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The Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch is an excellent introduction to smartwatches for your kids. It is an affordable but excellent quality watch that has several exclusive features and performs like a pro.

This watch is like a personal companion on your kid’s wrist, with features only found on tablets as well as other bigger displays. We are here with the Tobi robot smartwatch review to help you to make a great deal with this amazing kids smartwatch.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch In-Depth Review

The Tobi Robot Kids Smartwatch delivers the goods in every possible way. This wristwatch is gaining popularity among children because of its engaging and exciting design. You may use it to stimulate your children’s creativity, health, and intellectual pursuits.

Product Specification

  • Watch Materials: Durable plastic
  • User-Interface: Touchscreen
  • Build-in Camera: Two Camera
  • Built-in Storage: 512 Megabyte
  • Battery Cell: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 Days [Normal Use]
  • Suitable for: 4 to 8 Years kids

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch

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A design like a Robot

One of the amazing features of this watch is that it comes with a funny design, designed like a robot. This design will be very much welcomed by your child, and they will pick it up with a lot of interest. This kids’ smartwatch has two small arms as well as legs that wander around this watch display for extra whimsy plus fun.

When you first see the timepiece, the very first thing that comes to mind is that it’s fairly thick and big, which is particularly problematic for those with tiny wrist sizes. However, it is not too huge and enables a few of the interactive features to be implemented – more about that later.

Durable and Comfortable Build

These fabulous kids’ watches have been manufactured with premium quality plastic excellently hard and very durable. Towards the edge of the screen, there seem to be four metallic ‘prongs’ that serve as part of the interaction of the built-in robot, which helps to maintain interest while the robot is shown.

Its plastic-made strap is very durable as well as comfortable since it provides good breathability. Depending on your personal preference or where your child wants to use it, you may select between the wristwatch design and the clip-on covering. The smartwatch’s body is waterproof as well as dustproof, so you don’t have to worry about your youngster using it when playing outside.

Watch Face and Strap

This smartwatch features a relatively larger watch face than other kids’ smartwatches in the market. The watch face is supplied in a conventional white color, and you may then customize it with the transparent covers that are available.

Its face patronizable feature lets you personalize the face of the watch with 50 several watch face options. Your child will have a lot of fun displaying their individuality or mood by changing their face when the whim inspires them. As a result, there is a component of learning how and where to indicate the time present.

Tobi may be worn on a child’s wrist or attached to their clothing using the flexible watch strap. This watch also includes durable as well as comfortable straps. The strap has a more adjustable feature since it has a lot of holes. Its closure system is also simple, and your kids can wear and get off the watch easily. It will also be excellent comfortable to wear and day to day use.

Easy to Use

Kids’ watches should be easy to use since it makes the watch easily accessible to kids. Since this smartwatch has been designed for children, it is very easy to use. The watch has a kid-friendly interface that is suitable for children to understand easily.

The watch provides children with immediate access to games as well as educational features, along with over 50 wristwatch faces. Parents may also take control of the system via a straightforward setup procedure. Parents may establish a password, enable Wi-Fi, and restrict their children’s screen time on the watch.

Dual Camera

One of the most amazing features of this smartwatch is it has two cameras. Both of these cameras are capable of capturing 640*480-pixels images as well as 320*240 pixels video. The first one is a motion-activated camera for capturing selfies, while the second one is an upwards and POV camera to capture widely.

It is also possible to record 30 minutes of video with the second camera and save it on the device. This is a good option for entertaining your child while you’re on the go despite the low quality. These pictures can be embellished with stickers, which can be unlocked as you go through the game.

Funny Games

Many aspects of the smartwatch are appealing, particularly in terms of promoting active play, including instructive activities that are also entertaining. This wristwatch comes with several excellent and funny games for your youngster. It includes an AR Search and Seek game, as well as instructional activities, and a dancing exercise game, among other things.

Get awards, unlock levels, and play preset games that are thrilling and entertaining. The gadget also has a built-in sensor for tracking steps and activities that are intended to keep people moving and engaged. Overall, it is one of the exclusive smart watches for your kids.

Excellent Battery Life

This timepiece has been crafted with a Lithium Polymer battery that is able to provide excellent life to the watch. The manufacturer of this watch claims that it can retain its power for up to 5 days on normal use. They also claim that if you use it heavily, it will last up to 2 days. The hope is that so far, no user has made any claims about its battery life.

That means it is able to perform according to the manufacturer’s or advertiser’s claim. Although two days is not a long time, it is relatively good enough for a kid’s smartwatch. To recharge the battery, it includes a USB port. You can also connect the watch to a desktop or laptop through its USB port.

Quality and Reliability

This is an affordable smartwatch for kids, it does not have any lacking in terms of quality. This wristwatch integrates the interactive capabilities of a timepiece with such a robot that’s incredibly charming.

Other Functionalities

This smartwatch is much more than a wristwatch; it comes with a slew of useful functions. The wristwatch comes pre-loaded with a range of applications, ranging from interactive dance to an interactive augmented Search and Seek game, to name a few examples.

It also includes a selection of educational activities to keep kids engaged. It also has the essentials that you’d expect to find in a smartwatch, such as a chronograph or a stopwatch, timer, alarm system, notifications, a calendar, and so on and so forth. You can store 3,000 Photos or a total of 30 Minutes of Video files because it has 512-megabyte storage.

Aside from that, Tobi can wirelessly connect and communicate with only other Tobi devices, allowing users to send as well as receive audio and emoji messages, as well as photographs, between nearby Tobi, branded Smartwatches.


  • Extraordinarily designed premium smartwatch
  • 512-megabyte storage
  • Two cameras
  • Durable, comfortable to wear, and easy to use
  • It provides excellent battery life; up to 5 days


  • No GPS and extensive wireless connectivity
  • Build quality should much more improved

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What does the Tobi robot smartwatch do?
Tobi Robot Watch includes a humorous personality, moving its legs and arms, and 100+ emotions. Stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, calendar, notifications, and 50+ faces help youngsters learn to read the time.

How does it connect to the internet?
Unfortunately, this incredible smartwatch does not have an Internet connection. It has a wireless connection, but only for the purpose of pairing with another Tobi Robot Smartwatch.

Does Tobi Watch have GPS?
Tobi smartwatch is one of the popular smartwatches in the market that has a lot of exclusive features. However, this smartwatch has no GPS system.

Can you plug in headphones to this watch?
Tobi smartwatch doesn’t have any headphone jack, so you cannot connect headphones to this watch.

Final Thought

Tobi robot smartwatch is a great way to go in terms of affordable smartwatches for kids. It is a multifunctional smartwatch for your youngster that has been crafted with a lot of excellent features. It delivers everything that a kid needs from a smartwatch. If you are interested in this smartwatch, read this Tobi robot smartwatch review and make a great pick for your kids.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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