular watches. Besides, the hour and minute hands come like a sword-style design which is very smart to view and manly at the same time.

At the 3 O’clock area, you will find a date window as well. The way this watch has it all put together inside the dial just in the right places is impressive. Another thing that impressed us is the water resistance of the watch. It will survive for 50m (165 ft) in the water, you can swim wearing the watch.

As this watch has Quartz movement, time accuracy is expected. Being battery-operated, the watch doesn’t require your wrist’s touch to run. So you won’t have to wear it all the time just to track the time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Timex Expedition watches any good?

Yes, these are amazing watches to get. These watches are one of the best seller watches from Timex. The longevity, service, and quality everything is top-notch about it. In addition, the design will impress literally everyone.

Is the Timex Expedition loud?

The ticking sound of Timex Expedition is quite louder than usual watches. So if you expect your watch to be quiet, this may not be the one for you. Due to the materials used to build the watch, this watch comes out to be louder.

Are Timex watches good quality?

When it comes to quality, the Timex watches can be said to be the best ones. You can expect good service for a long time. The build quality is also remarkable.

Where are Timex Expedition watches made?

The Timex Expedition watches are manufactured in Connecticut Headquarters, United States. Even though Timex has other manufacturers making other watches all around the world, the Expedition is built in the US mainly.

Do Timex watches last?

Usually, the Timex watches last for five to ten years. But like everything else, if you ensure to take proper care, the watches can last longer than that. However, Timex watches are well-reputed for their extended longevity.

The Takeaway

Here ends our Timex men’s expedition scout 40 watch review. Timex men’s expedition watch is an incredible watch to buy for guys. From the unique design to the outlook and overall build, it stands out in every area.

So while you are looking for a good quality watch that has profound longevity, this is the one. Overall this watch is a perfect chronograph to enhance your looks and style.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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